Let The Girl Cry

She remembers the past

When she closes her eyes.

All the tears she never shed.

All the times they said she was fine.

When is it ok to cry?

You never let her in the past.

It hurt her inside.

Are tears so wrong

Shed by a child

Who's been so painfully wronged?

The soul of the child

Is torn in two

Wanting to cry

But wanting her parents' love, too.

"Don't cry."

The parents said.

"You're just a child. You have nothing to cry about."

What she felt, they said, was wrong.

And, for her, they know what's right.

So confusion set in and the girl's feeling, eventually, were gone

And numbness took their place.

That girl grew up feeling cold and dead

With not much to say

And a heart full of dread.

Someone, save the girl

From what her parents have done.

Someone, save the girl

Before she comes undone.

The girl, she fights

To get rid of the cold.

The girl, who only knows

What she's been told.

The girl seeks freedom

From those who made her feel dead.

Across the Pacific she'll go.

There, tears will be shed.

The girl's ally is hope

And her enemy is time

While she waits, she reflects on herself

And tries to find answers to her 'whys'.