Hi personal stalker. She knows who I'm talking about. Teehee.

True to his word Jacob was gonna tutor me. He showed up at precisely noon with the index cards and a projector. My mom, who was beside herself with happiness, had baked and cooked damn near everything in the pantry. So far my room had been turned into a makeshift restaurant complete with mini tables. Upon the mini tables were sandwhiches, assorted cookies, brownies, tiny cakes, crackers, chips and dips, you name it. God and don't get me started on the refreshments.

"Does Jacob like lemonade or soda?" my mom asked.

"I don't care," I replied flipping through my Seventeen Magazine. Ooh Rob and Kristen are back together.

"Hmm," she mused, "maybe he might be a Fiji type of guy or he might like punch? Luce what do you think?"

"I don't care."

"Or my homemade smoothies. You do know I make great smoothies. Do you think he might like those?"

"Still not caring."

She shrugged her shoulders and smiled. "I'll just put everything in your room and let him choose."

But she couldn't have been as worse as my dad who was preparing on asking Jacob to stay for dinner. He was out on the grill now cooking up steaks while mother dear was mashing potatoes.

"Wow," Jacob breathed when he saw my room.

I smiled bitterly. "See even if you weren't birthed into my family you're still the golden child."

"Wow," Jacob repeated. He shook his head and ran a hand through his untidy hair. "Well let's get started." He took the plate of fudge brownies with walnuts and two strawberry smoothies, sat both of them on a large tray, and hopped on my bed.

He pulled out a big yellow box, which I knew was full of index cards. He took out the first one and promptly read, "Name this rotating oceanic weather system, example which include Andrew and Katrina."

I looked at him. Such an easy baby question.

"Just answer it," he sighed then took a huge chunk out of the brownie.


He glanced down at the card, smiled, flashed me a thumbs up and moved on. "Name the member of the First Trimuvriate who fought Julius Caesar in a civil war."

I thought long and hard but came up blank. No one taught us this. How in the hell was I supposed to remember the answer to this question? Jacob took a swig of the smoothie.

"I'll give you some additional clues. Lucius Sulla ordered this man to recover Sicily and Africa from the Marians and this man crushed a revolt led by the consul Marcus Lepidus." He looked at me expectantly. "See if you don't understand the question you can have two repeats and additional clues. It might either stump you or it might become clear, but be warned you only get one additional clue for each question. You can also ask for the meaning of the word in a sentence if you don't know it," he offered.

I thought long and hard. Lucius Sulla ordered him to recover Sicily. I remember this. "Pompeius Magnus also known as Pompey the Great!" I answered exburently.

Jacob pulled me into an unexpected hug, his big arms wrapping around me like a vice. I blushed. Jacob seemed to remember what he was doing, and he let me go pretty quickly his tanned cheeks pinking ever so slightly. I grabbed my smoothie and took a sip.

"Name the Russian artist who painted Volga Song, Arrival of the Merchants, and On White II."

I grinned to my self and gestured to a replica of Volga Song across the room. The proud painting hanging right by Van Goh's self portrait. It was a fleet of Viking ships that seemed to drift down a river, oceanic blue waves lapping at the boats. Jacob smiled one corner of his mouth tilting up into a lopsided smile.

"Kandisky," I announced proudly.

Jacob played a perfect poker face. So perfect I thought I was wrong. He looked down at the card then looked back up at me before breaking out into a blazing grin. "That my dear," he said in fake talk show host voice flipping his hair slowly, "is correct! Next question worth one cookie," he reached over holding a gooey chocolate chip cookie in his hand, "The prescence of hepatosplenimegaly can help distinguish the closely-related Sandhoff disease from this disease. This disease is caused by a mutation of a gene on chromosome 15, which causes an enzyme that breaks down fatty acids to become less active. What is this disease?"

My brain picked at little bits of informations struggling to remember something...anything! I came up blank downcasting my eyes. Jacob lifted my chin using his index finger. "Remember what I taught you," I reminded him.

"Can I have additional clues?" I asked hopelessly.

He peeked down at the index card. "This disease is most commonly found in Jews-"

"Tay-Sachs disease!" I yelled snatching the cookie and popping it into my mouth.

Jacob cocked his head. "Everything else I said she's like 'Whaaaa' I say Jews she knows the answer," he mused aloud. He looked to me dumbfounded both eyebrows quirked up in wonder, eyes alight with wicked amusement. "How?" was all he asked.

"Okay," I said, "I was eating ice cream right?"

He threw his head back and laughed. "And that automatically makes you think of Jews and Tay-Sachs disease?"

I swatted his arm playfully. "No I was watching Law and Order and the woman killed her baby because it had Tay-Sachs disease."

Jacob's eyes grew big then he grinned. I was so busy thinking about that episode, I didn't really notice when he leaned over brushing his thumb across my lower lip. I peeked at him from beneath my lashes watching his face. He was looking back at me, his green eyes burning into me again, the golden flecks seeming to dance around his pupil. He pulled back swallowing audibly.

"You had chocolate on your face," he said huskily, and suddenly my window looked much more fascinating that was until, "One More Night," by Maroon 5 filled the air.

Jacob cursed shuffling to get his phone out of his pocket. He grabbed it glancing down at the caller I.D before swiping his thumb across the screen.

"Yes Whitney?" he asked warily his gaze raking across my face. I refrained from rolling my eyes as I listened to the one-sided conversation. "Whitney no, I can't. I'm busy...tutoring." His nostrils flared and he sucked in a large breath. "Whitney," he said evenly trying to control his temper. "I told you once it's not like that...because...fine whatever bye." He hung up tossing his phone in the corner of my room.

I watched it sail and hit the wall. "Well," I said finally looking back at him, "good thing they make Otter boxes huh?"

He shrugged. "She's been getting beyond aggravating lately."

I perked up at this bit of news. Whitney aggravating? Yes! Hallelujah he's seen her for the succubus she really is.

He blew out a breath and continued looking at me dead-panned, "She hates you."

I smiled ruefully. "Ya think?"

He threw my unicorn pillow pet at me which I successfully caught pulling it behind my bed and laying down. Jacob joined me staring up at the canopy of my bed.

"I don't know why."

I rolled over, propping myself on one elbow until I was facing him. "Don't lie to yourself."

He smiled, "Okay maybe she's an eensy-"

"Don't lie to yourself," I repeated more sternly.

His grin grew broader. "Okay she's jealous, but she knows damn well that I love her and only her."

Ouch. Didn't realize how much that would sting. I pushed off on my elbows and fell back against the bed murmuring my approval. I hated that girl...so very very much. She had the one thing that I wanted. Jacob Langdon. I sighed heavily. And that's when Mom walked in.

"Oh," she said surprised marking her every feature. She turned back toward the door. "I didn't see anything. I didn't hear anything. Your father just wanted to know if Jacob wanted to stay for dinner."

Jacob laughed loudly getting off the bed. "Yes Mrs. Lovett I'd be happy to."

Mom threw us a thumbs up from behind her head and walked through the door.

I rolled my eyes grinning. "Now she's gonna think I'm sleeping around."

"Nah," Jacob said biting into some other sweet. He turned to look at me. "About Whitney-"

I held up a hand. "Save it. It's fine."

He swatted my hand away giving me a look. "No it's not fine. I'll tell her to back off with the non-smart jibes from now on. Besides," he added with a grin, "everyone knows I'm gonna win."

"DINNER'S READY!" Mom's clear voice rang throughout the house.

What he said brought me back to something. He's always competed with me. Always tried to beat me. He was freaking psycho about beating me. Making bets that he knew I'd never win. When I voiced my opionins aloud he said something that shocked the crap out of me.

"Yeah I competed with you. Now, it's because I'm used to it, and I like winning. Back then," he shuffled from foot to foot then stopped all together, his eyes burning again. "Back then I liked you. I wanted you to do just what you were doing now, letting me tutor you, and now you like me...kinda late huh?" He didn't wait for me to confirm this just took another swig of his smoothie. "Karma's a bitch. That's irony for you."