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I sat in the booth against the hard red plastic back of the chair in McDonalds. How messed up is this? I drummed my fingers nervously glancing at Jacob every two minutes, who was in line at the counter. He caught me staring once and gave me a glare turning his head back to the line in front of him mentally calculation how long it would be. I sighed. I was in deep poo, and I knew it. Stupid, stupid, brainless girl! You just had to go running to Whitney didn't you? Jacob and Whitney were right. I didn't deseve to be in that competition. They'd probably ask me some random question like, "If you loved this really hot guy, and his ex wanted to talk to you what would you do?" And me being the brainless thing I am would be all, "Oh you go with her to her family's restaurant and get creeped up on by her brother, only to have the guy you like bust your ass." Yup that's the way to go.

Jacob came back minutes later bearing sodas. I took a sip. Dr. Pepper, my favorite.

"So," he said clasping his hands together, "shall you start or do you want me to go first?"

I took a long sip. "How did you find me?" I asked deep in thought. Did he put a tracking device on my phone? If so then that's just plain creepy.

Jacob rolled his eyes as if it were the obvious. He pulled out his phone, unlocked it, pressed another button and tossed it to me. I made a face for the name he had for Whitney: My Beautiful Whitney. I looked up at him with one raised eyebrow.

He had the gall to smile. "Yeah I have to change that."

Anyway the texts went something like this:

Whitney: I know something that you don't.

Jacob: What are you up to, and it better not involve Lucy.

Whitney: Pish posh my dear. Lucy is a very grown up girl...for the most part. In fact she's seated by me right now, talking to my brother Todd. You do remember Todd right? The one whom every girl can't seem to help falling for. My, my I really don't know what they see in him. We're having lunch at the restaurant. Do be a dear and join us. *Kisses* Love your darling Whitney.

Jacob: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't melt your face off with a bottle of acid?

Whitney: JACOB!

Jacob: Yes crazy psychotic woman who's kidnapped Lucy?

Whitney: She came willingly.

Jacob: That acid option is looking better and better. Refrain from contacting me OR Lucy ever again or I just might make a phone call to a certain college and tell them a certain something about our Little Miss Whit.

Whitney: You wouldn't dare.

Jacob: I want a 25 foot radius. Come within those perimeters and your ass is grass and baby I'm the lawnmower.

I looked from the phone and couldn't help the giggle that burst from my lips. Jacob once again rolled his eyes, plucking the phone from my hands. "Lawnmower?" I giggled uncontrollably. "Really?"

He kicked me from underneath the table causing me to jump a mile in the air. I stuck my tongue out at him. He had his eyes rolled up to the ceiling, fingers under his chin feigning innocence. I reached across the table and captured one of his hands in my own.

"Tell me what you told Whitney in your bedroom?" I pleaded staring up at him. I wanted to know so badly what he told her. It was literally making me ache inside not knowing. "Please," I begged.

He took his hand from mine. "Later," he promised. "We have more important stuff to talk about."

"But what could be more important..." I stopped and shifted my eyes to the window. Rain began to pour down in thick waves. I didn't want to fight with him. Not today. "Fine."

"Luce," he said sincerely, "don't be that way."

"I'm not," I retorted. I sounded harsh, angry.

He sighed running a hand through his dark fluffy hair. "Anyways that's how I found you. Anything else you wanted to know besides what I told her in my bathroom?" I shook my head, nearly jumping as a bolt of lightening crackled across the darkening sky. Jacob stared out mesmerized before turning back to me. He started to say something when they called for our order. "I'll be right back," he promised.

I pursed my lips and got up from my seat walking over to refill my drink. I barely drunk anything out of it. I just needed an excuse to move. I held it under the nozzle and watched the cup flood with brown liquid. Placing the cap back on it I took my seat. Only to see someone was sitting there already. Someone with shiny bright red hair and a black tattoo peaking up from his sweater.

"What are you doing here?" I hissed. "Did you follow me you big creep?"

Todd bit his lip. "Look I'm sorry for doing that to you, but I had to. You don't know my sister. She had dirt one me. It was either mess with you or she would tell my mom what I done..." he trailed off looking around us. "Jacob will be back any minute. I just came to apologize."

I narrowed my eyes at him. "And what did you do that was so horrible?" I asked sharply. He muttered something inaudible. "What?" I asked again, "I can't hear you."

"I took one thousand dollars from my mom's jar in the closet. Look like I said again I'm sorry. But I needed that money. It was all Whitney's fault anyway," he said bitterly. "I let her talk me into something stupid, and she set me up." He glanced up at the counter and blanched. "I gotta go!"

"Wait!" I yelled. He shuffled from foot to foot his chocolately eyes darting from the counter to me every few seconds. I wrote down my number on a torn piece of napkin and handed it to him. "Call me we'll talk later."

"Later," he repeated then zoomed out the door. He was right about Jacob coming back. Just as he exited Jacob was laying down two trays on our table. A CBO burger and fries.

"We'll get our frosties on the way out," he promised. I picked up my burger and bit into it. Ah meat, how yummy you are. I tried being a vegitarian a couple years back for some kinda organization. I couldn't wait until those two weeks were over with, and I could eat meat again. I haven't eaten at all today. It felt so gratifying to sink my teeth into caramelized onions, bacon, swiss cheese, beef, and bread.

"Good?" Jacob asked with a smile.

I nodded happily. When I eat I tend to really go for it and so far I've plowed through over half my burger in under five minutes. Jacob pushed me his. I shook my head. I was full now. I gave him my fries and he managed to finish off the rest of everything. How boys ate so much was a mystery to me. We got our frosties and headed out the door.

"Here," he said handing me his jacket. I shrugged it on smiling. The sleeves hung down past my arms and it was two sizes too big. Most importantly it smelled of him. I pulled it around me and inhaled deeply.

"I really like this thing," I murmured softly snuggling my nose up to the soft inside of the jacket.

Jacob laughed and pulled the hood over my head. He grabbed my hand and together we made a break for it, running toward his Volvo. I strapped myself in as he revved the engine and backed out turning onto the highway. I caught a glance of myself in the rearview mirror. Black hair slightly wet, flushed face, eyes way too wide and excited, a big grin spreading from pink cheek to pink cheek. I looked happy. I looked over at Jacob. He too was sporting the same giant grin his hair plastered all around his face, green eyes almost as big as mine were the golden flecks in them dancing in amusement.

"My house?" he asked turning down our street.

I giggled in glee. "Of course!"

He pulled into his yard and again we ran through the rain, carefree and happy, to his house where we resembled a pair of drowned cats.

"Oh my..." Mrs. Langdon trailed off going into Super Mega Ultra Mom mode and racing somewhere in the house. Jacob helped me out of his now soaked jacket and gave it to his mom who returned with a giant towel. Literally this towel was big, bigger than Jacob even, in width and length. She toweled off my hair and my face and went to Jacob doing the same thing to him, before wrapping the towel around both of us. "There," she beamed happily, "snug as two bugs in a rug." She looked at me for a moment, cocking her head to the side. "Is today tutoring day?"

"No mom," was all Jacob said.

"Then..." she looked at Jacob and smiled. He grinned back at her. "Oh my-"

"We'll be upstairs!" He yelled tugging me up the white stairs past two doors and to his room. I always pictured Jacob's room by what I used to think of him. Neat and spotless. Sure when I walked in it was neat and spotless, and fresh as a daisy but it was really him. Books, shelves and shelves of books everywhere from Tess of the Urbevilles to Edgar Allen Poe's The Dark Tales. His bed was four poster, with a blue and white checked comforter. The carpet was a nice dark, hunter green. The walls were white, if you could see the white that is for they were covered in awards. You name it certificates, ribbons, medals, everything except trophies. His trophies were in a trophy case in the corner of his room. I walked over to it fingering the clear glass and gasped.

"Hey!" I said in surprise. "That's you and me!"

He walked over behind me as we both grinned at ourselves. I had the exact same picture holed up in my closet somewhere. It was sixth grade. We were both sent as partners to New York for the National Young Leaders Conference where we came in first place as the Next Future National Leaders. Jacob, who was no looker back then still had his shaggy hair and green golden eyes shining brightly toward me. His braces were on then and he was laughing at me. Me, on the other hand had my hair piled high upon my head, one arm wrapped around his waist while I flashed a peace sign while holding onto our plaque with my teeth.

"You know we actually used to be able to stand each other back then?" he said bitterly.

I glanced over my shoulder at him. "Really. I thought I always hated you."

Jacob shook his head pulling me by my waist over to his bed. I fell against his back with a thud. He didn't seem to mind all that much.

"No you didn't. Does that picture look like you hated me?" I shook my head no. "Exactly. That's when everything started. Over that stupid plaque."

"Enlighten me," I said flipping over so I could face him.

He stared up at my face. "You remember we went there for the Nation Young Leaders Conference right?" He looked to me to confirm this.

"Yeah," I affirmed.

"Well you know they send two kids from each school that had perfect GPAs. We took that test and-"

"We won!" I said chipperly.

"Yeah," Jacob said sadly. "Our total scores combined was the highest, and that was only because I didn't miss a single answer on that test. You on the other hand missed over half." I winced. "Shh," he said quietly rubbing his nose against mine. "You were already pissed off about that. Then they only had one plaque with both our names on it, and the leaders agreed that since I made highest-

"You would get the plaque," I finished for him. It was all coming back to me. Right after we took that picture I held on to that plaque so happy that I got one award. That I finally got something like Jacob did. Only to have it ripped away from my little hands.

"Yeah," he said squeezing me. He rolled over until we were both on our sides. He closed his eyes as if pained. "Luce you had no idea how much I liked you back then. If I could have given you that plaque I would have. I even thought about giving it to you when I came home but then they had that parade for us-"

"For you," I corrected bitterly narrowing my eyes. How Jacob got to ride on the biggest float. How they said Jacob never missed a question. How Jacob had brought the whole town and school glory and praise. No Lucy to be mentioned. I took a deep breath trying to reign in my anger. It wasn't fair.

"You were so mad at me," he whispered. He was right I was mad. Insanely mad. Enough to make him my arch enemy five years later. "Luce?"

"What?" I said angrily. I couldn't bear to even be with him right now. The rational part of me knew none of this was Jacob's fault. Althought the bitter, angry, jealous side of me was telling me to ignore the other side and rip off Jacob's man parts.

"Why Whitney hated you that was my fault," he admitted glumly.

"That much is obvious," was all I told him.

He sighed heavily. "What I said to her...when she slapped me. She told me I liked you and that I worshipped the ground you walked on, which is not true of course, but I'm sure you already knew that what with your spying and all." I blushed. Well gee. "But what I said was-no what I screamed to the top of my lungs was that I didn't like you..." Heart shattering. "...That I would never ever like you..." Please just shoot me in the face now it would be less painful than hearing this. "...Not even in a million years would I like you..." Going home to go cut my wrists now. "...I could never like you because I was still in love with you." Gonna go kill myself-wait what?!