I Am From

I am from the inescapable mindmaze of a puzzle – a puzzle that you must piece together.

I am from a kitten's purr – comforting and loving.

I am from oboe music – multifaceted and difficult to tune.

I am from a dragon's fire – beautiful and explosive.

I am from the brilliant glow of a sapphire that lies buried below the ground, waiting to be uncovered.

I am from green, like leaves swaying in the summer sun.

I am from the taste of chocolate, sweet and promising.

I am from a simple act of kindness, reaching out to the fallen.

I am from a seashell – solitary and difficult to understand.

I am from the words of a story, spilled in ink onto a diary's pages.

I am from the darkness of my bedroom, peering through a tiny crack that filters in noise and light and violence.

I am from the sound of yelling, an angered man too intoxicated to think.

I am from a whisper – the nagging in the back of your mind that begs you not to trust.

I am from the truth – and sometimes, the truth hurts.