Names of Cats

I remember you,

Your tongue so rough, your fur like silk.

How you'd stroke against me, chirruping.

You were so sweet,

So tiny and frail.

I watched your tail twitch

As you dug in the dirt –

And momma said no!

But you still did it.

You were the rebel of your species.

I watched you rest, eyes as golden as ever,

But this time was different.

There was no life in them.

It was almost like they didn't exist.

But you never stopped loving me.

I watched as you faded like a ghost,

Helpless to do a thing.

And when your tiny pink collar came back,

I held onto it so tightly, as if I were losing your memory

And I cried as if the world were ending.

All the Razzmatazzes, Munkustraps, and Smokeys in the world couldn't replace you,