Stage One:

See the little caterpillar

That rests upon the leaf?

- A new leaf.

He angrily devours –

To keep himself alive –

The shrubbery's fragile flowers

That allow him to survive.

Too blind

Too small

Too innocent to see

How the storm yells!

How it shouts!

How it tells

Of something yet to come.

Stage Two:

See the brownish speck

That hangs down from the leaf?

- A poison leaf.

It is tough within and tough without



Without love

To soften its cold heart,

Calloused from fear

And rage

And sorrow

That fuels its heart –

Is there even one left?

Stage Three:

See the fragile flyer that

Is poised upon the leaf?

- A great leaf.

It flaps its gentle wings

Blue as skies above

And flies



Away from the fear

And rage

And sorrow

That was once her home.

Stage Four:

See the wisened moth there

That lays down upon the leaf?

- A withered leaf.

That fragile flyer realized

That, for her age, she is quite old.

her wings are brown and marbleized

And she shivers from the cold.

And though she wishes



That she were young again,

The caterpillar basking

In the wondrous summer sun,

The wisdom she has gained in life

She now shares with everyone



So they, too can become

What they wanted to be…