I figured maybe should post a short little epilogue as well as say I have started the third installment to my story and I hope you all enjoy it as much as the first two.


It had been a long and difficult journey for everyone involved. All the ups and downs brought changes in all their lives, especially Saerian's. After all the adversities and sorrows she had endured, she finally found a new life and home. She had learned to trust, to love and to let herself be loved and love in return. Her healing had begun and started to put her past behind her. BUT...is this the end of her story? What happens now? What happened to her real family? Is there more gifts in store for her? Does she have other family she reunites with? What role does Elrond play in this story?

Stay tuned for the third installment of this series and see what else is in store for Saerian and others. The story will continue with more intrigues, suspense, mysteries and love. Follow Saerian as she continues to learn more about who she is and about her family–more fun soon.