This feeling is undeniable.

Because you know what they say,

Three's a crowd.

And three people would be one too many for this moment.

It me and you, you and I.

And that's all I ever want it to be.

Because I've never felt like this.

I've always wanted to be in love because it would make me happy.

But now, I've got to stop using the word "I."

Now, in this moment, it's "Us."

And I'm still coming to terms with the idea that it's also "We."

Because "We" finally exist.

It's not about myself anymore.

Every day is something a little new,

But it's an adventure I'm ready to take.

Because I have him.

He's by my side, and he always will be.

Because three's a crowd,

And I'm not about to let this moment change.

Taken from a few various sources of inspiration lately, ask me about them if you like. :0

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