The Ripple Effect

October 17, 2011

Alex sat in his dark room, scribbling down lyrics and notes, occasionally strumming and tuning his guitar. He was going to miss this, these where the times when he felt relaxed, almost happy. There was a knock on the door-of course they never lasted.

"What do you want?" he asked, annoyed.

Without any invitation, his sister barged into the room, "Mom and I are about to leave for the Career Fair, are you coming? I'm going to look into Broadcast Journalism." She smiled widely, which made Alex smirk.

"No thanks, instead of planning out how disappointing my future will be, I'd rather let it surprise me."

Kristy scowled and her voice turned sarcastic, "Well then maybe you should come anyway, you know, just to laugh at everyone else's dream." Why did he always have to be so cynical? "Alex, Mom and I are worried about you." She picked up his notebook full of scribbled songs, ignoring his protests, he never allowed anyone to see his music or hear him play. "You never leave your room, you hardly eat, you're like a zombie at school, you've gotten gradually more depressed…just look at these songs," she flipped through the notebook, reading titles, "Amused and Confused, Thoughts of Dying Alone," she paused, skipping to the back to see what he was currently working on, "Tears and Converse?"

He scowled, "Okay so that last one isn't my best, what's your point?"

Kristy tried to calm herself, "Alex you should come tonight just to get out of the house." She paused, "You love your music right? Maybe you could look into becoming a professional musician."

He looked her in the eyes, "Kristy, I don't love anything. Now get out."

"You know you don't have to write like this!" She yelled at him, gesturing to the notebook, "Alex, we are in our seniors in high school and you waste all your time stuck inside this dark room feeling sorry for yourself! You are really talented, the whole world is full of losers, if you get the chance to succeed, you should take it!" She spun on her heel and slammed the door.

Alex sighed, he didn't mean to upset to his sister. Maybe she didn't understand him sometimes, but she did her best to be there for him when the rest of the world wasn't. He placed his lyrics book in front of himself, and began strumming and singing softly, "Bury me in my converse, with the end in sight, I have no fears, it won't get any worse, just wipe away my sister's tears."