Opportunity Knocks

I twiddled my thumbs as I waited. I wanted to get up and knock on the door but I knew that it would trigger something.

I looked up at the ceiling, lying in my bed. The voices outside were loud but silent and dead. I needed to get out but I couldn't.


I've never felt so lost before.

I've never felt so alone.

Minutes turned into hours and before I knew it, the moon was shinning outside of my window.

Lucky for me, I rise with the moon, when no one can see. The power it gives me is a strange sensation and a quiet one at that. I feel so free, unjudged and unaware. I feel as though no one can touch me or tell me what to do.

The moonlight is dim, giving me enough to see but not enough to be seen.

It's a privilege I tell you, what we have here. But why would you listen to somebody who vanishes in thin air?

It's a pity, you should know, to be locked in their place but if I knock on that door, I may change my fate.