I write this because I sense a problem.

Oh, yes, there are tons of writing guides out there, written by the published and the non-published alike. The ones by the published are generally good (well… I'll get back to you on that). The ones by the unpublished – i.e. the ones I find on old FictionPress here – always seem to be the same thing: lists of things that bother the guide-writer. That's good. Now the new writers who actually read them (I'm afeared it's not many) know what not to do. But that doesn't mean that they know what to do. Start to finish, how do I write something interesting that people will review?

That's our goal here, right? To get reviews?

That's what I'll be aiming for, then, since I obviously don't know the first thing about getting published; let's not bother with that part. You can go talk to someone else once you're finished writing something that actually gets reviews.

This is how I write; this is the gleanings from a lot of "how-to-write-4-dummies" (and other higher quality guides) books that I've read. The one I'll probably quote most often is On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King, because that's the one I identify with most. But… it's mostly how I write. I don't know any other way to write, after all. Feel free to ignore me.

Start to finish. Here we go.

(Author's note: I know, I always promised myself that I wouldn't become one of the many floundering FictionPressers who think they know enough about writing to shove it down anyone else's throat. I will probably end up as one of the many voices quacking in the wind, as Stephen King would say. Oh well... In the meantime, enjoy! ~not Ross)