A/n: Uh.. well... here's another story. Warning: Kink stuff.. I have to be pretty general since I have no clue what I'm gonna add. Yeah.



Ian cracked an ice cube in his mouth, crunching it to gravelly shards. His hands were folded, resting on his knees. "Well, with the AOP conference in January," he said, "I was expecting a little more effort on the Swatson project."

He wiped at a rogue water droplet, and tapped the screen of his phone. "What have you been doing for the past three weeks, Daniel?"

Daniel Maynard swallowed. "Uh, well." He shifted on his knees.

Looking up, Ian cocked an eyebrow. "I said no moving." He was watching Daniel with hooded eyes. A lazy smile curved on his face.

Ian Clay … the boss. Twenty-nine. Hired from outside. Perfect teeth. Perfectly coiffed blonde hair. Daniel met him at the new employee orientation, something Daniel hated leading, but somehow found foisted on him because everyone knew he wouldn't complain. He saw Ian for the first time there, in the dingy conference room. Even under fluorescent lighting, Ian looked amazing in his understated, but perfectly cut suit.

He approached Daniel after the orientation, hand outstretched. The first thing Daniel noticed was how well-trimmed and clean his nails were. He also had a solid grip— firm, and the way he pressed his thumb against Daniel's palm sent a shiver down Daniel's spine.

Pulling away, Daniel was sure Ian noticed. He had.

It's easy to say one thing led to another, and what happened certainly wasn't easy. But— one thing led to another.

"You'll have to work overtime."

Blinking, Daniel tried to hide the flicker of unhappiness.

He should have known better. Ian's chair creaked as he stood, and he leaned forward, resting his hands on his desk. His face was inches away from Daniel's, because Daniel was kneeling on the desk.

He was naked. His arms were outstretched, as if he was Jesus Christ on the cross, wrists chained to a bar that pressed down oppressively against the back of his neck. It kept him bowed, his spine curved. His entire body ached.

"Getting tired?" Ian asked.

Daniel nodded sluggishly. He was more than tired. He had been in this position for over an hour. By that time, the entire office building was probably empty, everyone gone home to do things like watch silly reality shows or eat microwave meals. Daniel also used to do those things, before he met Ian.

"I see," Ian said. He picked up his glass of brandy, and took a sip, catching another ice cube in his mouth. Daniel watched it perish between his teeth.

Ian fished another out with his hand, the ice dripping with alcohol. He smiled at Daniel, and then slowly, delicately, rubbed the ice cube against Daniel's nipple. Through of a haze of exhaustion, Daniel registered the cold and moaned.

"Hn," Ian murmured. His eyes danced as he stared at Daniel. He leaned forward, and licked Daniel's damp skin, sucking at the brandy on his nipple. Teeth grazed vulnerable skin.

Daniel sagged, the bar across his back weighing far more than it did when Ian first strapped him to it. His eyelids lowered, and he yearned for a pillow.

"You're daydreaming again," Ian said, amused words that brought Daniel back to the present. The glint in his eye told Daniel that the amusement didn't extend very far. The sudden, digging hold on Daniel's hip cemented that assumption. He dropped his head.

Snorting, Ian ran his thumbs in languid circles against Daniel's hip bone. He moved forward to kiss Daniel, and Daniel turned his head. The silence that followed could have choked him.

"Not tired enough, I guess," Ian said. He shrugged, and stepped away from his desk, glass in hand.

Daniel couldn't even focus on what Ian was doing anymore, he was too busy trying to stay upright. His vision was already blurring, his lips dry. He thought about his bed, a single with a bland, efficient metal frame, and tried holding on to the fact that eventually, at some point, he would be able to sleep on it that night.

This may have been the wrong line of thought. His eyes closed, and suddenly he was on that bed. He barely noticed when he pitched forward. There was a crash, Ian shoving his chair out of the way, and then Daniel landed against a solid chest, strong arms enveloping him. "Jesus," Ian chuckled. He let Daniel droop against one arm, and started to unfasten the binds with his free hand. The bar fell to the ground with a thud.

One hand slid under the crook of his legs, the other under his back. "Nnn," Daniel slurred tiredly, and his head dropped back. Ian shifted, rolling Daniel towards his chest, and Daniel drummed up the last of his energy to lift his head, and rest it against Ian's shoulder.

"That's a good boy," Ian murmured.

Daniel was already too far gone to feel the usual swell of shame at being called 'boy' by someone younger than him. He sighed, drifting closer to sleep. There may have been some walking, Daniel wasn't sure, but he almost cried with relief when he felt himself lowered on Ian's leather sofa.

Dropping a knee in between Daniel's legs, Ian rested a hand on Daniel's thigh. He bent over, a small smile playing on his lips. Daniel looked up at him with hazy eyes. "What am I gonna do, Daniel?" Ian asked.

Daniel's eyes closed, and his face dropped to the side. He felt a pinch at his nipple, and he yelped. Slightly more awake, he looked back up at Ian. "What?" he asked, his voice sounding distant.

Ian let out an amused breath. "What am I going to do?"

"Fuck me," Daniel replied, slightly confused, his eyebrows pinching together. Why did Ian have to keep pushing at him?

A gentle hand brushed his hair away from his forehead. "That's right," Ian said, sounding mollified. He slid a hand under Daniel's thigh, and lifted his leg. Daniel let himself drift again, somewhat aware that Ian had dipped his thumb into Daniel's mouth, rolling it against his tongue. "Just relax, baby," Ian said, "It'll be okay."

Whatever. A thought about how he would have to get home after this poked at the back of Daniel's mind, but he was too tired to pay it much heed. A finger pushed into him, and he rocked up slightly, grimacing.

It all felt very removed from Daniel. Lips pressed against his own, and this time he didn't bother turning away. Ian slid up against him, bearing the weight of his entire body down on Daniel. He took his time, leisurely kissing and nibbling Daniel's lips. He turned Daniel's head, kissing the corner of his mouth first, and then moving down to his throat. Ian's hand found its way back down, fingers shoving into Daniel again.

What Daniel was feeling, mostly, was warmth. He was too exhausted to comprehend things more complicated than that, and Ian felt very warm on top of him.

The warmth disappeared however, and the sudden rush of cold air dragged Daniel back from the grips of slumber again. He blinked, dizzy and confused. Ian was watching him, straddling him and rubbing his chest. "Look at you," Ian said, with affection Daniel was sure he was imagining. "You must really trust me."

He unbuckled his belt, and undid his fly with one hand. He pulled out his cock. "That's a good thing, Daniel," he said, "You should trust me."

Daniel exhaled heavily. Ian should know that Daniel couldn't even really understand what he was saying. That Daniel was just cold and tired. He reached up, grabbing for Ian, wanting his body heat back. He let out a small, needy whine.

"Ok," Ian said, laughing. "Alright." He slipped a condom out of his pocket, and ripped the packaging. "Good thing we prepped you already," he muttered, rolling the condom on. A sense of urgency was starting to break through his husky tone.

He rolled Daniel to his side, and Daniel was grateful for Ian's chosen position. This way, Daniel could rest his cheek on the cushion, and it required little bending. Not that Daniel would have been able to do anything acrobatic on his own anyway. Anything that Ian wanted done, he would have to do himself.

Which he did. He gripped Daniel's thigh, lifting his leg a little. He shifted, and then started rubbing the tip of his erection against Daniel's opening. With a smooth thrust, he pushed in, and Daniel moaned. It was warm. Ian pulled out all the way, and then shoved in again, pushing Daniel up the couch with the force of it.

Daniel's fingers curled, and he pushed his hand against his mouth. Without thinking, he sucked on his fingers, his eyes closed. Everything was heating up, he could hear Ian breathing heavily above him, grunting a few times as he fucked Daniel.

Hands pushed him to his back, his legs going in the air. Ian shoved into him again and again, leaning over him and just watching him with a clouded gaze. Daniel felt himself receding into the heat, the rocking lulling him farther and farther from consciousness. Ian was using his body, and he didn't mind it. The last thing he saw was the pleased spark in Ian's eyes.

He fell asleep.


Maybe it was a boring thing to say, but he never thought things would turn out like this. He was just a thirty-seven year old office worker, doing a job he would never get promoted from. He was content with that, he really was. Sometimes, he even managed to drum up the energy to go out on saturday nights, try to pick someone up.

That was until one night, while working late, Ian came up to him. Ian had his sleeves rolled up, his tie loosened. He had leaned over Daniel, bracing his hand against the edge of Daniel's desk. Daniel caught a whiff of his cologne, and closed his eyes. He had never been such close proximity with someone … well, someone like Ian.

"Glutton for punishment?" Ian had asked, a thin lock of blonde hair falling in his eyes.

Blinking, Daniel had gripped his pen too hard, leaving a spastic mark on the paper he was writing on. "W-what?" he stuttered, wiping stupidly at the ink, and only managing to smear it on his hand. Why did he do that? Why couldn't he keep a handle on things even once?

Ian had smiled, and placed his hand on Daniel's shoulder. "You're working late again."

If he hadn't been so self-involved with his constant failings at social interactions, he might have realized how closely Ian was appraising him. How he would test Daniel, slowly at first, with teasing lines, just to see how Daniel reacted.

Maybe Daniel would have noticed how he had passed every single one of Ian's tests.


He woke up.

He was not on his bed. His bed was not this comfortable. His bed did not have silk-soft white sheets, and goose down pillows. The view from his bed did not include a wall-to-wall window view of the city skyline. There was a groan behind him.

His bed did not have Ian. Daniel swallowed, and then twisted around, looking over his shoulder. Ian was lying next to him, one arm thrown over his head. In the morning light, his tanned, muscled skin looked especially unfair. He also had a bit of golden stubble going. Daniel considered him for a moment, and then started shifting towards the edge of the bed.

Even if Ian brought him here, it still seemed too embarrassing to be caught. Like he was intruding.

Just as his foot hit the carpet, there was a more pointed sound from behind him. "You know," Ian murmured, "It wasn't very easy getting you to this bed." A hand wrapped around Daniel's wrist. "It would be in your best interest not to leave it without permission."

Daniel didn't question him. He crawled back around, and scooted under the covers, stiffening only slightly when Ian pushed an arm under his shoulders, and drew him closer. Daniel exhaled. Ian was being nice … not unusual, but jarring all the same. He was oddly nice on the days after they did things, bringing Daniel a latte and a croissant in the morning, or asking Daniel into his office and then letting Daniel nap there for a half hour. Daniel didn't read too deeply into it, it was probably some sort of payback for Daniel letting him do the things he did... not that Daniel was saying he was so easy as a latte and a croissant.

This was new, however … ending up at Ian's apartment. It was the first time Daniel had ever been there. He glanced around, and nearly choked when he saw a row of whips and paddles hanging in Ian's open closet. If anything, Daniel had to admire Ian's easy acceptance of the things Ian liked to do. Then, Daniel wondered if Ian wanted to use any of those things on him.

"What are you thinking about?" Ian said. Daniel shrugged, burrowing further down in the blanket. He heard a chuckle.

A hand skimmed down his stomach, and then gripped his cock. Surprised, Daniel flinched back.

Just as quickly, Ian grabbed him, and forced him on his stomach. He straddled Daniel, leaning over so that his lips pressed against Daniel's ear. "Don't be disobedient," he muttered. He licked the ridge of Daniel's ear. "You didn't get off last night. Have to keep my pet happy." His hand slid back to Daniel's cock, and tugged lazily. Daniel felt the first few sparks of excitement.

"That's alright," Daniel replied, the words coming out gritted. He elbowed against Ian's chest, only to have his arm locked against his back.

He clenched his jaw. "No."

Ian's hand on Daniel's arm released, and then his weight was gone as well. He dropped down beside Daniel, flopping his arm over his eyes. "Here's the thing, Daniel." he said, his voice flat. "You don't get to say no."

"I just did … " Daniel replied, fumbling towards the nightstand. He had no idea what time it was. The sun was out, but that could mean anything.

Another chuckle, but slightly exasperated. "Yes, I guess you did."

Daniel ignored him, grasping the clock on the nightstand, and turning the face towards him. Half past noon. Wonderful. His dog would be pissed. He moved to get up again, when a hand grabbed on his, and Ian threaded their fingers. He was leaning over Daniel, and gently, he pulled Daniel away from the edge of the bed.

Ian wrapped his arm around Daniel, pressing Daniel back into his chest. "When we went over the rules of this arrangement," he said, his warm breath puffing against Daniel's neck, "you agreed to them." Twirling a lock of Daniel's brown hair around his finger, Ian gave it a playful tug. "And there was no mention of stubbornness in the mornings."

"There was no mention of mornings," Daniel replied.


Daniel considered the whips in the closet. "But, yeah. Ok."

"Ok what?"

Rubbing his eyes, Daniel let out a frustrated groan. "Yes, ok. I won't be stubborn."

"Daniel…" Ian replied, and Daniel could practically see the eyeroll. He was dislodged from Ian, and pushed down on his back. For a moment, he was presented with the view of the ceiling, before Ian loomed over him with a bemused smile. "It's like you don't even know what that means."

"Stubborn?" Daniel replied, "I know what stubborn means." He wondered if Ian would ask him for a definition. He hoped not, he wasn't good at describing things.

Ian stared at him for a moment, and Daniel grew self-conscious. His gaze darted to the side, and he played with the edge of the sheet. Fingers pressed against his lips, and his eyes flew back up to Ian. Ian was still smiling. "In this, you don't have the right to say 'no'. What I do, what I say, is law."

Daniel tried not to scoff. He had heard something similar at the beginning, when Ian described the arrangement to Daniel, but it sounded more like play-acting. It still sounded like play-acting.

"Alright," Ian said finally, sighing. "We'll keep working on it." He sat up, dragging the blanket off of them. He shoved at Daniel, pushing him towards the edge of the bed. "Off you go, go take a shower."

Daniel stared at Ian over his shoulder for a moment, thrown for a loop at the abrupt change in mood. "Ok … " he said slowly, shuffling off the bed. There was a noise behind him, and suddenly a flat palm landed on his ass. He hissed, jerked around, and shot Ian a reproachful look.

Shrugging, Ian flopped back down on the bed, and drew the covers over his head.


Daniel considered the tiling of the shower wall. There wasn't anything particularly interesting about it, but … thinking about tiling was much easier than thinking about Ian.

His first impression of Ian didn't change after that new employee orientation. Ian was perfect, and even more frustrating than that, he was effortlessly perfect. Right off the bat, Daniel assumed that Ian liked teasing him because Daniel was easy to tease, or because Ian was a twenty-nine year old bully. It wouldn't have been the first one Daniel had come across.

Tiling, Daniel. Think about the tiling.

Reaching for the shampoo, Daniel sighed. He heard the door handle rattle, and the bottle nearly slipped through his fingers.


Daniel closed his eyes. "What."

There was silence for a moment, and then, "Unlock the door."

Was he serious? Daniel pressed his thumb between his eyes, willing away his quickly forming headache. He shoved the shower curtain open, stepped out on the bathroom floor, dripping everywhere, and grabbed a towel. When it was securely wrapped around his waist, he unlocked the door.

He didn't even get a chance to grasp the handle. It turned, and the door opened to reveal a frowning Ian. "Ok," Ian said, "I should have realized how far into detail we need to go on what I expect from you."

Staring back, Daniel made sure to keep his face blank. "Right now?" he asked, a water droplet falling from his hair.

The curve of Ian's eyebrow had Daniel flushing, and he looked down at the ground. "I have to say," Ian said, "I didn't expect the dry humor."

"Sorry," Daniel muttered, scratching his chest. "Didn't realize there was a clause saying I have to change my personality."

When Ian didn't immediately say anything in response, Daniel wondered if he should have kept his mouth shut. He had been joking about the personality clause, but there certainly were quite a few real clauses in their agreement that dictated how Daniel was to behave around Ian. He licked his lips, and then ventured a glance up.

Ian was considering him with hooded eyes, but he didn't appear angry. After a moment, his lip curled with amusement. "No," Ian said, "There wasn't." Reaching forward, he curved a thumb around the ridge of Daniel's ear. "And don't think I'm disappointed. This makes me very happy. Attitude makes me happy."

Somehow the whips came to mind again, and Daniel looked away. Smooth, very smooth how he walked himself into that one.

"Now," Ian said, sliding a finger down Daniel's chest until it hit the towel. With a flick, he undid the fold keeping the towel wrapped around Daniel's waist, and the cloth fell to the ground. "Back to your shower."

Was he going to watch? Well, fine. Daniel turned back around, and awkwardly climbed back into the bathtub. He was about to pull the shower curtain forward when he caught Ian's expression. He dropped his hand. "Water's gonna get on the floor, you know," he muttered, twisting the shower knob towards warm.

There was a rustle of clothes, and Daniel sighed. Ian stepped into the shower behind Daniel, placing a light kiss at the back of his neck. "Well," Ian said, sliding an arm over Daniel's shoulder. "We can't have that, now can we?" Pulling the curtain shut, he reached around Daniel, and picked up the shampoo bottle.

Was … he … yes, fine, he was going to wash Daniel's hair. Daniel stood there, wondering what he should do with himself, while Ian gently worked his fingers against Daniel's scalp. Maybe Daniel was supposed to do something sexy. Moan? No. Definitely, no.

"Relax," Ian murmured. Daniel felt another kiss at the back of his neck.

"Explain what you expect from me," Daniel replied. At least it would give him something to think about while he stood there.

There was a pause. "Well," Ian said finally, "Let's start with the locks."

Daniel blinked. "Locks?"

"Yes, as in you're not allowed to use them."

"Oh..." Daniel replied. He wasn't allowed to use locks? Why? He felt stubborn pushback in the pit of his stomach for a moment, but quashed it. He knew why, it wasn't some mystery. He had agreed to give Ian complete control over him. He couldn't let himself be scandalized by every single rule that went along with that.

"Yes," he said, "Ok. No locks."

"Good," Ian replied. He really did sound pleased. "Now, along that vein … I'm going to be writing up a schedule for you, which you will have to follow to the dot."

"... Ok," Daniel replied, with less conviction.

"You'll be allowed some input," Ian said, as if that was any sort of concession. He gently pushed Daniel under the spray of the shower, continuing his massaging as the water seeped into Daniel's hair.

"How generous," Daniel mumbled. Ian's hands stilled on his head.

"What do you like, Daniel?" Ian asked.

Daniel turned his head, craning his neck to look at Ian. "Don't tell me that matters?"

The sliver of a smirk Ian gave him sent chills down Daniel's spine. Ian crowded Daniel against the shower wall, his two green eyes catching Daniel in their reflective gaze. He moved in close, so that his lips were just barely touching Daniel's "It does matter."

When Daniel just stared at him, chin tucked in, Ian snorted and dropped his head. With a sigh, he looked back up again. "Or, I could just tell you what you like."

Daniel chose to ignore his offer. "Well, anyway," Daniel said, turning around and elbowing Ian away from him. "I don't see how any of this applies to us. We don't live together."

He had said it as a test. He knew he said it as a test, and Ian, most likely, did too. That's probably what accounted for the awkward silence, how obvious Daniel was being. He did feel a little bit stupid, but they might as well get it out of the way.

A hand rested on his hip. "No, we don't," Ian said clearly. "And that does have to change."

Exhaling, Daniel dipped his head into the water again. What was the word? Cohabitation. Ian wanted to cohabitate with him. He wanted Daniel to move in, and do this twenty-four seven. He wanted Daniel to leave his crappy apartment, and his crappy neighborhood to live in this skyrise tower with the bed that had goose down pillows. With the whips.

"I have a dog." Daniel said.

"Bring the dog."

Well, there went that excuse.

"Seriously," Ian said, "Bring the dog, bring clothes and your favorite movies. We agreed to six months, and I want you to be comfortable here."

Daniel was considering it … which was bad. Or, he was pretty sure it was bad. How long was a respectable time to hold out before giving in to rich younger bosses who wanted him to move in with them? Well, not that Daniel could lay claim to 'respectable' at this point. Oh no, it was far too late for that. He sighed. "We never said anything about living together."

Hands slid down his sides, and he arched into the tingling grip without thinking. There was an approving murmur behind him. "Daniel— " Ian said. He paused, breathing out through his nose with amusement. "—I have to admit, I like this. Having to negotiate each fucking baby step with you." Teeth grazed Daniel's shoulder, nipping him. He winced.

"Alright," Ian said. He ran his tongue on the spot he bit. "Fine. You move in, and your salary gets another bump. Double the percentage we agreed on."

Daniel lowered his eyes. He registered Ian starting to prep him, pushing into him with a gentle finger. He dropped against the tiles, resting on his forearm. Pressing his forehead against the wall, he focused on his breathing. Ian shoved in another finger, all the while rubbing Daniel's back.

Daniel's fingers curled into a fist. "Ok," he said, "But I want it in writing."