Night Companion

An ode to my bear…

I was fourteen when I first got you
And five years later, I still hold you tight
Because I used to sleep alone in this big bed
But now you keep away the monsters at night.

It's not like you look scary yourself
Your big brown eyes are warm and kind
But you still make me feel safe
From the monsters who live in my mind.

It's you I can talk to late at night
When my parents are fast asleep
And it's you who I can confide in
With all the secrets I need to keep.

People may think it weird
That I named you after a chocolate bar
But what else brings about comfort?
Everyone knows chocolate wins by far!

Thanks for being my night companion
Even if my friends call me weird for it
But at least I'm not like the other kids
Who need to sleep with their lights lit!

I sometimes wonder if you wander around
When there is no one in my room
Maybe laughing at the stories I tell,
Or even trying on my perfume..?

There are times I wish you would talk to me
But I love that you are my bear
Who listens without a word to everything I say
And (hopefully) likes all the clothes I make you wear.

You are a true friend,
One that I depend on each night
'Cause you calm me during a storm
And even after a fight.

Each day you tell me you love me
With your huge red heart
I sometimes wonder why
Humans can't be that smart.

You are supposedly a toy
But to me, you are an important part of each day
And I hope that whatever comes
Forevermore you could stay that way…

© HalfPast12

23rd August 2012
2:53 AM