So this is a quick poem about 9-11, sorry that its late and it's not Semtember 11 anymore but I posted it anyways. So here it is.

To everyone that lost their life fight for what was right. Firefighters, police officers, normal people and many others lost their lives for others.

Hideous grey smoke covered the blue sky. The smoke from the rubble clouded the magnificent blue sky as well as our brains.

Everyone scared and frighted for their loved ones lives. People feared for others before themself's.

Tears were shed as the truth rang out. We had been attacked by terrorists with one question asked, why?

Remember that day in September, and how it changed our lives for good.

Unforgotten, a day no one will forget. A day in history, a day that will not be forgotten.

Every year it comes back to us, cold as stone. The day comes back as we remember the terrible crimes committed.

Hijacked planes were the cause. Except for one, in honor of flight 93.

Every question waiting for answers, about why they would do this

Really, was it really that wonderful that you did this to us. No it wasn't but we will continue to stand strong and we will not fall to our knees for you.

On a normal day it happened, or so we thought. Fifty-three cases were reported that this would happen, but did we listen no we thought we were perfectly safe.

Every time we remember our hearts fill with sorrow for the ones that were lost.

Spend time on this day to remember the true heroes of 9-11 and let their souls rest in peace.

But despite the terrible things that happened many children were born on 9-11-01 and let them be the faces of hope.

I hoped you like it. And listen to the song called 'Where were you when the world stopped turning' by Alan Jackson.