For Emily, who will never see this. I miss you and I'm glad things are working out for you. I wish you and your family every happiness. You truly deserve it.

His first breath was his last

His body wasn't ready for death

The beginning was the end

The should haves

The could haves

Are irrelevant

No use mourning over what will never be

A daze

A "daze"

Is that the right word?

The worst loss imaginable, and he says she's in a daze

I mourned my own loss

One year without her

How petty it seems now

Compared to a whole lifetime without him

Will she come back earlier now?

Or will she use the time for other things?

The time that was meant to be spent feeding



Getting to know this new person

Giving him his life introduction

How will she spend it now?

Perhaps she'll go on a holiday

Or just rest

Take up a new hobby

Will she curl up in a corner in a dark room without coming out for the next year

And then return, pretending as if everything s ok, when really, she's dead inside?


That's not who she is

I don't know what she'll do

But it won't be that

So many people try to find the meaning in death

I think that's too upsetting, personally

The question shouldn't be why was he taken so young

But why did he exist at all

If he was going to be taken so young?

That's the real question

The answer may contain hope

In his short time he may have awakened something

Taught something

Opened the door to that special kind of love

The physical kinship has bonded the three souls forever

No matter what

At least, that's what I'd like to believe

I am not a poet; but you can't control the way certain things come to you and this came to me as a poem.