Bride of The Phoenix

Chapter 1: Strange Dream and New Neighbors

All I could see was utter darkness; cold and empty darkness. I was clueless to what was going on, where I was, or how I even got here. But I did know that I wasn't alone.

"Miki..."A voice said. A male voice to be specific.

I turned to my left, then to my right; I, of course, could not see a thing. However, I could hear what he was doing. The man (or boy) settled behind me and he held me in his lap.

"Miki..." he repeated.

No man alive should have this voice. It was like molten honey, sweet and soothing, but also like a roaring fire, possessive and angry. His strong arms are wrapped around me in a tight protective hold, as if he had lost me once and did not intend to do so again. His touch was familiar, his voice rang that mental bell of recognition; I knew that I had once known this person.

I woke up with a gasp. I shot out of bed, my ears started to ring causing me to cringe a bit. For the past year I've been having the same dream and not once had it changed. This dream had caused me many problems with sleep over the months but, now I was more used to it. Although, I was getting annoyed with it.

"Damn it!" I whispered into the night, I didn't want to wake Erik or mom."This is starting to get annoying!"

I ran my hand through my messy bangs and checked my clock. It's bright red numbers temporally blinded me.

12:30 A.M.

With a frustrated sigh I flopped onto my back and gazed out my bedroom window. I watched the stars as I tried to force myself to relax. I may have been having the same dream for at least a year but, my reaction to it has not changed and probably never will. I rolled over onto my left side and noticed something odd. Nothing big, just a small folded paper on my floor near my vanity that certainly wasn't there when I went to sleep. I shoved my bed covers off of me and tip-toed over to the paper. I picked it up and noticed a strange symbol printed on it.

I unfolded the paper an read it:

My Dearest Miki,

Finally, I get to hold my beautiful fiancee for the first time in both of our lives. I'm looking forward to claiming you, my dear Miki.

Until then, sleep well.

Whoever wrote this had very neat handwriting; you couldn't mistake what was written here. There was no name on it so I stared at the symbol on it. It looked like the kanji for dragon but it was hard to tell because some other symbol intersected with it. I would have tried to decipher it but I started to feel my eyes droop so I just placed it on my vanity and crawled back into bed. I'll deal with it tomorrow.

My alarm blared loudly, signaling me to get up for school. I hit the snooze button but, to my horror, my mom set another alarm clock in my room and it was still going off! Getting out of my bed, I annoyingly slammed my palm on the snooze button and unplug the offending alarm.

"This woman is going to kill me!" I growled, about to make my way back into my loving bed. I had gotten on top of the sheets and barely had the comforter over my body when the voice of my mother rang from downstairs.

"Miki!" My mother called from the kitchen, "Breakfast!" Her tone carried an underlying threat that promised a rude awakening should I disobey. Well, I did have to walk with the twins today anyways.

I groaned as I lifted myself up. Why must I have to get up so early? Who the hell said kids had to get up so fucking early for school?

"Miki!" Erik started beating on my bedroom door, "Come on ugly, get up!"

"What did you just call me!?" I shouted before slamming my door open.

Erik took off, running downstairs in fake panic. Erik was my younger brother by six years, quite the troublemaker and brat if you asked me. We did look alike but not by much, we only shared our eye and skin color. Erik had sandy brown blonde hair while mine was red, brown, dark brown, and blonde. We both differed in personality as well. Erik was the typical boy, he loved sports and skateboarding while he was average in everything academic. His idea of art was anything that showed stick-figures fighting quite gruesomely. I was more academic and artistic than him but I enjoyed running around for fun than for a grade.

"Ah! The ugly has risen from its cave!"

"You runt!" I yelled as I raced after him. Yeah, Erik was only thirteen years old making it normal for him to be shorter than me but, he hated being called a runt.

"Knock it off you two!" Mom yelled, you didn't need to see her face to know that she was more than willing to hit us both for our bad behavior. Mom, usually, was never one for hitting Erik like she was for me, in fact Erik acted this way because Mom never really punishes him. Talk about favoritism."Both of you get dressed."

I mumbled a few choice words about my brother and climbed the stairs back to my room, this was why I was not a morning person. When I entered my room I heard a loud noise, like a truck, from the house next door, which had recently been put up for sale. I didn't think anything of it and ignored the noises as I got dressed. I threw on my black tank-top with a red skull imprinted on the right side and a pair of my old worn blue jeans. I have a sort of love for small heeled boots and combat boots so I also put on my favorite black combat boots. Oddly enough, they never caused me any pain like some people would get, especially after walking a bit at

school. While I was combing my hair, which was almost a rat nest with all those damn tangles, I saw the small note on my vanity from last night.

"I forgot about you." I whispered as I picked up the note and read it again. Nothing changed, not like I expected it to, but I did read the Kanji a bit more carefully. It looked like it read Dragon something, I was not great at reading Kanji in Japanese so my translation could be completely off. I dropped the note back on my vanity, covering it with small notebook so that Erik wouldn't see it, and continued with my hair. I never styled my hair like other girls, I leave my hair to do what it pleases when it wants. When I finished the noise from outside got slightly louder. I was annoyed and curious, mostly annoyed, so I peeked out the window and saw a U-Haul truck being unpacked. Two men were pulling out a couch, one was grinning while the other swore like a sailor; I'm assuming that one got hurt.

"New neighbors?" I asked myself, "My class is suppose to be getting a new student today, I wonder if.." I shook my head, the odds that my new classmate would be my new neighbor are not exactly staggering.

I walked downstairs and grabbed my pure black messenger bag that was covered in anime patches and pins. I have a small obsession with Japanese anime, I mean those cartoons were just far too cute for me not to like them. I also loved their new franchise of the Pretty Cure, a magical girl anime that had been progressing since 2004 at the very least. My favorite Precure was Suite Precure and I loved Cure Melody. Next to the Precure, I have a fascination with the Vocaloids, Miku and Luka were my favorites and I had two or three pins of them on my bag.

"Don't you want breakfast Miki?" My mom asked as she continued to cook, her long, pure, golden blonde hair was tied into a ponytail, "I made your favorite."

I stared at the two large plates. One had scrambled eggs, the other had fried potatoes. Mom wasn't really that wonderful of a cook but, this was perhaps the only dish she couldn't ruin.

"I'll have a little bit. I have to wait for Lucas and Alexis." Lucas and Alexis were twins and my best guy friends. I've known them since I was six, we actually met during Erik's birth; I was upset because I wanted a sister instead of a brother and they helped me feel better.

She laughed as she filled my plate. She gave me a somewhat large helping of both the eggs and potatoes I had a small flashback of when I would claim she was trying to fatten me up so that she could eat me.

"I was wondering why you actually got up so early. Normally you sleep in until I have to drive you to school." she chuckled, although she was right and that would be my intention for today had the twins not been coming over.

I glared at her while I heard Erik hop over to us still in his pajamas. A well known grin was smothered onto to his face, the same grin he'd give us on Halloween.

"Erik." Mom was ready to scold him.

"But its Pajama Day!" he smiled cheekily, "I can wear 'em to school."

Erik's elementary school had a Pajama day every Friday, it's his favorite day because he can come to school in his pajamas and not get into trouble for it. However, that wasn't Mom's point here.

"I just bought you those pajamas Erik!" she said sternly, "I don't want you ruining them!"

"I won't!" he argued. A big fat lie that was, as stated before Erik is a trouble magnet therefore tattered clothing normally followed his chaos.

"Yesterday, you said your class was going to be making hand prints." I said from the table, shoving pieces of egg and potato in my mouth, " Last time you guys made hand prints Mom had to go bring you more clothes because you tried making a butt print without pulling down your pants."

Erik glared at me then stared back at Mom. My personal enjoyment was always achieved by upsetting Erik's boyish schemes, even if they were sometimes worth allowing just for a giggle.

"Please...!" Puppy dog eyes and a puffed up bottom lip, Erik's special face for getting things he wants. If he really wants something, he'll actually cry as last resort because men do not cry.

"No." she said, "Now go put on your old pajamas or actually get dressed. Take your pick."

Erik crossed his arms over his chest and stomped back upstairs. I can already tell that he wasn't going to listen to Mom so I sent Alexis a quick text to hurry up. He didn't reply, instead he knocked on the window beside me.

"Eek!" I squeaked loudly, somehow I managed to not drop my phone into my food though I managed to fall out of my chair.

"Get your butt out here missy!" He laughed as his twin brother, Lucas, smiled from behind him in a apologetic manner.

I growled, "You jerk!" I lifted myself up with a dark glare from hell written on my face.

"Have fun at school." Mom chuckled as she began to pick up my plate.

I rushed out the door and kicked Alexis in the leg. He grabbed his shin and groaned while Lucas backed away from my wrath. Lucas was always the smarter one when it came to my temper or anything in the female department really. Then again, that could be because he was sort of the feminine type of homosexual and therefore prone to fits similar to my own.

"Ow!" he cringed, "What did I do?"

I stuck my tongue out at him and directed my attention to Lucas.

"Morning Miki-chan." Lucas smiled sheepishly.

"Morning Lucas-kun." I said, ignoring Alexis as he bad-mouthed me from behind. Lucas and I were in the same Japanese class so we often would say our names the way we would in class. Alexis studied Spanish and currently was failing the subject, which was weird since he actually could fluently speak Spanish when we were kids. Don't know what happened there.

"You know Miki," Alexis growled as he retrieved his discarded backpack, "You'd have an easier time getting a boyfriend if you weren't such a bitch."

I gasped and whirled around toward him, Lucas definitely was more than a foot away and looking for shelter from any flying debris that was sure to follow this homicide. However, before I could say an insult to evil twin, who was practically writing his will at this moment, the U-haul truck suddenly revved up and drove off. We all turned and watched the truck drive away, forgetting the crime that was on the verge of being committed.

"What were they doing here? You got new neighbors or something?" Lucas asked.

"Looks like," I said as I stared at the house. Through the windows I noticed that there was someone preparing to leave the house but stopped and returned my gaze. "Not our business though. Let's get going."

The twins exchanged glances before following me down the street toward our high school, Port Louis High. They were silent for a few minutes but Lucas decided to ask about my obvious tired expression that was not caused by his brother.

"Did you have that dream again?" he asked quietly.

I shrugged, "I don't know why I'm having it or why it's still the same."

Alexis scratched his head, "You know it could mean something. Like maybe one of those future dreams?"

"I doubt it would be repeating itself if it was." I sighed.

"Maybe you should look into it." Lucas suggested, "Surely other people have had this type of dream before."

"That's the problem." I groaned, almost rudely, "I've tried but I can't find anything. I don't want to go to a councilor or anything, I just want to know why I'm having these dreams and how do I stop having them."

"We'll help you Miki." Alexis smiled, "Tonight, Lucas and I will start digging around on the internet." He tossed his arm over my shoulder and ruffled my hair in a brotherly manner. I would have continued arguing but, knowing Alexis and Lucas, it would be a waste of my breath. I'll just let them have their fun.

We had only just past the school's gates when we saw my friend, Jillian, and her boyfriend, Victor, arguing over who knows what. They were once that couple everyone thought was super cute but, after a year of dating, they started having issues, what those issues were I had no clue; Jillian was the shy secretive type and she kept everything to herself. Alexis and Lucas, however, knew Victor very well, even though they despised him greatly. The hate was mutual.

"Oh great," Lucas muttered, "I'll be going now. I have to go see my English teacher!"

I chuckled as Alexis yelled at Lucas for not being a real man. Despite hating Victor with a dark passion, they were part of the same group of friends and, therefore, were stuck in Victor's problems. Jillian, as I said, normally kept her problems to herself, occasionally she'd tell our friend Jordan or Veronica but, for the most part, she didn't make anything that was personal public.

When a crowd started forming around the bicker couple, I felt someone staring at me intently. It was then I saw a flash of red from the corner of my eye. I turned and saw a boy with dark red hair walking toward the main office.

For some reason, he looked very familiar. I didn't realize that I was staring at him until he turned around and stared back at me. Before I turned away, with a heating blush on my cheeks, I could have sworn that he was grinning at me. Who was that guy, and why was he familiar?

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