Married to a Pervert

Ryuu was fast asleep but I was the complete opposite; tell me what fifteen year old girl would so easily fall asleep in the same bed as her new husband who's almost completely naked! Damn Ryuu and his lack of self modesty!

What kind of husband is he?! I mentally whined while I scowled at the sleeping dragon.

One of a kind if you ask me! Without even thinking I slapped Ryuu's shoulder (the wounded one) and drove him from sleep. Ow!

"What did I do?" he groaned as I sat up and heatedly glared at him, "You asked!"

"A smart husband would know when and what questions he answers to!" I scowled with a whine, "How did you hear me? I didn't direct it to you."

"I told you," he said as he sat up a bit, "There are times I'll hear even when you don't think I can."

"Hmph!" I folded my arms over my chest and turned away from him, "You're so mean!"

Ryuu chuckled lightly, "So I've been told but we're married now, you're going have to get use to it." Ryuu pulled me back, laying me over his lap as he played with my hair. I barely resisted him which may have caused him to worry about me, "Why are you still awake? It's past ten."

"Besides the fact you're only in your boxers curled up against me?" I asked rudely, earning myself an amuse grin, "I suppose I'm just tense about everything going on."

Ryuu smiled at my sympathetically, "I can understand that more than your uneasy with my partial a nudity."

I slapped him again, much lighter than the first time and on his bare chest, gaining a playful growl as a reward, "I'm sorry, did that hurt you?"

"You really need to think before acting Miki," Ryuu's ruby eyes sparkled with mischief, "if you keep acting out of place I may have to punish you for your many offenses."

"Offenses?" I tried to sound confused but my badly contained smile definitely gave my lie away, "What offenses?"

"Slapping me is one." He counted with a lazy smile, "Being a smart-ass is two."

"Oh alright, quit counting." I sighed in defeat, "don't act as if you haven't done anything wrong yourself!"

Ryuu gasped as he place his hand over his heart in an overly dramatic manner, "How your words hurt me, my dear Mi-chan."

"Mi-chan?" I raised my brow in questioning gaze as he explained.

"Everyone calls you Miki or Miki-chan and only you call me Ryu-chan." he shrugged his shoulders in his usual carefree manner, "I want you to have a special nickname from me."

I giggled at his explanation, "I see, for a minute I thought you were confusing me with a secret lover."

Catching my tease he threw his right hand up while placing his left over his heart, "There could never be another woman in my life that would even possibly rival you Mi-chan."

"I'm glad." I sighed as pushed myself off of his lap, "Still, I'll have to be on my guard; I wouldn't want some fan girl of yours to steal you from me."

Ryuu laughed quietly at my joke. He silently agreed with me as he let me resettle myself onto our bed, "I'll put up a fight until you can rescue me from the demonic girls."

I made a small laugh as I curled into his defining chest, he wrapped his arms around and nuzzled his nose into my bangs.

"You smell sweet." he commented in a soft tone, "Like Jasmine."

I blushed at his compliment, I realized then that he too had a scent different from other men. He smelled of fire born from crisp pine wood; it was, in truth, a comforting smell.


"Ryu-chan?" I lifted my gaze toward his, his eyes were hesitatingly gazing into my curious brown orbs, "Ryu-" He pressed his lips against mine in a very loving manner. For a moment, I was completely dumbfounded but as he urged me to join I found myself indulged in such a tender escape that I had desperately wished for it to never end. Ryuu growled into my mouth, I could sense his enjoyment through our kiss. Deepening our kiss, I allowed Ryuu's tongue to wander into my mouth. We had a battle of dominance until I had finally surrendered and allowed Ryuu to dominate me. His tongue explored every part of my mouth, leaving not a single nook or cranny unattended. I moaned as he pushed me down onto the bed and he placed himself over me. When we finally pulled away we were both red and almost panting.

"Ryuu.." I breathed as he dipped his head into my neck. I gasped as I felt him bite into neck, more specifically where my neck joined with my shoulder. There wasn't any pain, just a prick of his sharp teeth that seemed to just poke my skin. I froze as he stayed there for a moment, not like I could do much else really. I felt him start to move away from my neck and I still was frozen in my spot.

"Miki.." He was panting like an animal deprived of water, "Shit.."

"Ryuu? What's wrong?" I asked as he stilled, "Ryuu?"

"I'm sorry Miki." he gulped, "I wouldn't do this any other night but-"

"What are you talking about Ryuu?" I asked worriedly as I notice his eyes were shaded oddly.

"It the Red Moon." Ryuu said hurriedly, "The Red Moon is the day and night of Dragon's Eve."

"Huh?" If this were a dire life-or-death situation I would have immediately deemed Ryuu completely useless, "English Ryuu!"

"Dragon's Eve is the night when male dragons are at their most dominate. Each moon is colored for each dragon and tonight is the Red Moon." Ryuu gulped again, "I should go somewhere else for tonight."

"So," I asked softly, "it's like a mating thing?"

"It's exactly a mating thing." his voice turned hoarse, "Which is why I'm going to sleep away from you, I don't want to get you pregnant so early."


He sighed, annoyed that I was still asking questions, "At this time, the chances of you getting pregnant are ten fold to what the chances are during a regular day. Please Miki, I really should leave." Before I could do anything, he was already gone.


The next morning I wandered around the mansion, hoping to find Ryuu somewhere. I searched high and low until I finally found him sleeping on the balcony. It was honestly a funny sight; he was curled into a chair with a Hello Kitty plush blanket he, more than likely, stole from Marie. He covered his face with his arm and groaned as the sun sparkled into his eyes.

"Morning Ryu-chan." I sang as I sat across from him, "Whatcha doing?"

He growled at me, "Go away Scar!"

I bit back a giggle, I couldn't believe he thought I was Scarlet, " Ryu-chan, it's me Mi-chan."

I stood over him with a smile as he moved his arm from his eyes at an incredibly slow pace. He looked at me for a moment, blinked a few times, then threw off the blanket with a very swift kick.

"Miki!" he was blushing as I giggled, "How long have you been standing there?"

"Not long." I said honestly, "So this is where you ran to last night."

"Well," his blush faded as he spoke, "I really didn't want to be out in the open."

"Especially with Scarlet around?" I asked innocently.

"Especially with Scarlet around." he muttered, "Is everyone else awake?"

I nodded my head, "My mom and Azusa are cooking while My dad and Tatsuya are testing out that gun Rina brought with her."

"Ah." Ryuu started to stretch his arms as he spoke, "What about Marie and Erik?"

"They're running around playing hide-and-seek." I shrugged, "Last I saw, Erik was hiding in one of the couches."

"In a couch?" Ryuu raised his eyebrow in a questioning manner.

"Don't ask me how he managed that okay?"

Ryuu chuckled before grabbing my hand and dragging me toward our room, "Let me get dress and I show you around a little bit."

He didn't even let me answer as he quickly gather his clothes and a towel and hurried into our bathroom. I smiled, watching him with amusement during his rush. I could only imagine how fast he'd be in the shower. Taking a seat on the bed I patiently waited for Ryuu, fiddling with some of my hair. Again I had forgotten how short it was now, at least it was long enough for me to play with otherwise I'd have a fit.

Are you done yet? I asked, pretending to sound annoyed.

He laughed, Impatient aren't we? I'll be finished in a few minutes, don't come charging in unless you really want to see me naked.


Takes one to know one! He was grinning, I just knew it! I refused to respond to his playful insult, I was not going to make a bigger fool of myself, By the way, what is this body wash of your's? It smells delicious.

I gasped and, without even thinking, ran into the bathroom to my doom, "Ryuu don't you- EEK!" Ryuu stood there laughing at me, only covered in a towel and still wet from his shower. That pervert got me to run senselessly into the bathroom while he was still naked!

"That eager are we?" he teased once he managed to speak again, "Really Miki, I wouldn't touch your soap unless I was going to put it on you."

I was certainly beat red, "Y-you-" unable to barely say a word with out stuttering I quickly ran out of the bathroom and down the hall, I needed to far from Ryuu and have some fresh air.