Run Fast And Run Hard

Ryuu waited until he was certain that everyone else was far from the house, then he prepared several traps around the house.

"What are you doing?" I asked as Ryuu finished his last trap.

Wiping off some of the sweat on his forehead he replied, "Just taking some precautions." looking at his work he picked up a backpack Tatsuya left us, "Let's go and get as much of a head start as we can."

Nodding, I followed Ryuu toward the main part of the town. Port Louis was nothing of a city, more like a town, and was surrounded by forests and farming areas. We made a straight path toward the outer town area, which was much like a forest if not exactly the same. The area was full of vibrate trees and healthy greenery; moss and dead leaves carpeted the ground in thick tangled mess.

"Ryuu, are you sure this is safe?" I asked quietly, "What if Ryan brings a lot of his group mates to hunt us?"

"Don't worry Miki." Ryuu assured me, "If anything happens I'll take care of it."

I wanted to believe him, believe he could handle everything that was soon to come, but I couldn't ignore the horrid feeling in my gut that screamed trouble. I just knew something horrible was going to happen tonight, I wanted to deny the feeling but that wasn't going to happen.

"Ryuu," I whispered, "Ryuu, I'm scared."

Ryuu stopped for a moment before turning toward me, "You're scared?" I nodded slowly, "Why?"

"This is just.. I'm..." Suddenly I found myself starting to hyperventilate. As I fanned myself Ryuu Rushed to my side and helped me regain my breath.

"Breath in slowly. Hold. And then out again slowly." Ryuu soothed, "Feeling better?"

I continued the pattern until I felt less dizzy. I slowly sat myself down, with Ryuu's help, hoping to rid myself anything of the colorful spots that invaded my vision.

"I understand that you're worried," Ryuu said quietly, "but worrying about it to the point of exhaustion won't help neither of us."

"Sorry." I whispered, I wasn't really able to talk just yet.

"Let me do all the worrying, you focus on staying by me. Okay?"

I nodded quickly as I followed him down the trail he was making for us. He held my hand tightly, making sure I wasn't left behind or taken. I had to admit, despite the fact we were on the run from Ryan and the Hunters, I was a little happy to be alone with Ryuu. I felt myself blush at the thought but my dragon found it as something to agree on. I scolded my dragon but found myself outnumbered, my human also agreed with my dragon.

I hate both of you! I mentally growled at the two, though even I could hear the falsity in my voice. During my mental argument I hadn't noticed that Ryuu had stopped so a smacked into his back face first.

"Ow!" I whined, "Why'd you stop?"

Ryuu turned his head and smiled sheepishly, "Sorry."

I mumbled a bit before sensing the the absolutely stillness of the forest. There was a soul wandering these forest and I had the most sickening feel as to why that was.

"Glad you two could make it." Ryan taunted as he leaned lazily in a tree, "Setting traps at your house was smart, but killing Soko first would have been smarter."

"Soko?" Ryuu, for a short moment, was confused until he suddenly remembered Alexis' warning, "Shit."

Ryan laughed, holding his hand out to me, "Seriously Miki, what do you see in the Lizard?"

I growled at Ryan, all the hatred I muster was clearly evident in my brown eyes, "A lot more that what I see in you!"

Both Ryan and Ryuu were shocked at my declaration, Ryuu grinned at me while Ryan glared furiously at us.

In an attempt to reclaim his pride Ryan snorted, "So Lizards are your type huh? I suppose that's better than nothing, considering that it's shameful to be half-breed. To top it off, you're also a half-wit."

Ryuu and I were insulted by Ryan's comment and I could see that our reactions were what he desired. Grinning smugly Ryan gave a nod of his head and his men grabbed us.

"Ah!" I gasped as two men forced my hand behind me while three held onto Ryuu, "Ryuu!"

Ryuu growled as one of the men tried to keep his hold on him but Ryuu wasn't going to stop struggling, "You sly bastards!" another hissed and punched Ryuu in his gut.

"Ryuu!" Now I was struggling to reach Ryuu, the two men holding me were completely caught off-guard as I yanked my arms away from them, "Let me go!"

"Holy shit!" One said as he regained his hold, "She's stronger than she looks."

"Calm the fuck down bitch!" his partner shouted, slapping my face to stop me (which at that angle, it was more like he slapped my ear). Ryuu either heard or saw the man slap me because in less than a second I saw him throw off the three men who had him. Just as quickly he punch my attacker and his buddy before throwing me onto his back.

"R-Ryuu?!" I stuttered, "What-?!"

"Time we leave this party!" Ryuu flipped Ryan off as he ran away from the scene. I would have been tempted to say that we were flying but the sounds of snapping twigs and crunching leaves proved that Ryuu was running. Everything was like a blur around the sides but I could still see everything happening before us.

"Ryuu, is this really safe?" I asked worriedly, "What if there's a trap?"

He laughed, "Funny you mention that."

"Huh?" Looking toward the straight path ahead I saw a thinly wired fence blocking our path, "What the-!"

"I gotta give Ryan props for this idea but," I could hear his grin, "I'm not just any dragon!"

Before I could question that statement Ryuu lit up a fireball in his hand, he aimed it straight at the fence.

"I'm letting you know now," I shouted as he was ready to let loose his fireball, "just how unsafe I feel with you right now!"

He laughed again, "I figured you'd say that!" with that he unleashed his fireball on the thin wire, melting it like it was ice over a blaze fire. I could swear that Ryuu was grinning like a madman and surely he was proud of himself. I heard many of the Hunters swear as we escaped from their clutches, talk about sailor mouths.

"How long are you planning on running?" I asked once I felt we were far enough from the Hunters.

"Probably until we've pass a city or two." He said, "I've ran for days Miki, don't worry about me."

I narrowed my eyes at him, kind of like how Azusa does when he pisses her off, "Was that suppose to make me feel better?"

He didn't answer for a moment then said, "Well, I guess in your case, no."

I growled threateningly while he chuckled lightly, "You're asking for a kick between the legs mister!"

Suddenly he was quiet, he finally took a threat seriously. My dragon flared with concern toward him and anger toward me, apparently what I said was a big No-no. I resisted the urge to sigh in frustration toward my dragon self, if she had a voice I'd probably become freaking suicidal from how annoying she'd be.

"We can stop once we've passed the lake, okay?" Ryuu turned slightly and smiled, "We'll get some shut eye until morning at least."

Slightly glad he wasn't made at me I smiled, "Sure."

He gave me a nod before running faster than he was before, making our trip past the lake much quicker. When we stopped Ryuu didn't even look like he was running to save our hinds, he wasn't even sweating.

"We'll camp here for tonight," he said as he placed our backpack by a tree root, "Let me look at you face real quick."

I didn't want to but I still pulled my hair back so that he could inspect the slapped spot., "It doesn't really hurt that much."

"Still," Ryuu said softly as he took care of holding my hair with my hand, "I'd rather see for myself."

I made a noise in the back of my throat but didn't protest much further. He was careful when touching the slightly burning skin, his fingers only feather along my ear and partially of my cheek. Son his inspection ended and he holding my cheek while we stared at each other.

"I really did like your hair when it was long," he said in almost a whisper, "but short hair suits you too."

I blushed at the compliment, "You really think so?"

He smiled and nodded, "When Lizzy brought you back, then first thing I could think of was that your were alive. It wasn't until I noticed you hair did I realize what Ryan's real intentions were."

"I really thought he was going to kill me." I said, that memory of Ryan holding that knife brought unwanted shivers, "When he started tearing of my clothes I felt like I was being violated."

"I would say him touching you at all would be wrong," Ryuu admitted, "Had I not been able to smell your virginity I would have assumed he raped you."

"Like he wanted you to think." I whispered, "I really didn't want to see you after that."

I felt Ryuu tense, anger or offense were the only two reaction I could think he'd have at my honest feelings, "Why?"

"I was scared." I muttered, "I was scared that you'd think badly of me."

He chuckled softly, "Miki, it wasn't your fault."

"I know that but still-"

"No Miki," Ryuu placed his hands on my shoulders, looking up at him I could see the honesty in his eyes, "never think that there was something you could have done. To be honest there wasn't much you could have done, especially since you were chained."

My eyes widen as he mentioned that detail, "How'd you know I was chained?! I never-"

Ryuu grinned and tapped his nose, "My sense of smell?"

"oh.." I blushed as he tried to contain his laughter, "So how'd you smell it?"

"Metal and flowers?" His voice oozed amusement, "I'll admit I first thought it was blood but then I calmed down enough to realized that it wasn't exactly the same, blood has a more salty scent than the metal."

"Does it?"

"Yup." Ryuu hugged me for a moment before pulling me toward the spot we'd be sleeping, " You had a rough day, let's get some sleep."

I barely nodded my head as he placed me in his lap and leaned against the tree. It was obvious he wanted me to use him as a human pillow, correction, dragon pillow but I forced myself to just go with the flow. So not as easy as it looks.