Not Perfect

I am a liar, some promises break,

I am not perfect; I can make a mistake,

All my worries, my time they steal,

I am selfish; I ignore what others feel.

We may not admit it but we want to fit in,

Sometimes we ignore all the guilt of sin,

We want love, sometimes it goes too far,

When people bully, it will leave a scar.

People want revenge; they desire a fight,

Some get addicted though they know it is not right,

Sometimes people want what they see in a store,

When people have money, they crave for more.

We all started lost; we did not know hope,

With broken hearts, we just could not cope,

But if one finds what I have found,

The discovery turns his life around.

God abides in Heaven above,

The story of Calvary reveals His love,

Jesus was crucified so we could live,

If we believe this, life God will give.

We must know, we do not need to be lost,

Because Jesus Christ paid the cost,

But He rose again, He left the grave,

His arms remain open; He will save.

We may be liars, selfish, or mad,

Or even bullies, greedy, or sad,

We can be saved from all our sin,

And it does not matter what place we live in.

Follow God's promise, it will not break,

God is perfect; He will not make a mistake,

Before it is too late, one must choose,

If one turns God's gift away, his life he will lose.

Author's Note- I wrote this poem sometime during my senior year of high school. I changed some punctuation after typing it but if anyone has tips for me to improve punctuation; you can send me a message or post them in a review. I hope anyone who reads this will feel encouraged and enjoy it.