Zara has always been a shy, introverted girl who's over the years had crushes, but never experienced love for the first time. Kai although handsome and popular, is lonely and burdened by his past but somehow they connect under circumstances .Interracial BW

Heart of a Butterfly


Like butterflies, human emotions are fragile. One minute your heart can become filled with sorrow, and in the next instant you can have feelings of gloom, that a burden is placed upon your heart. Like the wings of a butterfly, your heart can take you places no one else can go, and it eventually becomes hard to connect with a person as the draw further and further away from you. I didn't know where I stand now, reflecting on the good times. Sometimes I find myself angry for not going back for Zara, and most of all not being there. My heart and head were colliding, and the world seemed to slowly come crashing down piece by piece.

Chapter 1

For some reason, I couldn't keep my eyes opened. I was slowly zoning in and out of sleep as wrote on the chalkboard in his handwriting, his back temporarily facing the chalkboard. Soft murmurs and whispers filled the classroom as students became engrossed in their daily gossip.

"Quiet down class. I expect you to be taking notes because there's a test this Friday." Groans filled the room and I couldn't help but roll my eyes inwardly. Sometimes I wonder how I cope with everyday life as a high school student, because it's not easy at all. Raging hormones of estrogen and testosterone filled every hallway and sometimes it became too overwhelming that I tried to get away from it all majority of the time. I would escape to libraries or sometimes go home because I didn't live far away. It was easier that way.

"Zara since you have been paying attention can you tell me when the Mexican American war start?" I hated the way he put me on the spot, as a few pairs of eyes turned in my direction for an immediate response. Despite the calm exterior that I tried to portray, I could feel my hands becoming clammy and my heart rapidly thudding against my chest as I thought of an immediate reply.

"I don't know." I replied.

"The Mexican American War was declared on 13 May 1846 or on it was April 25, 1846 that the American-Mexican war started as the result of border incident known as the Thornton Affair.

The Mexican American war began on 25 April 1846. Is that the answer to your question, Mr. Friar?" replied none other than Kai, a smug smile on his face as he friends roared in obnoxious laughter. Sooner then later everyone joined in as Mr. Friar displayed brief annoyance on his pale face, which turned a light crimson.

"I see that being a smart alleck will send you to the principal's office now!"

"I'm fine with that." Kai replied coldly, abruptly standing to walk out the door. The sudden pandemonium of the classes dispersed and was filled with sudden silence for once. I sighed in relieve as the clamoring in my head stopped with the noise.

"Mr. Friar, may I go to the Nurse?" I asked.

"Make sure you write as pass." He said, resuming to his lesson on the repetitive boring history of none other than US History. I quickly got up from my seat and exited the room, suddenly not feeling suffocated by the number of people. As I walked down the desolate halls, I saw Kai as he pressed his forehead against a locker and exhaled slowly. His stance looked like he was in pain, but since I was kind of far I couldn't tell for sure. He suddenly slid down against the locker with his and shut his eyes. I didn't know what I was doing but suddenly I had a strange urge to talk to him.

"Kai, I just wanted to say thank you…" He slowly raised his head and I was caught in his onyx colored gaze briefly.

"What for?" He said, probably startled by me.

"For helping me back in History, I felt really bad because I didn't know the answer and." He sat there just staring up and me.

"It's really nothing. Mr. Friar an asshole and he needed to put in his place. I don't really know why you need to thank me. Besides everyone doesn't know the answer to everything, right?" He rose to his full height of 5'11 and I suddenly noticed the height difference between us as I only stood at 5'0. As he walked towards the principle's office and I headed towards the nurse, I knew that day something changed, even if it wasn't significant. The nurses' office was usually almost always filled during seventh period as kids tried to avoid the end of the day classes. The aroma of air freshener filled my nose as I approached the nurse's desk. Sitting there was a petite dark haired woman who was in her late twenties and had light green eyes. Typing frantically on the computer she notices my presence and a smile beams on her face.

"Hey Zara, how's everything going for you?" I sat across from Ms. Katelyn's desk and sighed.

"It's okay, junior year isn't hard, but it's not easy. I nearly fell asleep in Mr. Friar's class." She laughed and said,

"Oh don't worry, Brian knows he could talk anyone to sleep with his monotone voice." We both laugh a little as she gets up and goes towards her cabinet.

"So is it the usual for today?"
" Yeah, I have a slight headache but that's all."

"Do you want Tylenol or Advil?"

"Either is fine with me." I replied staring at the fall scenery outside the window. Brittle leaves fell off of trees in various shades of red, yellows and oranges making the trees completely naked and bare.

"Sometimes I forget how beautiful fall is." I whisper under my breather as she places a plastic cup half filled with water and two Advil in my hands.

"Make sure you get enough rest?" I shook my head as she went to register my name for today.

"Tell your mother I said hi, ok?"

"I'll let her know." I said, walking out the nurses' office, feeling slightly better. Seventh and Eighth period went by in flying colors as the final bell rang ending the day permanently. One of my friends Drew met up with me by my locker.

"So how was your day?" She asked casually, her green blue eyes contrasting against her smooth pale skin and curly auburn hair. Freckles matted her heart shaped face a she leaned against the locker looking at me.

"It's okay, I guess."

"Oh Zara, sometimes I don't understand you. You're beautiful, smart talented and the nicest person I know but why do you rarely smile? It's such a waste on such a pretty face." I sighed again, gently shutting my locker.

"Define beautiful." I muttered but she just shook her head. I mean I don't think I'm not attractive, but beautiful? I just couldn't imagine that word next to my name. I didn't feel beautiful, I just felt… I didn't know what I felt.

"Let's see." She put her finger on her chin pretending to be in deep thought.

"You have beautiful brown eyes and when your happy the light up and if you're sad they reflect how you feel. Your skin is soft and caramel colored and smooth which I envy and you smile. When you smile it really shows how compassionate you are and how much you care. Oh and let's not forget your personality!" It was so easy to be around Drew and she really lightened moods.

"You're just saying that you're my best friend." She looped her slender arm through mine and said,

"Well, I care about you and I'm just pointing out the qualities that make up Zara. Listen afterschool I have play rehearsal if you want to come your welcomed."

"I wish I could, but my mom expects me to be home on time."

"I see. Well in that case I'll call you tonight?" I nodded as she gave me a hug before dashing down the hallway towards the auditorium. Turning towards the school exit in a sea of students I stand at the bus near the parking lot. The air felt bitterly cold as I wrapped my dark green fleece jacket tighter around me, breathing in the cold air. Up ahead I saw getting into cars and getting rides home as I sat there patiently for the bus. Thirty minutes into waiting, I started to feel my hand become slightly numb as I buried them into the warm depths of my pocket. Walking out of the school building was Kai. A blank expression was on his face as he met my gaze before stopping in his tracks.

" Kai, where the hell are you going without me!" Shrieked an annoying valley girl voice none other than Francesca Monahan or a.k.a Kai's "girlfriend" I strictly put that in quotations because it was more of a one sided relationship from what it looked like. Despite having an atrocious personality, Frannie was a pretty girl with chestnut colored hair and hazel green eyes. She wrapped her arms tightly around Kai's waist, pressing her face into his back.

" Please get off of me." Kai stated coldly, he gaze locked on her hands and he removed them from his waist. She realized her hands and said,

" Why don't you love me! For so long I've been one of your best friends and you treat me like I'm nothing! Is this how you really feel."

" I already told you before there was never anything between us.. I know I wasn't giving mixed signals but you interpreted your way to make it seem like it's something more. I'm really tired of this you know.." He says emotionlessly as he put his hands in pockets and faced her, a worried expression on his face . Her face was flushed with anger or embarrassment as she stormed off towards her pink bmw and suddenly sped off. He ran his hand through his hair and looked up at the sky, seeming to think there would be an answer. He met my gaze responding to me.

"Do you want a ride home?" I nodded without thinking as I walked over to his blue Yamaha motorcycle as he retrieved two helmets.

" Put this on." I pulled it over my head as I sat behind him, hesitantly putting my hands around his waist as he sped off down the road. The sudden exhilaration from riding made my heart thump loudly against my chest until I heard him ask a question at the stop light.

" Where do you live?"

" 136 Willow Ave." He nodded making a left as we flew past numerous hoses and bare trees. Finally arriving to my three story dark gray Victorian house he pulls into my driveway and my heart suddenly returns to it's normal speed. Feeling a little dizzy I nearly stumble off the motorcycle but a stern leather gloved hand grips my forearm to keep me steady. I hear a deep chuckle and suddenly feel embarrassed as he asks,

" Are you okay?"

" Yeah, I'm just a little dizzy. Thanks for the ride though." He nodded , and I realized he still held on to my forearm. His eyes froze and he withdrew his hand from arm, and the sudden warmth disappeared.

" Sorry." He replied softly. I just nodded as he backed out of the driveway and down the road….

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