Chapter 1: A Night On A Space Station

Orbital Control Center Marx

December 9th, 2176- 11:30 PM

Corporation Controlled Space

It was near midnight on the Orbital Control Center. Most of the 'prisoners' were fast asleep. The guards next to the doors were gone and were replaced with five guards patroling up and down the long brig halls. They were armed with shotguns and assault rifles and with flashlights strapped onto the chest pieces of their armor. They looked around themselves and at the sleeping inmates as the night went on, the darkness ingulfing the brig.

Kate laid silently in the darkness, facing the ceiling. Her eyes were bloodshot red and the quietness started to grow larger as the night went on. The guards' footsteps echoed through the brig, their flashlights piercing the darkness with the bright, intense lights. She sat herself up and then look out the door to her cell, seeing the armored soldiers walking up and down the brig. She then went back to her bed and tried to sleep. But, she could not get herself to even fall asleep.

A guard passed by the cell, his eyes staring straight towards the end of the brig. He then peered inside Kate's cell and then continued to patrol the brig. The security cameras turned left and right, staring at each individual cell door and segment of the brig. A large window sat at the center of the end of the brig, the light from the moon shining through that window. It was, however, dark, even though the light peered into the brig. The cold air pierced into Kate's body, making her shiver slightly as she covered herself with the blanket she had been given.

She then closed her eyes tight, trying to get herself to fall asleep. But, as she closed her eyes, she saw a shining light in the distance. She could see what she was standing on. It was an asphalt road. The light then started to get closer, the sound of a car becoming louder and louder as the light approached rapidly. As the car began to get closer, she jumped out of the way and landed in a small pool of water. Her clothes and face were soaked in water. She picked herself up from the ground and then tried to dry her face off with her shirt.

She pulled her shirt away from her face and found herself staring at skyscraper. There were two figures in front of it, both wearing suits. But, only their shadows were visible. The two of them seemed to be talking, one of them poking the other in the chest repeatedly as the other made angry gestures. The figure being poked then stormed away from the figure. But, as he was about to leave the angry figure alone, he pulled out a gun and repeatedly shot the figure who was leaving. He fell to the floor faced down to the ground as the figure who shot him walked into the skyscraper. Kate watched it in horror as she started to run for the man who had been shot repeatedly. The environment started to fade around her as she got closer and closer to the man. The world around her then faded into another scene, she found herself in front of a burning complex. Fire raged from the ruins as a large figure appeared from the rubble. Its eyes glowed red as the figure stood taller than her. It growled and roared as it saw Kate standing still.

It then leaped into the air and landed right in front of Kate, who was staring at the huge being, terrified. The being then raised both of its arms in the air, making a huge, combined fist and then almost slammed it onto Kate. As the being slammed it onto her, Kate woke up from her sleep, finding the brig much lighter. The lights in the halls were being turned on and the guards who guard the cells at day came into the brig, their weapons loaded. They then stopped next to the cells and waited for the lieutenant to enter the brig.

Then, at the other end of the brig, the shouting of a military officer rang out.

"INMATES!" the officer yelled, Arthur Luger right behind him. "RISE AND SHINE!" The guards walked up to the cell pads and unlocked the doors with the scan of their hands. The cell doors slid open one after one. Guards heavily armed monitored the prisoners that were exiting their cells, their weapons ready. Kate stepped out of her cell, the light slightly blinding her. One of the guards then approached her and slapped her.

"Face forward." The guard ordered her to do. She then faced the opposite side of the brig with a stone face. The other prisoners faced the other side as well. The officer, as well as Lieutenant Luger and Marquis, walked down the brig slowly, looking at the prisoners and observing them. Luger's golden eyes pierced into each one of the prisoners' souls. Marquis faced straight forward as the two approached the end of the brig. The officer then made it to the last four cells, approaching Kate with a straight back and angry face and grin. The officer's eyes were shielded with thick aviator sunglasses, his teeth were shiny white and he had a long scar running down his right eye. His head was shaved and he had a five o'clock shadow. His voice reminded everyone of Sylvester Stallone. He took out a cigarrete and lit it in front of Kate, then smoking it and blowing the smoke into her face. Kate slightly coughed.

"Well, what do we have here?" the officer said. "A newcomer." Kate did not reply. The officer then smiled.

"Tell me, girl, what's your name?" the tough officer asked.

"Kate, sir." The girl replied.

"Kate, huh?" the officer asked in reply, uninterested in her. "Well, lemme tell you, Kate. This is my world now, not yours. Now, I run the show and you will follow my orders."

"Yes, sir." Kate replied silently. The officer then removed the cigarrete away from his mouth and blew smoke into her face again.

"I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" the officer yelled.

"Yes, sir." Kate replied. The officer then did an about face and looked at the rest of the prisoners. He took off his shades, revealing his blue eyes.

"All of you are worthless examples of life!" the officer shouted so that all of the inmates can hear. "You are all worthless, meaningless, piles of living shit! All of you look like you haven't stopped wearing diapers!" He then placed his shades back onto his face. "Oh, and where are my manners?! My name is Sergeant Maxx Brassford! But, you can call me Sarge!" He then walked to the very end of the brig and smiled. "DO YOU MAGOTS UNDERSTAND ME?!"

"SIR, YES, SIR!" the inmates replied, minus Kate.

"Good, now meet in the film room in five minutes!" Sarge shouted. "NOW!"