Dear Journal Thingy,

Hey so my mom got me this journal and told me to write my deepest thoughts and feelings in it. But since I'm pretty sure she's going to read this while I'm at school (That's right mom I'm onto you) I going to write about my friends Alex and Chase, two of the most unlikely friends a nerd like me could ever have. Alex is a jock; he has brown hair, green eyes, big muscles, and a somewhat small brain. However his big heart makes up for it, he is one of the kindest sweetest kids at our high school. Chase on the other hand has black hair, blue eyes, and is as skater as they come. He skips classes, talks back to the teachers, gets into fights almost monthly, and is usually a jack ass to everyone he meets. About the only thing he doesn't do is get stoned, and that's only because he wants to become a professional skater when he gets out of high school. He already has a few companies that are willing to sponsor him. And then there is me. I make Plain Jane seem like the most interesting person on earth. I am the nerd of the group and I fail at that even. I can't sing so I'm not a glee kid, I suck at chess, I hate math, so really my only redeeming quality is my almost unnatural love for books. Chase jokes that one day he is going to change the definition of bookworm from "a person devoted to reading" to my name and picture; he says it will save the non-bookworms time while still giving them an accurate definition of the word. But anyways the three of us are an unlikely group of friends and honestly sometimes I think that the only reason they still let me hang out with them is because they feel obligated to, but I digress. My insecurities about our friendship aren't important. Oh! Since I'm giving you background on us I should probably tell you about our nicknames. You see when we were in middle school I was obsessed with the Arthurian Legends. It got to the point where I decided to nickname Alex Arthur, and Chase Lancelot. I also nicknamed Morgan, the girl I've hated since 2nd Grade, Morgana. Chase and Alex got a kick out of this and decided to give me the nickname Merlin, fitting considering Merlin and Morgana were mortal enemies. But anyway my obsession carried on until freshman year when I switched my obsession to the Odyssey. And while all other things related to my previous obsession faded away the nicknames stuck. When my mom found out about the nicknames she asked me why I didn't want to be nicknamed Guinevere, I laughed and told her that not only would I never be pretty enough to be Gwenn, but neither let alone both of the boys would ever even come close to falling in love with me. So since I mentioned that I hate Megan I should probably tell you why I hate her so much. See we were never friends, thank god, but we got along well until second grade; when for some reason she suddenly decided that she didn't like the fact that I was friends with Chase and Alex, and I to this day don't know why. So she made it her mission to split our group up. It didn't work and she was left with a bitter place in her heart just for me. Since then she has done everything she can to be better than me. First it was winning the talent show in 8th grade (I won the spelling bee). Then it was becoming head of the cheerleaders her sophomore year (I was department scholar both semesters). And most recently this year she's homecoming queen. And to make things more awkward she wants Chase to be her date to the dance. Now I don't know who Chase likes but I know for sure that it's not her. I mean he doesn't exactly spill his guts out to me every time he gets a new crush but he does tell me about every girl he thinks about asking out. When I heard about Megan wanting him to take her to the dance I asked him what he thought about it, all I can say is that I'm surprised he didn't have to go to the hospital from laughing too hard. In fact I don't even know if he is going to homecoming this year, Alex too. Freshman year they each got dates and dragged me along as the awkward 5th wheel. Sophomore year they got dates but when they asked if I was going with them I told them no. About an hour after the dance had started they showed up at my door each wearing their tuxes telling me that they had ditched there dates because it felt too weird to be at the dance without me. Then junior year we didn't go at all. Now this year I am trying desperately to get them to find dates and go without me, for the whole night. I mean just because I'll never get a date to one of the dances doesn't mean that they should give up going to them all together for me. So far I haven't had any luck convincing them but I'm sure that I will be able to wear them down over the next couple of weeks. Now hears the weird part of it all, when I told them that I would never get a date to the dance they each gave me this weird look and told me something along the lines of "you shouldn't put yourself down your more beautiful than you think," and coming from Alex I can understand because he is the biggest sweetheart I have ever met. But Chase he has the emotional capacity of a rock, a thick one. Oh well, I can't wait for it all too just be over so that we can get back to our normal hellish high school routines.

Avila out (I have always wanted to say or well write that! Haha).