Dear Journal Thingy,

I have given up on Batman Arkham City; I can not beat Mr. Freeze no matter what I do so I've moved onto a new game, Mass Effect 2. Now it's the only thing I can seem to think about. The game is addictive! Right now I'm stuck trying to kill a giant bug like creature. Normally I would have given up and gotten Chase to beat the enemy for me but this time I am determined to win. Really the only thing that's making me mad is the fact that my team mates aren't doing anything to help me. Well that and the fact that the enemy is only targeting me! However I have a plan, I'm going to hide behind a wall and use my sniper to attack the bug at first and then use the scattered crates and stuff across the field to get closer and finish it off. And now that I've gotten that off my chest I guess I'll tell you about my week. It was pretty much the same as every other week except that Morgan's out for revenge. So far she has had her friends trip me in the hall, spread nasty rumors about me, and even go as far as to steal my homework! Chase has been telling me to get back at them but I wouldn't even know where to start, as far as I'm concerned my best option is to just lay low and hope that Morgan lets up. I guess the only good thing that has come out of her one tack mind against me, the new student, Mathew, has been left alone. Usually when ever we get a new student Morgan will "evaluate" them to see if they are worthy of hanging around her. If they fail she will proceed to torment them in order to make sure they know where their place is. He is about as nerdy as they come, other than me of course. I've talked to him a few times but I'm trying not to associate myself with him incase Morgan decides to turn her fiery wrath on him too.

So I finally beat that bug thing. I was so happy when I finally did! Kaiden was a jackass to me but oh well. After that I had Thane Krios join my team… OMG best looking alien I have ever seen! His voice is heavenly! I also had a pure Krogan named Grunt, a Justicar named Samara, a Quarian named Tali'Zorah nar Rayya, and a Geth called Legion join my group. Now I'm just putting off the final battle with the Reapers. I've done all the personal missions and I learned something important. You need to decide who you like better between Jack and Miranda because you have to pick which one of them you want to be loyal to you. The thing is, I've been told that if one of the people who aren't loyal to you leads the second team during the final mission they will die… My plan is to start a new game after this one and do everything better now that I know what to do. I will tell you this though, I will never get used to fighting Husks! Those things are worse than zombies. I've given up trying to shoot them I just wait for them to get close enough for me to hit them. I still think the worst part is fighting that freaking bug thing, I mean first you have to destroy 2 mechs while fighting off husks then you have to fend off the damn bug thing. Not to mention the fat that Kaiden bitches you out over working with Cerberus.

Sorry about that I just really felt the need to rant about that. The good thing is that you aren't the only one who had to listen to that ( I really need to give you a name, wait ARE YOU A BOY OR A GIRL?!) Mathew has put up with my rant every day. The good thing is that he rants back about his video games. He would tell me about BioShock and Boarder Lands its kinda funny he was talking about the easy parts and what you had to do and all I could thing about was the fact that it sounded really hard, and apparently that was the easy stuff! He offered to let me come over to his house so that I could try playing some of the games… I told him that if I did go over to his house I would just be watching him play instead of making a complete fool of myself. He laughed and tried to convince me that I wouldn't be that bad at it so then I told him about the first time I tried to play Halo. I was at Chase's house and he had just showed me what each of the buttons and joysticks did. We started the game and I went to move forward, but instead of moving forward I ended up seeing all blue. I had used the wrong joystick and made my character look up instead of move forwards… Chase and I decided shortly after that that I should never try to play a first person shooter game ever again, or almost any other game for that matter. Mass Effect 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 are really the only two games that I'm even somewhat good at. Well its about time for me to go to bed :p so I guess I will wrap up with telling you that Chase and Alex were acting really weird yesterday. They both told me not to hang out with Mathew because I didn't need to give Megan more of a reason to hate/abuse me… Oh well at least they are looking out for me.

Anyways good night journal thingy (Who will soon have a name, I promise!)

-Avila Out