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"If the world didn't suck, we'd fall off"Unknown


My Best-friend's, Roommate's, Boyfriend's Brother

Slack-jawed she stared at the building before her. This was not, repeat not, happening.

With a white-knuckle grip on her old leather backpack, tears threatened to fall from her eyes. And yet she could not seem to get her feet to move, she was suck, frozen in time, as she watched her apartment building go up in flames.

Okay, so that was a slight exaggeration, it wasn't the whole building, only the top two floors, and considering it was a good ten stories tall, it really could have been worse. Especially since, technically most of the fire had already been put out- It was only smoking now. And the very nice firefighter had told her she could retrieve anything of great value in a week or two-as long as the fire didn't spread any farther, (there were advantages to not being able to afford a more expensive apartment and being stuck on the ground floor).

However, none of that was important, none of that mattered, because as she looked around the street on which she stood, and saw the people crying, screaming; calling their families, their friends. As she watched the firefighters put out the last of the fire that still lurked at the tip of the building, the small girl standing amidst the pandemonium had a sudden epiphany.

She, Harley Jackson, was homeless.


One Week Later

"I'm a leaf on the wind...watch how I soar."

"Chickens come home to roost."

Smash goes the big piece of shrapnel straight through the pilots chest.

"It's okay...I-I'm a leaf on the wind.""

"Harley you need to leave."

A calm voice sounded from Harleys' left interrupting-in her opinion- the saddest part of the movie. Eyes still glued to the TV in front of her she hissed, "Shhhhhh, Walsh, just died! Don't ruin it!" She then promptly shoved another spoonful of ice cream into her mouth.

With a snort, Mya reached over the forlorn figure of a best friend and yanked away the remote, pausing the movie. "I am serious Harley; we need to talk about this." With wide eyes the other girl just stared at her before mumbling, "buu emm ohmleth!"

Mya growled, and pulled the spoon out of Harleys' mouth; she stood in front of the pajama clad girl hands on hips and glared down, "I have no idea what you just said!"

With the spoon removed, Harley curled her lips into the prettiest pout she could manage, "But, My-yah! I'm homeless, where do you expect me to go?"

With a sigh Mya pushed her friend over, trying to make room on the twin sized bed they had been sharing for the past week.

"Harley, you know you can't live in my dorm forever. Classes start in three days. Its university policy, non-students can't stay here during the semester."

Eyes down cast Harley watched the ice-cream melt of the rim of her Ben & Jerry's container, immune to the sticky ribbon sliding through the cracks of her fingers, there was a long, pregnant silence before she finally spoke, "I know."

Another pause before she continued. "But where will I go? I can't afford another down payment on an apartment. Dan moved in with Amy last month, and I really don't want to ruin their Pre-marital bliss." She loved her brother, and his fiancée, but she really didn't want to share a very small one-bedroom apartment with them. "Derek is still on tour with his hockey team and won't be back for another 2 weeks." She let herself give a weary sigh; there were disadvantages to having a famous hockey player for a brother.

" I just don't know where to go."

Mya shook her head in sympathy, "What about your dad?"

"Dad's in Alaska, and when I tried calling him I just got his voice mail."

Mya cringed, "He probably just forgot to charge it."

Eyes downcast Harley nodded, "yeah, probably."

She bit her bottom lip, trying to repress her tears, she sounded so forlorn, she knew, but it was all true, neither her father nor her brothers were going to be able to save her from this situation, and without them, she really didn't know what to do.

Mya put a comforting hand on her friend's shoulder,"We'll think of something, I promise."

They were both silent for a while; two pairs of eyes now watched the stream of forgotten ice cream as it congealed onto shaky fingers.

"You're gonna get ice cream on my bed."

Eyes not moving Harley replied, "Yeah, can I have my spoon back?"

With a sigh, Mya handed over the spoon, and pressed the play button on the remote. She knew denial when she saw it, and looking into Harleys' eyes it was plain for anyone to see. If she wanted to pretend she was not in this mess, then that's what they would do, for now. So for the next half an hour both girls curled up on the small bed, doing their best to forget about the world around them. Pretending they were both 16-year-old girls again, with no bigger problem then what to wear to prom.

The movie ended, both girls complaining about senseless deaths for the simple purpose as to progress a movie's plot when the door to the small dorm crashed open. A pretty brunette stood in the doorway lithe figure elegantly posed with hands clasped together, as though in prayer, a look of excitement plastered across her delicate features.

"I've got it! I've got it!"

Harley tried to suppress a grimace, she really did not wish for her pity party to be crashed by such a happy soul. Mya smiled in welcome, completely indifferent to her friends brooding, she responded.

"Got what Kenzie?"

The girl fairly skipped into the room, perching herself on the edge of the bed, next to Harleys' feet. Harley suppressed the urge to kick her.

"I know where Harley can stay!"

Both girls perked up at this, one with eager anticipation, the other with morbid interest.

"What's your plan then?" Harley asked.

Kenzies' smiled grew. "Well, you know my boyfriend right, Brandon?" her eyes glazed over with a dreamy sort of look.

Harley wanted to gag in remembrance of the sickeningly sweet couple, but she repressed the feeling, and nodded in agreement, as Mya egged the other girl to continue.

"What 'bout him Kenz?"

The other girl snapped out of her thoughts, and her glowing smile was directed at the two girls again. "Well, see he's got an older brother, who just moved into a new apartment and is looking for a new flat mate!"

Both girls blinked, confused looks marring their faces.

"Don't you see?" Kenzie continued, "You can move in with him! He already has a down payment on the apartment! He is only looking for someone to help pay the monthly rent, maybe help with food every once and a while, you know that sort of thing. You can do that, even with the measly pay you get from that waitressing job you have. "

Harley bit her lip, trying to ignore the quip about her job, as much as the girl aggravated her, Mya seemed to be fond of her, and would probably be rather upset if Harley broke that pretty little plastic nose of hers.

"You know, that seems like a great idea!" Mya said her exuberance pliable, "doesn't it seem great Harley?"

With lips curled in a grimace Harley gave a sort nod. She really hated being a burden on anyone, and as much as she knew Mya loved her, she was very close to outstaying her welcome, and she knew she would not last much longer cooped up in the same building as Myas' dorm mates.

Unless someone else burst through the door offering her a place to stay, this looked like her only hope. With a forced smile she asked, "So where does he live?"


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