A touch – hesitant, not gentle

a room colored in swirls of indigo

the darkness deepens around a man's silhouette.

Featureless as shadow, your inky figure looms.

You do not speak, unwilling to shatter tenuous silence

(your breath, your heartbeat – these pulse with

mine, I drink them in but cannot hear them)

A sharp contrast to the muted colors, the heavy air is

saturated with the heat of your exhale, the

hint of sweet leather clinging to your skin,

intoxicating spice of your scent.

You are not patient.

I yield under you.

I am not precious, not fragile, I am


alive, caught up in you. I am

not a prize, I am not won, I am

defeated (but how sweet your victory), I am

whole, again and again and again –

you draw me to you, a perfect fit, my small frame

hidden, protected, desecrated beneath you

Senses shift. I do not see, I do not hear.

you strike, again and again and again

vibrations course through me,

you do not play me like a guitar

you have made me your organ,

music not coaxed, but demanded. Chords

pour from me

louder and louder

We shatter on the same note.