Prefect Star


"Moshiro-san!" yelled a voice that sent most of the students on the hallways of Sakurai Academy shivering. The student that was called Moshiro trembled as someone overshadowed his back. "Errr…" the student stuttered.

"Take off your earring at once!" said a seventeen year old girl with a glare from her green eyes. She was an inch shorter than the guy but she had an unpleasant and bossy aura that made him tinier than her. This particular girl had mid-back length blonde hair that was carefully tied into a long knot. She was wearing the blue-colored sailor type girl's uniform of a collared blouse and a skirt. However, her blouse's collar was different from the standard ones, as it was colored red instead of blue.

The surroundings students were well aware what the different colored collar meant. They mumbled to themselves as they watched the tiger-glaring girl order the poor Moshiro-san to take off his the earring that he wore on his right ear.

"Uh-oh, Miss Perfect Prefect did it again," whispered a boy to another one beside him.

"Yeah, and it was only an earring, right?" answered the other boy. "She's much too strict."

"Shhh, you two!" said a female student near the two boys. "Do you want her to hear you?"

As if in cue, the blonde-haired girl glared at the group. The three students sweat dropped and quickly dispersed.

Clutching the confiscated earring in her hand, the girl observed her surroundings with piercing eyes. The students who were passing suddenly found themselves uncomfortable and decided not to take the hallway after all.

The girl smiled at herself. All was fine, she thought.

My name is Haruna Shizuka. I'm a second year high school student and part of the Student Council Student Protection and Punishment Program or widely known as the S3P of Sakurai Academy. We make sure students obey the perfectly sensible rules and regulations of the school. In short, I'm a prefect.

But I also have one secret. And you want to know what it is? THEN KEEP READING, IDIOT!

Author's Note: Errr, disregard the protagonist's last comment, folks. Hiyah! This is mjinx and this is a new, original manga-styled story of mine, "Prefect Star"! This is my first try at a non-fantasy and school life manga and I hope I do well. I'm quite busy with my major project "Wand" right now, but I will be updating this one once in a while. Well, I'll be posting Chapter 1 after a while, so keep reading.