Prefect Star

Stage 1

The Prefect's Secret

"Ahem, ahem, ahem," coughed a tall long-haired girl who was standing at the podium. She was on the stage, watched by hundreds of students and the teachers. "Before I start my speech as the President of the Student Council, I would like to bid you a warm welcome for another school year here in our beloved Sakurai Academy."

Applause was heard from the assembled crowd and the girl smiled. "It is a pleasure to serve the student body for my final year. I, Akinawa Yuuko, promise to give it my all to ensure the holistic development of my schoolmates – be it in academic, sports or in the artistic field. But all of this would not be possible without the support…"

As the Student Council President's speech continued, everyone listened intently. Well, not everyone, as two boys seated on the middle began to indulge in a whispered conversation.

"Hey, hey, don't you think Akinawa-senpai is hot?"

"Yes, yes – look at those curves."

"Oh yeah. And then look at her skin, so smooth, right?"

"Ahem." A female voice intruded on their conversation.

The two boys appeared not to notice. "And those eyes of her…"

"Yeah, it looked like stars in the night sky."

"That's what I thought so too."

"Ahem…" said the voice again persistently, the tone more stern.

One of the boys lost his patience. "Oh, why don't you mind your own busi…" After taking a look at who the owner of the voice was, he froze on the spot."

The other friend, who had his back on whoever it was, frowned. "Hey, Kenji. What's wrong?" He turned his head and was transfixed on the spot.

Standing before them with a menacing dark aura was a blonde-haired girl with cold, glaring green eyes under her eyeglasses. She looked like a panther who was about to pounce on an unlucky prey. And the two boys were her preys of the morning.

"Oh, I should mind my own business, yes? Then you don't mind spending the rest of the afternoon in restroom duty, wouldn't you?"

The boys fainted on their seats, the people around them shivering in terror. They feared the worst was yet to come, but thankfully, the emcee came to their rescue. "And now, let's give the stage to the Head of the Student Protection and Punishment Program of the Student Council, our Prefect Head, Haruna Shizuka-san of Class 2-A. Let's give her a warm applause."

Everybody clapped as hard as they could and most of it was due to fear, not respect nor popularity. Haruna Shizuka calmly walked towards the stage and when she reached the podium, everybody – even the teachers – sat in complete silence.

Shizuka gazed at the audience with her usual stare that gives goose bumps to anyone it was centred on. "Good morning," she began. "As what the Student Council President had said, provided you were listening to her…" She glared at the two boys she caught earlier who were still lying in a dead faint on their seats. "Your full support is needed for the success of this academic year. And what she meant by support is following the rules and regulations promulgated by our school and student body strictly." She stressed the last word with finality.

Shizuka continued. "Now, for those who try to break any single rule and those who have broken them already, I assure you that you will experience the wrath of the Student Council, ergo you will be punished accordingly. Punishments include cleaning duties, helping the teachers, detention, suspension, expulsion and of course, public beheading."

The audience gasped. "Of course, I was just joking on the last one," added Shizuka, but with no trace on her face that she was indeed joking.

Everyone laughed nervously and it was not a very good sound. "And so, with this," continued Shizuka. "I end my speech. I hope each and every one of us has a punishment-free year. But of course, if you'd like to indulge yourself in some of it, then by all means by our guest. Thank you."

Shizuka promptly left the podium and the emcee shakily replaced her. "Err… thank you, Haruna-san. Let us errr… clap for her, everybody."

There was another onslaught of applause for Shizuka, harder than the last one. The girl did not care one bit as she sat on her seat on the stage, among the Student Council members. Sitting beside her was a good-looking guy with short brown hair and black eyes. He grinned at her.

"Nice job scaring the students, Shizuka-chan," teased the boy.

"Why, thank you, Jiro-kun," said Shizuka in an icy tone.

"That wasn't supposed to be a compliment," said Ryuki Jiro, scratching his head.

"Yes, I know," said Shizuka. She looked closely at the boy. "Your collar has dirt on it."

"Oh, really?" asked Jiro, looking at the collar of his polo.

Shizuka sighed. "You should be mindful of your appearance, Jiro-san. You're a Student Council member now, the Vice-President too."

Jiro brushed the dirt off his collar. "I know, Shizuka. And speaking of appearances, you should know, huh?"

Shizuka raised an eyebrow. "Your point is?"

"Oh, nothing," said Jiro, sitting leisurely. "I'm not your childhood friend if I don't know everything about you."

Shizuka resisted the urge to kick the boy. Mindful that they were both visible in front of all the students and the teachers, she decided to keep her temper in check. It wouldn't be good for both of them to make a scene on the first day of class. She can get her revenge after the opening ceremony is done.

"Ow! What was that for?" demanded Jiro as he and Shizuka left the auditorium. The girl kicked him hard on the shins once they got outside.

"Why don't you reflect upon it yourself?"

"Argh, Shizuka, you're such a pain," complained the boy.

"She's very famous for that," said a short girl standing on the hallways, reading a book. She had long, silky violet hair and pretty but empty-looking blue eyes. She was very beautiful and male students gazed at her direction once in a while.

"Inori-chan," said Jiro. "You were waiting for us?"

"Unfortunately, yes," said Domoto Inori, her eyes still on her book which was leather-bound and old-looking. "But not for you, but for Shizuka-san."

Jiro rolled his eyes. "Ah, of course. You two really are inseparable."

Inori flashed him a cold look. "Don't worry, Jiro-kun. I'm not stealing Shizuka-san from you."

"Stealing?" asked Shizuka, not exactly listening to the two as she scanned the crowd. "Who's stealing what?"

"Ah, err, nothing!" said Jiro quickly with a faint blush. "So, errr, Inori-chan, is that another horror novel?" he asked, changing the topic.

Inori nodded. "It's quite a find. I hope all the main characters die on the end."

"Err, you're not very fond of happy endings, are you?"

Shizuka suddenly stopped. Jiro and Inori abruptly did the same. Jiro was about to ask Shizuka what was wrong, but Inori spoke first. "Ding-dong. Target found."

"Target found?" asked Jiro, looking at who the two girls were watching. "Ah…"

On the middle of the rushing students was a strikingly good-looking male student. He had spiky red hair and ice-blue eyes, his arms on a female student who looked like she was in heaven. This particular student had multiple earrings on his right ear, his polo was unbuttoned to show his black undershirt and he had a silver chain on his hip instead of a belt.

Shizuka's eyebrows met in a V-form. Jiro sighed while Inori returned to her reading. It did not take a few minutes for Shizuka to appear cross-armed in front of the guy.

"Ryuuga Hibiki!" yelled Shizuka. She gave him her best piercing stare.

The girl in the guy's arm shivered, but Ryuuga Hibiki looked bored. "Is there something you need, Haruna-san?"

Shizuka eyed him from head to foot. "Earrings are not allowed for boys, your polo has to be buttoned, only white undershirts are allowed, no flashy accessories…" Her eyes met her foot. "And black leather shoes are prescribed!"

Shizuka's yelling caught the attention of most students, who begun to circle around them: boys whispering to each other and girls blushing and gossiping about Hibiki.

All of this did not affect Shizuka one bit. "You've broken five rules already!" she said. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Hmmm…" hummed Hibiki, looking as if thinking. "How about I start by saying you look beautiful today?"

The girls in the crowd blushed and cooed, but Shizuka was unaffected. If there was any change in her, it was that her gaze became ice-cold and her posture trembled in fury.

"RYUUGA HIBIKI!" she yelled suddenly, pointing at the guy. "I hereby sentence you to a one-week detention! Your punishment shall be to help in the pruning of the school gardens!" The surrounding students gasped, while Hibiki looked amused.

"Gatou-san!" called Shizuka suddenly.

"Yes, your Prefectness?" said a thick-glassed boy with a black-haired bowl cut, who suddenly appeared in Shizuka's side, surprising everybody, except Inori, who was still engrossed in her reading.

"Proceed with the Detention Contract, pronto!" commanded Shizuka.

"Of course, your Prefectness," replied Takuna Gatou, who is the Vice-President of the S3P and Shizuka's own slave errr… I mean, assistant. Gatou wrote down things on the clipboard he was always carrying and stamped it with a red circular logo with the word APPROVED in it.

Shizuka took the stamped paper from Gatou and presented it to Hibiki, who yawned amidst the terror from the girl he had his arm on and the rest of the trembling students. Shizuka narrowed her eyes while Hibiki took the document.

"Break another rule and I will extend your punishment," warned Shizuka. She turned her back on him, glared at the crowding students - who suddenly remembered they were on morning cleaning duty and dispersed - and walked off towards Jiro and Inori.

"Another scene by the Star Prefect of Sakurai Academy," said Jiro with a grin.

"All in a day's work, Jiro-san," she told him.

"I was being sarcastic," commented Jiro.

"Well, Inori, shall we head to our room?" asked Shizuka, completely ignoring Jiro.

"Hmmm?" said Inori, finally shifting her eyes out of the book she's reading. "Is it over already?"

Jiro had a big sweat drop. "How can you read so calmly with all that commotion?" he asked. "And what happened to Gatou-san?" he added, looking for the glassed guy with the bowl cut.

"Oh, he's gone," replied Shizuka with a dismissive wave of her hand. "He only comes when I call him. And we better hurry up, or we'll be late. And I'm not laying off any punishments for us if that happens."

Shizuka quickly walked off and Inori followed suit, her eyes back on her book. Jiro shook his head before following her. "Another day with Haruna Shizuka," he mumbled.

Hours quickly passed by and Sakurai Academy's first day of class came to a close. The hallways were packed with students, some carrying their bags and preparing to go home while others ran off in different uniforms, heading to different clubs. But no matter how eager students were to get home or excited to begin their clubs, they never, ever pass by Shizuka and her entourage.

Shizuka, followed by Inori and Gatou, who were her only members in the S3P, were headed towards the Student Council room. Most students memorized her path to the room, but there are some unfortunate ones who were stumped by their stupidity or just had enormous bad luck. On her five minute journey towards the room, Shizuka confessed thirty different items, handed over fifty punishments and destroyed at least a hundred people's happy first day of class.

The last item Shizuka confiscated was an idol magazine named Sparkle!, which two female students were reading and giggling loudly about. Of course, the school rulebook perfectly allows bringing of properly decent reading materials, but not overly excessive amounts of girly yelling, trashing about and fangirl-screaming.

And so, two girls were scolded, their happiness confiscated and sent to help a teacher check the Chemistry Laboratory tools for inventory for their troubles. The pink magazine, which featured a young but famous pop star named Miyahira Rika and her new single named Love Stop!.

Jiro met her and her entourage on the door to the Student Council Room. "Oy, Shizuka," he said, but before he noticed the magazine. "Isn't that the latest edition of Sparkle!? With the interview of Rika-chan? What're you doing with that?"

Shizuka blushed, something she never, ever does. "It's not mine! I confiscated it from a bunch of rambunctious girls."

"Oh…" said Jiro. "You won't mind if I take a peek on it, would you?"

Shizuka rolled the magazine and slapped him on the shoulder with it.

"Ahhhhh, Hibiki-kun, you can't come?" moaned a girl with long, pink hair, as she watched Hibiki happily carrying a grass cutter on one hand.

"Sorry, Chika-chan," he said with a smile. "But it looks like Haruna-san had me really tied-up with my afternoons this week."

"Oh, that damn witch," cried another girl with braided green hair, who was standing with Chika. "She never stops with her punishments. Grrr, I hate her!"

"She and the S3P are the plague of this school!" groaned another girl, who had short purple hair. "I wish they would all disappear!"

Hibiki watched their groaning and complaining with boredom. "Well, girls," he said to them with a wink. "I'll see you around."

All three girls turned red with his wink. "Bye, Hibiki-kun!" they chorused, which was followed by an onslaught of giggles.

When the girls were gone, Hibiki headed towards the back gardens of the school, which was rarely used by the students. The bushes there had gone wild and people believe some animals had started living there. Hibiki shrugged off all the rumors and got to work.

Hibiki had already trimmed all of the plants when she heard a voice.

LOVE STOP! It's alright…

Hmmm? Where did that come from?

I know it in my heart,

That we'll soon be apart!

Whoever it was, she really had a good voice. Hibiki headed towards it…

LOVE STOP! It's alright!

Just bid me farewell,

And I'll wish you well!

The voice was nearby now, just a bush away…


Hibiki pushed the bush away to see a familiar girl near the fountain. By instinct, he got his cellphone and started recording the show.

LOVE STOP! It's alright!

I know it in my heart,

That we'll soon be apart!

The girl got the notes perfectly. She even mimicked every single step of the song, waving her hands and pointing her fingers on the right time.

LOVE STOP! It's alright!

Just bid me farewell

And I'll wish you well!

The girl mesmerized Hibiki. It was like he was watching a live concert that was dedicated only for him…


For every STOP she yelled, the girl raised her palm in different directions while her voice rose to the highest pitch.

It's alright…..!

It was in that moment that Hibiki's cellphone suddenly rang.

Haruna Shizuka faced him, an expression of shock and disbelief all over her face.

To be continued

Author's Note: Well, Chapter 1 is done! I'm so productive today. But of course, I wanted to have this story going for at least two chapters.

So… we have Shizuka, Hibiki, Inori and Jiro - the four main characters of this series that were introduced so far. I personally love Inori and her obsession on horror novels. We'll see more of her antics and of Shizuka's personality on the next chapter.

And oh, LOVE STOP! The first song for this series. Me and my friends composed it years ago. xD

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