Her violet hair sprawled and tangled behind her back as she crawled inch by inch, determined to exit the cave. The realization that she was going to die hit her a few moments ago, with the following feeling of disappointment. She didn't feel she was finished living, and the thought that she probably wouldn't be much longer disappointed her. The thought that she would leave him behind disappointed her. Her husband would take her loss harshly, very harshly. More so than most husbands would if they lost their wives, because she was the only thing in the world he had. There had been a time when he had someone else, when they had shared a person together, but that person was long gone. That person had been lone gone for awhile now, though it shocked the both of them to the core for he'd been much younger than them both and they had never suspected him to meet an end. Especially not the type end that he had met. So she fretted for her husband as she dragged herself across the hard obsidian floor, her lifeblood gushing out of the wound she knew would be her last. But she was also disappointed for another reason.

Failure. She had failed, allowed herself to fail by making a stupid mistake and now she would pay the ultimate price. "B-But I won't pay it in here…" She said out loud to no one but herself as she gritted her teeth and dragged herself further to the cave's exist. She could see the moonlight now, streaming into the opening of her obsidian prison and guiding her way. She could make it. She would make it. She refused to die in this disgusting place. So she continued to drag herself, blood flowing faster and pain invading every inch of her being. "I won't die in here." She repeated the words with a strong voice one would not expect to her from a dying woman and she had almost made it to the exit, when the light was blocked by another female figure. The figure called the dying woman's name and stepped into the cave, looking around blindly as her eyes adjusted to the dark. "I'm here," she told the other woman in the same strong voice. "Look down."

With a horrified gasp the other female did look down and rushed over to her mortally wounded friend, her short blonde hair turned silver by the light of the moon. "Oh my god! Hold on, I'll go get-" She was cut off as the violet haired woman on the cold cave floor began to laugh. "Don't bother, I'm dying. And don't freak out and leave, what did this is dying too. It won't come out here." The other woman gaped, swallowed and then slowly nodded. "Alright, I'll stay." The wounded woman grinned, blood rolling down the corners of her mouth and turned black in the dark of the night. She lifted a bloody hand, nails worn and raw from dragging herself as far as she had, and rolled on her back even as the searing pain of this action flooded her. The uninjured woman took the lifted hand and clasped it tightly, not minding in the least that this stained her skin with crimson. Her eyes were filling with tears that she had yet to let stream.

"Of all people who could see me like this, I'm happy its you. Of all people that could be here now, I'm happy it's you." The grin of the dying woman widened as she spoke, still in that impressively strong voice. "I…I don't know…" The blonde stared at her, trailing off and unable to find words. "Heh, what you think I'd rather have him here, hm?" Said the one who wiggled the bloodied finger with the bloodied wedding ring. "Well I wouldn't. He'd sob too much, be too heartbroken. I don't like seeing him that way. And…You are my best friend."

The blonde woman squeezed the hand tighter, grinning back at the one whose blood just wouldn't stop gushing. "And you're my best friend. You always were, you always will be." A laugh followed by a sigh emitted from the bleeding female "That doesn't have to be true. After this, you can forget about me." The other woman shook her head quickly. "What!? Shut up, don't even say things like that. You're not the kind of person who could be forgotten ever. Especially not by me." Another laugh from her, this time followed by eyes sliding closed. "I'm unforgettable then? Thanks. I guess you're right. There is one thing about me that's forgettable though, and that's this ugly death. Don't make mistakes, okay? Promise me you won't end up like this."

Another sigh in the cave, this one surrendered by the uninjured woman. "I can't make the promise, but I'll make a hell of an effort." A chuckle, weaker this time, was breathed by the woman who could no longer feel the pain of her extensive injuries. "Atta girl." The blonde woman allowed her tears to flow freely now, but she made no sound and smiled still. The woman whose eyes had previously closed opened them again and squeezed the hand that so tightly clasped her own. "Make sure my man doesn't do anything crazy. He's capable, he has nothing…But don't let him." Nodding in response, the crying female returned the squeeze, already holding the hand of her best friend so tight she didn't think she could hold it any tighter. "I promise you that much. I won't let him do anything crazy." Tears continued following down the blonde's face and now they collected at her chin, dripping off and splashing the face of the woman who was more dead than she was alive.

"Hey, don't do that now. Don't cry, now I'm getting choked up." The dying woman's eyes closed again and as they did a single tear of her own was shed, slipping silently down the side of her face. "But thank you. For it all." As her last breath was exhaled, regret pained her heart. Only then did she realize that she had never made it out of the cave.