Bastet settles herself more comfortably into my bones
as Persephone descends into Hades' arms.

Water blisters over my flesh.
Saliva and heat slide over my lips.
My eyelashes are sprouting colors.

My new skin is eager.

A panther lies outside of my bathtub, licking herself clean.
Curious liquid fingers pour out of the showerhead, invading me
with vigorous stabs of sensation; they beat playfully against
my eardrums.

My breath hitches as the fingers breach my nostrils.
I quiver, and message my sensitive scalp.

I am all sense.

I am here, now. This moment blinks into an eternity.

I calmly bathe myself in the frantic scent of almonds.
Soap in my eye causes me to relish every moment of
crystalline pain. I laugh at this masochistic sting.
I rinse slowly, grasping every strand of relief and licking
it clean before sending it on its way. Time loses its meaning.

My bathroom is awash with thin wisps of music created
from bare existence mingled with my sighs and gasps
of awe and pleasure. I am erect, but unhurried.

Waves of endorphins drown out the water flowing over my skull.
My wings are gaining iridescence; my eyes see more clearly
through darkness.

Magic is pouring back into me rapidly. I feel, and I feel, and I feel.


AN: I am growing jasmine and snapdragons. I crack bitter morsels
of cacao between my teeth and sip wine of a deep red. I spike
my juices with lightning bolts.

Other realities beckon to me, but I'm not sure if I remember
how to traverse dimensions.