Otaku Christmas List


- the rest of Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei the Power of Negative Thinking

-that I'll get to go to the school Japan trip! (GOING TO DISNEY LAND AND MOUNT FUJI!)

-the rest of Kuroshitsuji manga to be translated ad updated!

-must have chibitalia cosplay~

-new phone….? (better pics more vids waaaannnnt~)

-Ciel plushie~

-Sebastian body pillow

-Lovers Doll in English

-…drawing skills

I like listing out all my otaku wants and needs so then I thought to myself, part two?

Yes once again I has did it! So…anyone like Death Note? I'm cosplaying as Misa! So excited the con in in November and the Anime/MTG club is having a cosplay contest in October! So happy!