My first ever story be kind haha. If you find any grammatical errors or anything let a sister know ;)

Anyways this is all just for fun and I dreamt this the other week so I thought I'd write it down.

Any tips or anything yeah let me know thanks and I hope you enjoy it.

Prologue (or a little background):

I have a mother who I adore most the time, but she's my mum I can't not love her. I had a father who I absolutely loved he was everything to me, then he was killed. I was never told by who or how my dad died but that all changed this year. He died seven years ago when I was ten, I'm seventeen now. My mums got a new boyfriend she's happy with and I suppose his alright, but he has a daughter (my step sister) and we… to put it simply, hate each other. I have a group of friends I absolutely love, they are like my family. Oh and we go to a boarding school Castle Maine. Ironic seeming it pretty much looks like a castle. It was a school for normal kids. Well that's what I've thought for my whole high school existence. Anyway I thought it was a normal school. I was wrong. My names Kristan and this is my life.

Any ideas of how and what should happen let me know and I'll be sure to put it into consideration and add it to the story line. So yeah let me know what you think so far and I'll keep writing.