~ I have no idea why I wrote this... Okay, maybe I do. I was bored. I had nothing to do. I just watched a video by The Script feat. Will. (sp?) with a ballerina and someone fighting...

~ This was kinda, sorta, maybe not very thought through hard, like my other works, so... yeah...

~ Reviews are welcomed!

~ Enjoy! ^ ^ (I guess...)

The Dancer and the Fighter

She put on his shoes
Fitting it snuggly around her
He put on his gloves
Sent a prayer to heaven

They were both fighting today
Fighting their very own battles
And who said that life was truly fair?
They were just kids in a cruel circle

Spinning around and around
Trying to find a place to fit in
But the momentum was messed up
And then she fell on the floor sobbing,

"Oh, God, please help me, please help me
I'm dying right here.
"I thought I was your child
You said you'd protect me."

She could well hear them now
Hear their loud, boisterous laughter
They were mocking her down
Said she was a failure of a daughter

But, child, who said that life was truly fair?
It could punch you right in the face
Take your everything then and there

Can you feel the bruises,
The cuts, the sore-all the pain?
As you fall on the floor
Barely aware of everything

But, child, who said that
Life was truly fair?
It could dance you around
Then punch you as you cry for help

And so then she put on her mask
Fit it snuggly around her
He still lived in his past
But sent a prayer for haven

See, they were both just lost souls
With no chance at redemption
Just two normal people around-
Just a dancer and a fighter