Chapter five: Of Auditions and Oaths.

The auditions were here.


I was seriously gonna die if that day took longer to come. I had practiced projecting words all night by speaking like a robot—that ended up making a lot of people annoyed, I might add. Even Angela was annoyed. Even though it couldn't be that bad.

…Could it?

Anyway, I digress. Here's how I flunked my audition for "Romeo and Juliet."

Vovovovovovovovovovovovovovo vovovovovovovovovovovovovovo vovovovovovovovovovovovovovo vo

Sipping lemon juice, I stretched out my vocal chords; deep breath, making noises, say "toy boat" 5 times fast…

"You know, this isn't a singing competition."

I turned around to see Scotty staring down at me. I was frustrated about how tall he was. I felt like a dwarf. "Thanks for the heart attack," I teased.

He tried to put that one strand of blonde hair out of his face; it fell back in his face. "Sorry, but I couldn't help hearing you. How's your head doing?"

"Better," I answered. Why did he have to be so handsome?

"Well," Scotty stretched the word, "I'd better be going. See you at the cabin?"

"Yeah, see you at the cabin," I said, almost in a trance. Then, I realized he wanted to see me at the cabin.

He wanted to see me at the cabin…

Snap out of it.

I shook out of my daydream. How stupid are you, Praise? Remember your oath?

Oh, yes, I remembered my oath. My oath, right then, came back to bite me in the butt. My oath was that, after Micah's death, I would never love again. I had been doing a good job of keeping that oath…until now.

No, no. It can't be. I'm not in love. That's crazy. I'm not easy to win over. But that Scottish accent…and how he always tried to put that one strand of hair behind his ear and always fails…

Okay, maybe just a little bit.

That's unacceptable, Praise. It's not like you to break your oath.


Was it insane that I was apologizing to myself? Oh well.

I was taken back into the now when the director called my name. "Autumn Praise, you're up."

I took a deep breath and walked up to the podium.

The lady smiled. "Hello, Autumn," the lady, a older women with black hair mixed with gray hair, said. "You have your script?"

I held up the blue and white script with the nylon cover. "Right here."

The lady smiled again. "Good. Now turn to page 15 and read Juliet's lines starting from the top."

I looked down at the script in my hand and gulped. I was supposed to read all of her lines? I would rather sing "Man in the Mirror" in a chicken suit in front of the president. I technically didn't even want the part of Juliet!

I gathered my bearings and started. "Oh thou Romeo." I praised myself for making it through the first sentence. "Where art thou?"

The lady motioned for me to go on. The short page seemed so long. I cleared my throat. "I miss thou. When wilt thou cometh? My heart longeth for thee." My voice started to crack.

I took a deep breath. "I will not sleep without thee. I will not partake without thee. I will not live without thee. I need thee everyday!"

The lady was stone faced. "Thank you. You may leave now."

I looked down and realized I had read all the lines…wait…it was only one line! And I had been so worried!

As I walked back towards the exit so I could head back to my cabin, I ran into Demi Webster. "Way to flunk it, Autie," she teased.

"Don't call me that," I growled.

All she did was prance away and I walked back to my cabin.

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