Chapter 1 - Challenge

Could two person adapt each others' lifestyle that is completely different from each other. Their hobbies, their life style, their interests… It's a story of a boy and a girl who are completely different from each other and yet they bet one could surpass other's field.

Hitoshi, a black belt, recently won a tournament and was waiting to be called his name.

"Kujo, Hitoshi!" the voice called. "Yes, sir" replied Hitoshi walking toward the voice.

"37 out of 100, shouldn't you work hard?" shouted the teacher. "Or you would fail in your life! Understood!? "

"Sir, math isn't that important. After all I'm going to be a sportsperson then why there is need for math. I'm smart enough to count my scores, ha!" said Hitoshi outshining himself. "One day I'll be the country's no. 1 Karate fighter and you'll see it."

"Yea, yea. Babbling like always, go to your seat!" shouted the teacher.

Hitoshi was just returning to his seat folding the test paper then he suddenly heard a small laughter from the 2nd bench. Saying her to giggle like that Hitoshi shouted at once, "Hey! What's so funny!?"

"Kujo! Go to your seat!" the voice of the teacher was even louder than his. And the boy had to left for his sit.

"Sato, Hitomi!" the voice called her, and she stood up and walked for her result.

"As expected from this girl, 100 out of 100" Announced the teacher and everyone gave a huge clap. Taking her brilliant result and thanking the class, she went back to her seat.

For Hitoshi, he wasn't interested at all. He is not interested to top the class or to talk with a large headed girl.

"This girl, is the one of the stupid people ever I've met." Thought Hitoshi "Her name Hitomi, is so much similar to that of mine Hitoshi but we're not even 1% similar at all. I don't know what she gets for studying. I don't know what she wants to do in her life. Now look her eyes that wear these huge glasses. She creates a pain in my head. Hah! Who cares?"

The next day, in school, the classes were going. Everyone were noting down what the teacher was writing on the board while Hitoshi was playing with his pen looking out at the window. Suddenly, the pen falls from his hand toward the bench above him. It was Hitomi there. She paused from writing and picks up the pen.

"Hey…!" called Hitoshi in a low voice waving his right hand. "It's mine"

Hitomi looks behind and smiles. "Are not you writing Kujo-kun?" she asked smiling.

"That have nothing to do with your business. Return my pen to me! You understood!?" said Hitoshi in a mid voice.

"If you are not using it. Then there's no worth of returning" said Hitomi in a sweet tone. "Forget it!"

"How said I was not using it!? I was spinning it around my fingers for time pass" replied Hitoshi.

Hearing this, Hitomi bursts into laughter. She moves forward and continues writing with his pen.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! How dare you to use my pen" yelled Hitoshi in a low voice. "Give it back I said or…"

"…Or what could you do?" Hitomi interrupts, "If you won't use it then I would…"

"Sato, Hitomi! Kujo, Hitoshi! Move out of the class!" spoke the teacher while writing on the board.

"But Sir…" Hitoshi tries to complain.

"You are not supposed to talk during classes. Hitomi, you too" says the teacher before he could. "NOW MOVE OUT OF MY CLASS, BOTH OF YOU."

Hitoshi move out of the class slamming the door followed by Hitomi. "Sorry sir" she apologizes the teacher before closing the door. Both get punished out of the class. Hitoshi glares at Hitomi and then tries to yell at her but before he could she apologizes to him.

"Sorry, Kujo-kun, It's all my fault. I should've returned your pen at once" she apologized him.

"Then why didn't you!" shouted Hitoshi.

"Sorry… Please forgive me" she requests for the apology back.

Hitoshi moves his head to other side rejecting the apology.

"I could do anything for you to forgive me" then she claimed.

After a small pause. Hitoshi looks back at her and then points toward a poster in the display board. It was about the Karate Tournament to be held by school after 3 months.

"Win this!" Hitoshi demanded.

"But-but ho-how could I?" Hitomi tries to ask for another order. "You could ask me for something like…"

"No! You said you would do anything for me to accept your apology" interrupted Hitoshi, "Then win this tournament."

Having no other choice but to accept the challenge, Hitomi replies confidently, "Alright! I'll do it. Three months are too much for training."