Chapter 2 – Training and Book

And so, Hitomi accepted the challenge to win the Karate Tournament. She was going to the same institute where Hitoshi goes. It was a huge shock for him when he first saw her there, but he knows why she's there. He agreed to learn Karate in the same classes.

For Hitomi, she was so nervous for her first day. A combat sports? It doesn't suit me. I'd rather like something like tennis, badminton or… chess? – She complained. But it doesn't affect Hitoshi's determination. He was stuck to his words.

Hitomi was a beginner and so was in the other room. Hitoshi was in a different training level. Though he could see what's happening in the next room only because of the glass walls. Hitoshi was still refusing to believe she was there.

The Master came at front. Everyone bowed above him. After a small lecture, he commanded to start training in a loud voice. And everyone started punching and kicking in air making brutal noises while the beginners were starting with small exercises like push-ups and crunches. Hitoshi was looking at other side, at Hitomi. Seeing her training so hard, he was feeling guilty for asking her to do something like that. He shouldn't have been asked her to win the tournament. Seeing Hitoshi distracted like this, the Master yelled at him and punished him to do 200 push-ups at the corner.

However on the other side Hitomi was getting excited and enjoying herself. She wanted to learn as fast as she could so that she could win the tournament which is going to be held in 3 months.

After the classes over, both were walking toward their homes with the same way. But they were not looking at each other. They were facing forward, downward or opposite directions.

"Ummm…" Hitoshi broke the silence saying in a low voice, "You don't have to do that. I forgive you."

"Hmm?" Hitomi didn't hear him.

"I said I forgive you!" Hitoshi spoke loudly, "You don't have to push yourself that hard. I was quite angry that day. I'm sorry for that. "

"It's okay," Hitomi replied smiling

"So, you're going to stop it. Isn't it" Hitoshi asks back.


"No?" it astonished him. He stopped there "What the hell d'you mean by no?"

"I won't be quitting the classes." She replied moving forward.

"But why?" Hitoshi asked making the pace with her back, "I said I forgive and you said its okay isn't it?"

"I said it's for what you were apologizing for." She stopped and said looking at him, "I won't leave the classes till I win the tournament. I've already made up my mind."

"You don't have to…"

"No! I'll win for sure and be the champion. You just see."

By saying this she took the left turn. Hitoshi felt useless to ask again. He went home quietly too.

During night time he was lying sleepless on the bed. Thinking about Hitomi, he closed his eye. "Karate Champion," He thought grinned, "Se couldn't!" Then he turned off the light and tried to sleep.

"I won't leave the classes till I win the tournament. I've already made up my mind."

"I'll win for sure and be the champion. You just see."

He couldn't stop thinking about what she said to him. He turned on the light back. Sat on his study table and putted out a rough copy and a pencil then a text book from his bag. Mathematics at the mid-night!