Chapter 6 – Assist

"Wooooshh…." There was nothing but a dead silence. Hitomi and Hitoshi, both were staring at each other.

Hitomi was rather surprised.

"Would you like to be friends with me?" – Is this really what she heard? And from Hitoshi!? She refused to believe her ears. She takes her hand back and bursts into laughter.

"Hey! That's so rude!" Hitoshi felt embarrassed for his words by her laughing.

"So-So-Sorry, It-Itt was just unexpected to hear something from you, Kujo-kun." Hitomi giggles. "Is that a confession or what?"

"Whattt! I was just… Okay I'm going!" He felt so embarrassed and turned back. "Damn, what the hell did I just did, does she really think it was a confession."He thought.

Hitoshi starts walking the opposite way leaving behind Hitomi who was still staring at him. Now, she rather felt guilty for laughing at him. As Hitoshi was a few distances away from her, she shouted – "We are already friends! Aren't we?"

In spite of hearing her, Hitoshi doesn't reply but pauses for a moment and then walks fast till he started running. He ultimately disappears from her sight. She also went inside her home.

Next Day, in their Karate Institution, there was an announcement made that some of the students are now promoted to the higher dan-grade. Hitomi was one of them too. She was now about to be competitor of Hitoshi. Now both of them had to train in the same room but under different masters.

Hitoshi was staring at her when she was giving attention to her master's words. And he quickly sneaks his eyes back whenever Hitomi's head moved thinking she looks at him. But for a moment both glanced at each other and they forget everything except gazing at each other.

Suddenly, Hitomi's master commanded, both of them diverted their sights from each other.

"Alright! Today, I'd like to in charge our seniors to supervise your training."

Then he called,

"Ogawa! Kujo! Hideki! Suzuki!"

They came forward.

"I'm counting on you for it. A good Karateka is also good at teaching Karate."

They all four moved forward to their troops which were organized by the Master. While Hitoshi doesn't seemed to want to train the troop in which Hitomi was but in actual, he really wanted to. Whereas, Hitomi was just stealing eye from him. She wholeheartedly didn't want him to be training her.

And so Hitomi's wishes were the one to be pleased. Hitoshi had to administer another troop. And so there training began.

Taro got the one in which Hitomi was in. He whispered at Hitoshi –

"Hey Dude! You see? It's Hitomi there. Wanna change troop?"

Hitoshi didn't like him asking like that so he only ignored. However, Taro knew this that he won't answer him. So, he just went to Hitomi and asked –

"Sato-san, would you like to change the troop?"

"Why?" "Am I not doing well?" Her eyes were rather calmed.

Taro wouldn't have anything to say then. He can't present Hitoshi's name now at her to be in interfering their matters. So he just replied "No. Nothing-just…"

And went away having no choice.

The practice session got over. Some students already went to home while some were wandering here and there in the institute. Some went to start chatting and some went to drink water while some people were just resting and some were still kicking the bag.

Hitoshi sat down on a chair and putted out the water bottle from his bag and started to quench his thirst. Then accidently he sighted on Hitomi who was still practicing a kick.

"Smash!" and "Pow!" she kicked over the kicking bag panting.

She continued to kick till she heard a voice from her back.

"Hitomi-chan, it's not a right way to perform a perfect roundhouse."

She peeked behind and moved back again toward the bag shyly. It was Hitoshi behind telling her this. She remained silent.

"You are really progressing well Hitomi-chan. I wish you all the luck for your tournament." He held her right knee with his hand and said while turning it in a pose to kick, "See, you should have a 90 degree to give a perfect kick… You see. Huh?"

Hitomi just nodded after making the kick as he instructed. Then she said in a low voice –

"Sorry for the yesterday, I mean I didn't mean to laugh at you."

"Ummm… It's alright. And ya! Thanks for calling me friend."

"Thanks for making ME friend."

They started walking home together when Hitomi suddenly called.

"Hey Kujo! We are friends! Aren't we?"

"Hey! Now what's all this sudden!?" He was taken aback by this.

"Then… we should help each other! Shouldn't we?"

"Yea… Yea…"

"Then, why don't you help me with this sport and I may help you in studies?"