This was a random idea I had last week, while sick and recovering, and couldn't help myself, but hope Monkeyfist1234 likes.

It's October in both Aria and Earth, meaning Halloween and the Day of Spirits is approaching, but while preparing for the Day of Spirits, Ogre Child comes down with the flu but noty willing to admit it, but her frirends in both worlds will help her get better.

I hope you guys like.

It was October in both Aria and Earth, as well as Flu Season, but in Latanis, the Arians and humans were getting ready for the Day of Spirits, which was like Halloween, but the Ogreix Warriors and Arian Knights were helping, along with Ogre Child but knew that it was going to be amazing as always.

The cold October wind blew through the dark blue skinned ogre female's long tendril like black hair, but she hoped that her Queen was back from her program so she could help, along with Leah and the others, but sneezes emitted from her, as Jen was worried, seeing her hover in the air on her jet black feathery wings.

"You okay, as that was odd.

You're not coming down, with something?" he asked her.

The dark blue skinned Shooting Starix Ograrian Knight of the Night and Queen of Star Ograria shook her head, as her long tendril like black hair hung around her dark blue skinned face.

He had heard from Izz, how the Queen of Aria had been sick with an nasty chest but was getting over it.

"I'm fine, Jenora." she insisted.

They then saw Kenchi, the young Prince of Spirits using his Spirit Psammeadis Knight magic to help.

They chuckled, as they knew this year was going to be great.

"Portalus Openus." Ogre Child said as Star Wish Ogreix emitted.

It created a portal leading to Earth, as she flew through but Jen watched as the portal closed after she'd went through.

In the human world, Ashulu and Tiana were playing Tag in the woods near their aunt's house but Izz was playing, as Bronx was in Latanis preparing for the Day of Spirits, as they were excited about it, and it was keeping them out of trouble, as they were jumping in and out of leaves, but both energetic Psammead youngsters were having fun, as Izz sighed hoping his Queen and Arian partner was back from her art program.

"Let's go get a snack, Uncle Izz!" Tiana said as he agreed.

They were racing through the woods to the house, but their snail like eyes widened seeing a certain dark blue skinned female ogre lying on the couch, but not herself, as Izz knew something wasn't right.

He then placed a silver grey furred hand to her forehead after pushing some of her long tendril like black hair away, as it was red hot.

He then saw Leah return from college, but was concerned seeing Ogre Child sick, but was putting a cold compress on her forehead, but hoped that the others didn't find out.

"We should get Skye, to help her.

Portalus Openus." she said.

Arian magic then emitted from her, creating a portal leading to Latanis, the main city of Aria heading towards the purple bricked castle as she hoped that the Goodness Witch could help.

Skye was surprised seeing her, but also from hearing that Ogre Child was sick as she was going there, but Kiana hoped her sister was okay.

"Yep, it's the flu alright.

But how did she get it, guys?" Jen asked.

Skye understood, knowing it was Flu Season in both worlds, but had a feeling a Sickness Beast had made Ogre Child sick, along with her not wanting to admit it, as to her being sick was a sign of weakness because she was very strong and tough, but couldn't let anybody see her weaker side,

"Will she be okay, Skye?" Carley asked.

"Yes, like your chest did.

It might take a while, for her to heal.

She needs to return, to Aria for now." she said.

They understood seeing Jen pick her up gently, as they left, but hoped she'd be okay.

The next few days, Jen was busy keeping his wife rested but making sure she didn't leave the castle, but he knew she hated stuck in bed too long, but knew she was healing, thanks to the medicine Skye had given her.

He knew that their Queen missed them being around, but saw her in Latanis, as she and Izz were helping the others with the Day of Spirits celebrations, but she followed him to the purple bricked castle, but smiled seeing that Ogre Child was getting better but cabin fever was happening.

"It'll be okay, as the flu will fade fast.

Then we can have fun, on the Day of Spirits." she told her.

The dark blue skinned ogre female understood but hoped that her Queen was right, but as sleepy as her dark eyes closed in sleep, but Jen knew she was getting better but sighed as Izz was causing chaos hearing Bronx yell.

"I'd better handle that, Your Highness." Jen said leaving.

She hoped that her friend would get better, but knew the Day of Spirits was approaching.

She hoped so.

A few days later, Jen and the others were stunned, seeing Ogre Child back to full health, flying through the Arian skies with Night Wish, but Jen and the others were relieved, as they'd been worried about her, but knew things were okay now, as they were enjoying the day.