This is a poem I wrote ages ago before I got a FictionPress. It's about the POV of a Jewish child living in a Nazi-occupied country in World War II. Please enjoy :D

Because I'm a Jew

"Come on!" shouts the officer. "Into the truck!"

Why are they doing this? We're so out of luck!

What did we do to deserve this pain?

Surely they're mad; they must be insane!

Why do they make us wear the star?

They've taken my bike! They've taken our car!

A lot of my friends have already gone;

I hope I will find them – I bet I am wrong!

I've heard of labour, haircuts and more,

I think of this as I'm shoved through the door.

People are watching, gawping at this

The soldier glares; to me he does hiss

I'm sure you are wondering; really, are you?

This is all happening because I'm a Jew.

Did you like it? When I wrote it I envisioned the scene from Anne Frank: The Whole Story where Hannah Goslar and her family are being arrested. It's a great film: I recommend it :)