"Mum, why do we have to go to Qatar?" Whined the red-headed girl.

"Dalilah Alexis Evans, if I hear you whining one more time, I will take away your phone." The girl's mum snapped, finally irritated.

"Fine!" Dalilah replied. She didn't want to go, she wanted to stay here with her friends, but she wanted to keep her phone more.

Dalilah wasn't spoiled, but she was used to always getting her way. Going to Qatar would be boring, there would be nothing to do there, except maybe looking at camels. She had heard a lot of things about Qatar, one of them being that the natives slept in tents. That would be a pain, sleeping in tents that is.

Dalilah had already packed her bags, so she decided to have a bath. After the bath, (where all the tension she was feeling was released) she got dressed & put her waist length, strawberry red hair into a braid.

She stepped out her room & then out of the house. She got into the car, where her parents were waiting for her, and then they were off to the airport.

*Three Hours Later*

Dalilah & her family were finally on board the airplane. When Dalilah finally sat down on her chair, she was feeling tired. She waited until the airplane took off and then fell asleep.

*Seven Hours Later*

When Dalilah woke up, it was to find that the plane was about to land. She looked out of the window and was surprised at what she saw. There were tall buildings, a beach, cars on the streets and lots of houses.

'Well that certainly taught me to do my own research about countries I'm visiting. I really should learn not to trust what people say as fact.' Dalilah thought. It really was surprising, she thought she might enjoy it here.