Chapter 1: Demonstrating Kung Fu Moves While Walking Backwards Is Dumb

The city of Kaimon! A bright, bustling city with clean streets and low crime rates! Or rather, the crime rates are low because the law enforcers take bribery and pass off a lot of criminals! As beautiful as the city seems, underneath it lays quite a large criminal underground.

The school of Kaimon, Akuma High! Amazingly spot on with its name as it is infested with delinquents! Low attendance, bad facilities and teachers who don't get screentime, this school is the worst school known in the city of Kaimon! It wasn't even named Akuma High when it was established, but was deemed so by students and teachers alike!

Delinquents join together and form gangs! These gangs have taken over the school, the strongest having the highest authority. Every day of the week, a fight will occur at any place and anytime! If it was an unlucky day, there would be a huge gang war!

The school was known to forever be just a hotspot for delinquency. But this was soon to change. Three names were to be etched into the history of the school where the strong rule and the weak suck up and get pushed around.

Mikan Masamune, Yurika Satonaka and Haru Yamamoto.

This is their story.


Two girls walked side by side following a narrow road which was just big enough to fit a single car. The various houses they passed by were in small compounds, the only way to expand them further was to build another floor. Even then, some of them make use of their lack of space and manage to plant small trees and so on.

The shorter one among the two who had orange hair tied into a ponytail and a pink hairband was the jumpiest among the two and was demonstrating various attacks she saw on a movie she was watching late at night.

"And then, with a Gulloitine choke, SNAP!" She demonstrated on an imaginary dummy. "Bruce Lee defeats Chuck Norris and reluctantly kills him. I was so touched when he covered Chuck Norris' corpse with his white Gi, that's a sign of respect!"

The taller one, who had long raven hair tied into a bun watched and listened to her friend earnestly. She had a calm atmosphere around her and carried a gentle smile as she walked with both hands carrying her bag in front of her.

"Yurika..." She tried to balance out her friend's jumpiness with a soft tone. "Didn't you say their names were Tang Long and Colt? Why do you refer to them to their actor's names?"

"Because their actors are LEGENDARY!" Yurika pumped her fist. "They're the ones who popularized kung fu in the west! I told you a million times, Miku!"

"Yes, I remember that." Miku nodded. "But characters in movies are different from their actors, so it would be less confusing if you refer to the characters by their given names."

"Maybe you're right Miku." Yurika chuckled as she rubbed the back of her head. "Anyway, carrying on!"

Yurika kept going on and on about the movie, tears streaming down her face as she recalled the saddest moment in it. Her spirit was on fire when she finally got to the action scene around the end. She walked backward as she faced Miku and explained all the movements in fine detail.

Miku looked behind Yurika and noticed a thin blue-haired boy walking slowly and looking around as if he was lost. Yurika was so into talking that she didn't even realize the existence of the boy.

"Yurika..." Miku eyed the boy as they neared him.

"And then he kicked the guy in the face!" Yurika was in her own zone.

"Yurika...!" Miku tried to pull her out of her zone.

"And then some guy came up from behind him and then..." Yurika rolled her right hand into a fist.

"Yurika!" Miku saw that Yurika was close enough to strike the boy.

"Wata!" Yurika screamed as she swiftly moved her fist behind her, her knuckles aiming for the back of the boy's head.

In just a moment, the boy dropped his bag onto the ground and blocked the accidental attack with his left forearm as he turned around with his heels. He bent his knees slightly as he kept his elbows near his body. His right hand was rolled into a fist, almost ready to counter with a punch.

"S-Sorry!" Yurika apologized as she glanced behind. "I didn't see you there, are you hurt?"

The boy quickly let go of his stance and picked up his bag. "Yes, I am fine, thank you."

"You seem lost..." Miku stared into his shifty blue eyes.

"A little bit, I just moved here." The boy smiled at her, turning to face her.

The girls then noticed his uniform and school emblem which was on the chest pocket was the very same as the one their schoolmates wear.

"Oh! You're going to attend Akuma High?" Yurika exclaimed.

"Yes, it was the closest to my new home." He nodded. "Do you study there?"

"We go there..." Yurika smiled nervously. "But I can't say much on 'study'."

"We'll walk you there if it's okay with you." Miku offered.

"Sure, thank you very much." The boy nodded at them with a gentle smile that contrasted his shift eyes.

"Great!" Yurika walked forward as the other two followed behind her. "I'm Yurika Satonaka, kung fu freak and proud of it!"

The boy seemed to flinch when she said 'kung fu'.

"I'm Miku Yamamoto. I put up with Yurika every day." She giggled.

"Okay, Satonaka-chan and Yamamoto-chan." The boy engraved their names into his memory.

"Um, please use my first name." Miku requested. "I don't like being referred to with my last name."

"I thought it was a crime around here to use one's first name?" The boy's mouth gapped.

"A crime?" Yurika froze. She then broke down into laughter. "No, it's not a crime silly! It's a sign of intimacy!"

"So if I referred to her as Miku, does that imply that we are intimate?" The boy asked with a curios expression.

Miku's face reddened at the thought.

Yurika put the tip of her index finger on her lip while looking away goofily. "I wonder...? Hehe, Miku and... Uhm..."

"Yes?" The boy figured that she had something to ask.

"You haven't introduced yourself." Yurika turned around to him as she continued walking.

"Mikan Masamune." The boy answered.

"(Orange?)" Miku thought.

"(Isn't that a girl's name?)" Yurika thought.

"I transferred here from China." Mikan continued.

"Oooh, China!" Yurika's eyes glimmered with joy. "Do you see epic kung fu movies there?"

"I don't watch movies often." Mikan shook his head.

"That's too bad..." Yurika pouted. "Do you meet kung fu movie stars like Donnie Yen or Jet Li?"

"No." Mikan shook his head again.

Yurika puffed up her cheeks with a grumble.

"She really loves kung fu." Miku stated.

"I don't love it!" Yurika shouted with passion. "I live it!"

"That is good to know." Mikan stated.

"Oh right!" Yurika leered into Mikan's eyes. "You're gonna have to stick with me from now on. You look a little flimsy and you have a girl's name, so they'll victimize you there. If they see me with you, they won't even dare touch you."

"Thank you." Mikan smiled at her.

"You. Are. Welcome." Yurika replied with a prideful smirk.

"But that would mean you'd have to put up with her kung fu gushing." Miku stated. "Are you prepared for that?"

"I do not find it to be-" Mikan glanced at her before eyeing something about her that made him look furious.

"Is something wrong?" Miku's voice was trembling as the combination of his scowl and shifty eyes were rather creepy to her.

Mikan reached out to her and poked at her bun twice. "Your bun's angle was off 2 degrees from symmetry."

The two girls glared at him with an awkward look. Yurika let out a sigh. "Do you have OCD or something...?"

"OCD?" Mikan's eyes widened. "No. I just don't like asymmetry."

"That is OCD, Masamune-kun." Miku stated with a wry smile.

"Oh, I have a lot to learn about Japan's cultures." Mikan scratched his cheek.

"(That's not culture...)" Yurika thought.

"It's fine." Miku grinned at him. "But please don't look at me like that again..."

"Look at you like what?" Mikan asked with a puzzled look.

Yurika buried her face in her palm. "Never mind."

"Is this it?" Mikan stopped and looked up at the run down school.

The courtyard was full of trash like cans and bottles. The school's paint was fading and looked blackish with dirt. The windows were broken at every room. The entire building looked as if it could come crashing down with a sneeze.

"A letdown isn't it?" Yurika smiled wryly at him.

"No, it looks okay." Mikan shook his head at her.

"It's good to be optimistic." Miku chuckled.


A black-haired boy was running up the steps to the rooftop as he panted like a cat in heat. Sweat rolled down his cheeks like a storm of bullets. The moment he got on the rooftop, he quickly locked the door. He could hear multiple people pounding angrily at the locked door from the other side.

"Haru!" A man's voice shouted at the boy. "Don't think you're safe just because you locked it! C'mon, smash it open guys!"

Sweat was literally jutting down the boy's black hair. He looked around him and realized that he could finally sit and catch a breath. But then, the people on the other side started to smash their body on the door, making a louder sound than before.

The boy knew it was only a matter of time before they force it open. He knew that he was on the highest floor and jumping off would be suicide. But he knew he was dead if he were to stick around. A second crash was heard, the door started to budge.

With a gulp, he ran to the railings, climbed over it before finally jumping off the rooftop.

With the third crash, the door finally opened, revealing his chasers to be a bunch of delinquents.

"No way..." One of the delinquents gasped as he saw how the boy was gone. "Did he jump?"

"That makes it easier for us." Another one answered. "We don't have to kill him ourselves."

Down below, the boy lay on the sandy ground with relief. He actually landed on a tree which broke his fall, rather painfully at that, before finally dropping on his back on the ground.

He sat up and muttered to himself as he took out a beanie from his pocket and put it on, "They're still going to find me. I can't go home and getting out of school compound is not a good idea. I have to stay here and survive." He buried his face in his hands with a frustrated groan. "If only I could fight...!"


The demons of Kaimon have kidnapped Miku and Yurika and thrown them into a black hole! How far will Mikan go to save them? What will he do to save them?! WHY WOULD HIS PARENTS NAME HIM MIKAN?! What does Haru have to do with all this?

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Throwing Teenagers In Black Holes Is Dumb!

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