Chapter 2: Pissing Off The Flimsy-Looking Transfer Student Is Dumb

Mikan didn't seem to be able to fit in with his new environment. Actually, it was more like the environment couldn't fit in with Mikan. He kept on cleaning the class, making sure every single desk was perfectly aligned, every chalk was of equal length and every single person's hair was kempt.

So to say, he was a tidy-nazi.

His new classmates weren't exactly taking well to him constantly poking at their heads. But when they looked at him, he shot a death glare at them. Though he looked really weak, his shifty eyes were enough to scare everyone in that very classroom. Furthermore, Yurika was the one who brought him there, so they were afraid to shout at him or anything of the like.

"We're so sorry about him!" Yurika and Miku apologized to the entire class together as Mikan was still in his own, cleanliness-seeking world.

"Masamune-kun has OCD you see, so it's only natural for him to act this radically." Miku explained as Mikan was at the back and was struggling to push the cabinet. "Yurika and I will try to find a way to deal with him without bothering all of you."

Mikan suddenly started breaking the windows which turned the entire classes' attention to him. He had the same aloof look on his face which made everyone incapable of knowing what he was thinking.

"Masamune-kun!" Yurika shouted at him, as she pounced at him from behind and put him into a sleeper hold. "Why are you breaking the windows?"

"Uhm..." Mikan didn't seem to have any qualms about the submission. "Some of the windows to the front of the classroom are broken, but not the ones toward the back. I had to balance it out, and I can't fix glass, so I broke them." Mikan then raised his blood-covered hand.

Yurika quickly let go of him and stepped back with a gasp. "You're bleeding! We gotta get you to the nurse's office!"

"It's just a scra-" Before Mikan could finish his sentence; Yurika dragged him out of the class with Miku following them from behind.


At the school courtyard, several gangsters gathered together around blonde muscular man who wore a green singlet which displayed his well toned body along with camouflaged army pants. He wore a black jacket that hung on his shoulders and he had piercing on his ears and one on his nose.

He sat on a bench with his hands clasped. Even so, the gangsters kneeled in his presence, almost as if they were afraid of standing taller than him.

"We couldn't find Haru in the entire school block, boss." One of the gang members spoke up with fear in his voice. "He couldn't have left, we stationed men all around the school so they should have seen him run if he did."

The man calmly stood up and walked to the member. He glared coldly into his eyes, making him wither in fear. Without a word or warning, the man smashed his black boot right into the poor guy's face, crushing his head against the ground. As the man lifted his foot, the gangster's nose was bleeding, several teeth were being coughed out of his mouth and his face was utterly deformed.

"I didn't tell you to tell me that you couldn't find him." He said with an eerily gruff voice. "I told you to get him. If you come back telling me the same thing, I'll have your head removed. The same goes to all of you dumbasses! Now go find him, and bring him here!"

All of the gangsters frightfully scurried away as the man sat down again.


"How long will I have to keep running...?" The black-haired boy with the beanie muttered to himself as he curled himself into a ball in a dark and tiny place. It could barely even fit him inside, even when he's crouched like a ball.

"I really had nothing to do with it... But those idiots aren't going to listen." He grumbled. "Am I going to die today? How would my parents feel? Would they even care? ... How would Miku feel? Having a twin brother like me must be so troublesome..."

He heard a door slam open from outside where he was. His eyes widened as his heart skipped a beat. "(Oh crap...! Please don't find me... Please don't find me...)"


"Eeep!" Mikan screamed like a little girl. "You're too hard, Satonaka-chan..."

"That's what you get for being so obsessive." Yurika replied.

The nurse's office was quite trashed. The beds didn't have mattresses and the walls were doodled on horribly. There weren't any chairs to sit on and the tables were somehow cleaved in two. In fact, there wasn't even anyone present there, only Mikan, Yurika and Miku who all sat side by side on the mattress-less bed, Mikan being in the middle.

Yurika was bandaging Mikan's bleeding hand, rubbing antiseptics on it beforehand. She was still very rough in doing so.

"Masamune-kun, you're way too soft." Yurika said to him. "If I weren't there for you, who knows how many people would pick on you by now."

"Oh, thank you." Mikan smiled at her as she began to wrap his hand with bandages.

"Masamune-kun really looks like a girl when he smiles like that..." Miku stared at him. "I'm really afraid of how much guys would bully him for that. Or something worse."

"They won't, they won't!" Yurika looked at her. "If I'm with him, they'd be way too afraid to touch him." When she realized that the bandaging was complete, she let go of Mikan's hand and closed the first-aid kit beside her. "It's done."

Mikan stared at his bandaged hand. "It looks okay, do you do this often?"

Yurika pouted as she looked away. "Well, not really. Miku's better than me at doing this, I just wanted to try it out myself."

"Or did you want an excuse to hold Masamune-kun's hand?" Miku smiled teasingly at her.

"W-Wha?" Yurika's face turned red as she fell off the bed. She shook her head rapidly as she stood up. "Don't believe her, Masamune-kun! It's not like that at all!"

"I see..." Mikan tilted his head as he replied in a very innocent tone that he came off very moe.

"Too... Cute..." Miku was shaking endlessly. "(I wonder what he'd look like in a maid outfit...)" She briefly pictured a flushed Mikan wearing a maid outfit. The image was so terrifyingly cute, blood shot out of her nose.

"Miku's face is bleeding, should we bandage her it?" Mikan eyed her.

"No, it's normal for her to get a nosebleed when she thinks about certain things..." Yurika stated.

"(I wanna take him home and dress him up...)" Miku blushed as she covered her nose.


Back at the three stooges' classroom, three gangsters forced their way in, baseball bats in their hands, ready to be weaponized. The entire classroom froze with fear as the men eyed them with an intimidating glare.

"All you shitheads to the front!" The tallest one who had a slight goatee ordered.

The class obediently complied and gathered behind them.

Just as the three stepped forward, the shortest one who sported a pair of thick-framed sunglasses asked the class, "Has any one of you seen Haru Yamamoto?"

They shook their head together with a fearful look.

"We'll just have to search the classroom ourselves." The third one sighed as he combed his dyed-white hair to the side.

They quickly messed up the class, kicking the desks over and throwing the chairs around. Even though they could clearly see that it was impossible to hide under desks, they still messed it up for the hell of it.

Mikan, Yurika and Miku entered the class with a disdained expression to the gangsters who were vandalizing the class in their 'search'. The desks and chairs were messily piled on the right side of the class with the doors.

"Miku, they were looking for your brother." A female classmate with brown hair said. "Do you know where he is?"

"Not a clue, no." Miku shook her head. "I haven't seen him in weeks. What did he do this time?"

The girl shrugged, signalling she didn't know.

The tallest gangster opened the cabinet to find exactly what he was looking for. The black-haired boy with the beanie rolled like a ball and shaking. He grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him out of the closet.

"Found him!" He shouted as he kicked the boy.

"Haru!" Miku shouted as when she saw him.

The gangsters surrounded Haru who tried to crawl away and stomped on him rapidly. The white-haired gangster sneered. "Don't go at it too hard, we have to bring him back alive to the boss."

"He's given us too much trouble, he has to learn his lesson when it comes to messing with the Hell Tigers." The sunglasses-wearing gangster said as he stomped on Haru's shoulder.

Haru tried to reason as he covered his face. "I swear that I have nothing to do with-"

"Shut up! We don't care!" The tall gangster shouted as he smacked Haru with his bat. When they saw that, the other two smiled at each other, as if in agreement and followed suit.

"Stop it!" Yurika shouted at them with her hands on her hips. "Three against one is just plain cowardly! Why don't you three grow a pair?"

They stopped for a moment and stared at her. The sunglasses-wearing gangster walked to her with a scowl. Without warning, he smashed his bat on her face before she could block it. She fell to the ground with a bruise on her cheek.

"Don't think we wouldn't beat you up just because you're a girl." He said as he rested the bat on his shoulder. "We'll drag you back to the boss, maybe we'll make some money selling you off."

Yurika stood up with rage and irk in her eyes. She took a fighting stance, ready to battle the gangsters even if would cost her life. Before she could even move, she was suddenly pushed back into the crowd of students at the front of the class.

She looked back to see Mikan ripping off the bandages on his hand and throwing it aside. He put his right fist into his palm and bowed. After that, he put his hands forward, his elbows kept close to his body with his palms open and his knees bent just slightly. He glared coldly at the gangster who hit Yurika.

"Masamune-kun...!" Yurika's eyes widened as she looked at the flimsy boy ready to fight the armed gangsters. "Don't fight them, they'll beat you to a pulp!"

Not a single word was uttered by Mikan to her.

"What's with you? Got a death wish?" The gangster said to Mikan.

Mikan continued to glare at him.

"Say something will you?" The gangster's patience started to waver.

Mikan still didn't say anything.

"You asked for this!" The gangster charged at Mikan with his bat raised.

"Masamune-kun!" Yurika shouted.

He swung the bat down toward Mikan and felt the force of the hit on his hands. But when he looked, Mikan blocked the strike with his left forearm. With his bleeding right hand, he jabbed the gangster's hands off the grip of the bat and disarmed him. He then kicked the baseball bat away and sent it flying across the classroom.

The gangster stepped back as he flailed his pained hands. He then rolled them into a fist and threw a punch at Mikan who quickly took back his stance. Without even blinking, Mikan blocked the punch with his right hand and quickly jabbed the gangster's face with a step forward. Though it was only a jab, it somehow had so much force packed into it. It almost felt like a car crash as his fist smashed the gangster's sunglasses into his face, blood spilling out his nostrils.

Without taking a breath, Mikan followed it up with another jab of the same force at the gangster's chest. The gangster screamed in pain but Mikan continued to jab at him rapidly taking small steps forward. His fists were flying at his chest at an inhuman pace and each jab was packed with the same amount of force as the first.

After five seconds, Mikan finally stopped. The gangster held his chest in pain, coughing out a little blood as he bent over slightly taking deep breaths. Without a word, Mikan axe kicked the back of his head and smashed his face into the floor.

The other two could only stare at the one-sided fight. They gritted their teeth as they saw their comrade's face planted into the floor. They tightened their grip on their bats and charged at Mikan with a roar. He assumed his stance when he saw that.

The tallest one swung down at Mikan who stepped aside, dodging him entirely. The white-haired gangster thrust his bat toward Mikan, only to have it kicked away by him. Mikan then kicked him in the face with the same foot.

The other gangster tried to hit Mikan from behind only to have his bat caught in Mikan's bleeding hand. Mikan pulled onto the bat and got it off his hands and then threw it out the broken windows. Mikan then elbowed his stomach without even looking back.

The white-haired gangster ran to Mikan and attempted to hit him with a roundhouse kick, only to get his foot caught by Mikan. Without a slightest change in expression, Mikan swiped at his other leg, making him lose his balance as his other leg slid backwards.

Using the same foot, Mikan pushed it on the gangster's hip and pressed it toward the ground. The gangster's groin smacked on the ground as Mikan forced his legs beyond a split by pulling his foot upwards. A loud crack sounded across the entire classroom, with the students looking away with a cringe.

"That must really hurt..." Miku's covered her eyes with her right hand, a tiny space between her middle and ring finger to peek.

Mikan let go and let the gangster roll aside as he screamed and cried endlessly in pain. Mikan's attention then turned to the tall gangster behind him, who looked somewhat nervous when Mikan's shifty blue eyes were fixated on him.

Taking a gulp, the gangster ran at Mikan and threw the hardest punch he could muster. A single step to the side was all it took for Mikan to evade the punch. He then quickly grabbed the gangster's wrist with his right hand and swiped at the gangster's feet to trip him over.

In a blink of an eye, Mikan slammed the gangster onto the ground without breaking a sweat. He raised his left hand up and then pushed his palm downward at the gangster's elbow precisely at the moment he pulled the gangster's wrist upward. Several cracks sounded and when the class looked, the gangster's right arm was broken. He let out the loudest scream as he saw his broken right arm.

Haru looked up at the gangsters who were on the floor, screaming. Birds flocked around outside as they were intimidated by their pained screams. He then looked at Mikan who had a blank expression. "(Did he just beat up three armed guys... Without breaking a sweat? Who is he...?)"

Mikan turned around to his classmates. Every one of them had a frightful look as he looked at them with a rather serene smile. Even Yurika and Miku were shocked. The screaming of the gangsters started to die down as they fainted.

"Masamune-kun..." Yurika uttered quietly as her cheeks were slightly red. "That was... Kinda cool..."

The silence grew heavy. No one knew what to do or say. They had just witnessed the flimsy transfer student with OCD trash three armed gangsters in a brutal manner. So to say, they didn't expect the one-sided beatdown at all.

With a rather innocent tone, Mikan asked as he pointed at the clutter, "Does anyone want to help me clean this mess up?"

...Because He'll Break Your Limbs


The interdimensional superlord has seen Mikan's capabilities and has acknowledged him as a worthy opponent! He invades Earth, seeking to do battle with the teenager! But things don't go the way both parties expect as Mikan was forced into a nurse costume by Miku!

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