I walk, he stalks. I keep on running faster and faster and he just follows. He is wearing all black. I can see his shadow behind me. I see him stumble a little on the pavement but keeps going. I can't breathe. I'm running and running, I'm out of breath. I still can't breath. I trip a little over my feet but remain standing and keep running. It's really dark. I can barely see. I use the little patches of light from the street lights to find my way. That's what I used to see his shadow. I still can see him behind me, even closer now. I have to slow down. I feel like dying. I can't do this but something was trying to tell me I can. I decide to slow down but I slip and realize it's him. He pulled my leg. He slams my body on the concrete over and over again.

"No! Stop it! It hurts!" I whine.

"Never." He says in a dark voice.

"Who are you?!" I scream.

"You know who I am." He says.

He slaps me across the face and picks me up my the hair on my head. Out of now where, he punches me square in the jaw and I fall to the ground. I felt my head shattering. I put my hand on my head where it hurt and saw it was bleeding. I hear a gut wrenching scream and realized it was me before everything went black.