"Ok, let's get down to business." I said as we both sat down on the couch. We had 2 days before my parents get back and we had to work hard.


"Well first off, what is your name?"


"Very dark and mysterious, it matches you perfectly."

"Um, thanks..?"

"Sorry, I'm a little weird."

"Eh? At least you're normal. I'm no ware near normal, consider yourself lucky."

"Trust me, I'm not normal. I get called Emo and freak everyday. I'll walk down the street and people will throw trash at me. Trust me I'm not normal."

"Well then that makes two of us."

"We're more a like than we thought."


"Ok, what do you remember from that night?"

"A guy chasing me..."

"My Dad." He whispered.

"How do you know it was him?"

"I just do. My Dad was evil."

"How evil?"

"He wanted to kill me."

"He tried to kill me..."