I was in jail, for a murder that I never committed. The man ran off as he knocked me out cold, and I lay in a pool of blood, blood of which was not mine. I did not draw blood from the young girl. Flashing lights drew by in a confusing blur, and I couldn'tget that little girls face out of my head. She was 10. I was put behind bars for 4 years,while a true murderer was free. My name is Samantha Desalvo, and this is my story of love, hate, and revenge.

When my last day of being in jail drew nearer, my good friend Sydney Stewart stoodby my side. Was in jail 2 years before me and she never would tell me what sheserved time for. She had a 10 year sentence and she showed me all the ropes ofcheating the guards and getting the best food. I was about 17 when I was accused ofmurder, and now I am 21 years old. My friend Sydney was in jail at the age of 17 andshe is now 27. From this day on we vowed to prove my innocence any way we could. Starting at this very moment I was free, and ready for revenge.

The guards were leading us out the tall creme painted walls with barbed wire electric fence. I haven't seen the world outside the wall in a long time. Even though 4years seems short, it isn't when your locked up in a box with people who you don'teven know. It was exciting and terrifying all at the same time. I couldn't wait, as I stepped through the double gates and onto the parking lot outside of the fence I felt free. I was ready to show all the people who accused me that I was right and they made a horrible mistake. The man that killed that innocent girl, my sister, would fear my presence.

It was a bright, sunny morning and it was my first time sleeping in a room to, to myself, in 4 years. The jail was paying for my first month at a motel, until I get back on my feet. I got up, showered, and brushed out my medium length blond was an air vent towards the top of the wall, above my dresser, that's where I kept my wad of $400. I took out a green $5 bill and closed the air vent. I locked the door to my apartment and went down the street to the coffee shop. I am currently living in Orland Park, Illinois, and went to the jail in Joliet. I walked in and the petite lady behind the counter with black curly hair came to as I sat on the bar stool.

"Hi, can I have a vanilla coffee, no cream, extra vanilla, and 1 sugar please." I asked.

"Coming right up!" she said with a smile.

The coffee shop wasn't that busy for a Friday morning in August.

"Here you are." she said putting the steaming mug in front of me. "Can I get you

anything else?" she asked.

"No, thank you." I said handing her the $5 bill.

I drank the warm vanilla coffee rather slowly and enjoyed the warmth. I said goodbye and walked the opposite way from the motel. I looked in the store windows at the clothes I couldn't have and was almost drooling. I kept walking about the whole block and then made my way back to the motel. I passed the newspaper stand and saw on the cover my face and the title read "Murderer, Samantha Desalvo Released From Joliet Jail Yesterday." That's all I had to see, and that kept me right on walking.I saw a fire engine go by with loud sirens and flashing lights to my left. I smelled smoke and saw that my motel was on fire! i ran cutting through blocked traffic and towards the stairs to the second floor. I saw a firefighter helping a woman 2 doors down and one trying to put the blaze out. I ran up the stairs as people yelled at me as i fumbled with the key in the lock.

I burst in and went to the air vent and pulled out my wad of cash. I reached for the door and remembered my mothers bracelet in the tile in the bathroom. I weaseled my way through the fallen boards and the ashes. I pulled out the tile and put the bracelet on. I ran for the door jumping a beam and then fell. I turned over and saw another beam come down on me. My ear burned but i hardly noticed. I pulled my self out, it had landed on the other beam and I crawled to the door as a firefighter came and picked me up. The paramedic gave me a mask of fresh air as I sat on the back of the ambulance. I had also taken my duffel bag of clothes and that laid beside me. I could breathe better so i gave him back the mask.

"Hi, I'm Joe, I just need to ask some questions." he said smiling and standing in front of me.

"Okay." I said sitting up a little straighter.

I had trouble hearing in my right ear, so I reached up and felt it. The warmth of the blood as i pulled away made me gag.

"Here let me clean that up." Joe said putting down the papers and picking up gause and disinfectant.

It burned like hell.

"There. You didn't rupture your ear drum but did cut the inside. We just need to keep changing the gauze." he said with a sweet smile and picked up the papers again.

"So, I need your name first." he said looking up and staring into my deep blue eyes.

I need to lie. If I told him my real name the real murderer could search me and locate me.

"Alison, Alison Desalvo." I said." And I am 21 years old, allergic to blueberries, homeless, and no job." I also stated. "Anything else?"

"No, thanks Ali" he said giving me that nickname that I didn't even ask for, but I liked it.

"Did you live here?" he asked.

" I did, and the only reason I went back in was for this." I said holding up the bracelet and the only cash i had.

"I know...It's stupid, but I had to get it, It's all I have." i said.

"No, I would to, If it was all i had." Joe said with a smile and a flash of his white teeth.

"Can i go now?" I asked as i picked up my things.

"Sure..." he said in an unsure tone.

I walked off the black asphalt and onto the side walk.

"Ali, wait!" Joe said running up behind me.

i kept on walking.

"Come on..." he said grabbing my arm and spinning me around.

"What!?" I said with some edge.

" I know you think this is awkward but I wanted to know if you wanted to go with me to dinner tonight. I have the night off and you just lost you home so..." he said trailing off at that.

OK. First of all he is cute and about my age. Second free food, why not?

" Alright." I said relaxing.

"Great. Meet me at the Apple Grill at seven." he said checking his watch.

"Cool, see you then, bye." i said and spun on my heels and went down the sidewalk slinging my bag over my shoulder.

I had about an hour until 7 so I went to the gym a block away. I found an empty locker and put my stuff in there. I pulled out my shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and a towel. I took a shower taking extra care to clean myself. I dried my long blond hair and put on my only dress. A yellow spaghetti strapped one with ruffles and silver flats. I finished just before 7 as i walked out the gym main entrance double doors. I turned the corner and saw him, he was leaning on the hood of his black BMW 750I. Not bad. He had on khaki paints with a sky blue shirt. He nicely combed his chocolate brown hair, flat and it came over the middle of his forehead and swept to the side. I walked up to him as he saw me coming. His eyes looked me up and down in awe.

"Hi." i said from smiling

"Wow! Hi, you look beautiful." he said

"Thank you, can I put my bag in your car?" i said gesturing to the bag.

"Of course." he said taking my bag and putting it on the passengers side. He closed thew door and locked the car. "Shall we?" he asked opening the restaurant door for me.

He told the lady he was Joe Dyer at eh front desk and she sat us towards the middle of the room. He pulled out a chair for me and then seated himself. A man brought us the menus and some bread and butter. He then took out drink orders, I said a coke and Joe said a Jack and Coke.

"You don't drink?" he asked looking up from his menu.

"No, I... can't.." I said hesitantly.

" You're not, pregnant are you?" he asked in an awkward tone.

" No...Hell no..." I said with a slight chuckle. " I am not sure that you want to know right now why...I can't. Can we walk in the park and I can tell you?" I asked nervously, unsure of his answer.

"Yeah, of course." he said with a smile as he sipped his Jack and Coke.

The waiter took our orders and then left us until our food came.

"So how long have you been a Paramedic" I asked curiously.

" Lets see, about a year and a half or so." he said mater-of-factly. "My father was a firefighter and he died saving a man in an apartment, and my mother was a drug addict and left us." He said in a different tone than I have heard all night.

"Now, tell me about you." he said

"Well..." I began hesitantly.

"You can tell me anything." he said reaching his hand across the table to hols mine.

" Okay... well when I was 17 my parents went out to eat and I stayed home alone with my 10 year old sister. I had just cleared the table from dinner and I had a feeling the whole night that something wasn't right. Me and my sister were half way up the stairs...when...a man...Maybe I shouldn't..." i said trailing off.

"Lets got to the park." he said as we took our last bites and went to his car.

We sat on the bench next to the fountain in the center.

"Please, continue." he said.

I took a deep breath and then began...

" A man came in and we ran up the stairs and slammed and locked my door to my room. We were both screaming and crying and I just didn't know what to do. I went to the window but he busted in and I grabbed him so my sister could run downstairs, he shoved me off and followed her." I said and I didn't even realize that i was crying, not crying, sobbing.

He hugged me and urged me to go on. But I think it felt good to get it out and talk to someone.

"He ran for her as I got up and ran after him. My sister went to the kitchen to get the phone and... I egan down the stairs towards the kitchen, when...I heard her piercing scream. It stopped me dead in my tracks, then I ran to see her still half alive and she was stabbed in the side. He made me stab her and then he knocked me out and ran." I said concluding my horrible nightmare.

He was speachless. I leaned over and he held me in his embrace.

"You are not staying alone, anymore.' he said looking into my eyes. "You can come and live with me, okay?" he said helping me up as we walked to the car.

"Thank you so much, you don't know how much this means to me." i said in a sappy way.

We were at a close angle and then he took in the moment and kissed me passionately. He drove to the parking garage under his condo. We walked up to the 3rd floor and he opened the door. The room was nice it had a homey feel to it and he showed me to a room next to his.

"It's not in the best shape but you can sleep here." He said putting my bag on the bed.

"Thanks." i spat out not knowing how else to thank him.

"Well see you in the morning." He said and went to his own room.

I put my limited stuff in the drawers of the oak dresser and decided to call Sydney.

" Hey it's me." I said into my phone.

" Hey hows it going? I heard about the fire, are you okay?" She asked kind of worriedly.

" I actually am staying with a guy, right now." i said carefully

" Holy shit, who is he? Is he cute?" She asked all bubbly

" Ha, his name is Joe and he's a paramedic." I said.

"oooooo." she said in a teasing tone.

"I wanted to know if you wanted to go shopping tomorrow around noon" I asked.

"Sure, well I need to go see you tomorrow." she said and hung up.

After I hung up I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and then went under the soft nice smelling sheets. I fell into a deep sleep that was then it came to a part where Joe was protecting me from the murderer and then the murderer killed Joe and the rest kind of falls in place. I didn't realize that i was screaming and I woke up in a cold sweat. I lurched up into the sitting position and found Joe then rapping himself around me in a hug. I then drifted back to sleep slowly. I felt more safe than ever.