- readers, they do have sex in this chapter so if there is a reader or two out there who doesn't want to read it you can skip not much happens to confuse anyone. But happy reading its good leave comments please!

We went home after the party and packed most of our stuff. I had already called a moving truck, they had most of our furniture in the new house already. We put the last few boxes in the trunk of my car and Joe put Bosco in his car. We decided to drive during the night so there is less traffic. Joe was able to travel and get a job at the fire station in Michigan. If your wondering what job i got, im a horse trainer at the stable down the road from the house. I worked as a horses before i went to jail and i had a really good connection with the fierce grace of the four legged animal. Joe called me after an hour on the road, he told me that Garrettand Sean would be there to help us unpack. Then i got a text from Sydney and she said that Garrett was going to take her up as well.

We drove through town at the one and only stoplight turning green, then about 4 miles down the road we turned into a small division. They had dirt raods and along side the roads in were miles and miles of trees, we are definitely in the country. Joe pulled in the driveway of the house nexto Garrett and Seans car. I parked on the curb infront of the house.

"Hey everybody!" Sean said to us as we walked over to the fron door.

I let Bosco out and he was running around the fron of the house like crazy chasing a squirrel and some birds before he finally plopped down on the cool grass panting.

"Alright, lets get to it!" Joe said as we unpacked Garrett's car first.

Sydney and I were mostly directing where everything was supposed to go and working on the stuff in the kitchen.


4 hours later


It took about 4 hours before we finally got all the furniture in the right place and all our belongings in the drawers of the dressers and the kitchen. Joe also had a grill delivered for our back deck so towards the end of the day he Sean and Garrett were putting it together while me and sydney made us a light dinner.

"So how exciting is the new house?" she asked me as she chopped some onions.

"Its, well its overwelming and exciting. I mean its beautiful and it finally feels like a family." i said stirring the spaghitti sauce.

"So..." I said looking out onto the deck as Sydney came up nexto me. " I saw the way you acted around Sean. You dont by any chance..."

"No!...definitely not, were just friends." she said her voice getting high.

I gave her a look that she knew i knew.

"Ok fine maybe a little." she said putting the onions in the sauce and going back to the counter.

"I knew it, Joe could tell as well." i said laughing

"What?! Are you screwing with me because thats not funny." she said twirling the knife playfully.

"Yes, yes i am." i said as she shook her head and began to set the table with the knew china I had bought.

I layed everything out and called in the boys to come eat. I grabbed Joes arm on the way in.

'Hey lets see if we can get Sean and Sydney to sit nexto each other." i said letting him go as he kissed me.

Me and Joe sat on either head of the table and Sean and Sydney to my left then Garrett on my right. We all dug in as joe smiled at me from across the table, his eyes shifting to the right at Sean and Sydney who were already in deep conversation talking about who knows what.

So me, joe and Garrett went in and out of conversation as we finished up eating. I was the first to get up and I took Sydney's and Sean's plates while joe took his own and Garrett's. we walked into the kitchen together as I scraped the excess sauce into the garbage.

Everyone left around six and got the place to ourselves. It was big and quiet feeling in the house. Bosco is having a ball in the new yard. I think he and us both are happy no leash is involved here. Joe has to go meet the new chief in the morning and I am going to the stable to meet my boss. I turned off the lights and double checked the locked doors, when joe stopped me in the hallway on the way to our bedroom.

"Do you know the right way to break in a new house?" He asked embracing me our faces inches away.

"Noooo..." I said as he picked me up and brought me into the room and layed me on the bed.

"I'll show you." He said taking off his shirt as I did mine.

-moments later-

"Are you," i gasped as he slotted himself against her, began to push, "like this" - a throaty feminine sound, her tissues liquid fire around him - "all the time?"

He wasn't thinking much anymore, consumed by pleasure, but he knew one thing. "For you - yes." Gripping her hip, he slid in another couple of inches, felt her nails dig into his shoulders.

And then...

He pinned her to the bed, and he had every intention of using that leverage for her pleasure.

One hand on her hip, he slid back out torturously slow...then slid in the same way. My eyes flared open, held hi. "Do that again." An intimate demand.

Teeth bared in a feral smile, he did. Then again. And again. Until she fractured around him, those tiny muscles squeezing so tight around him. He wanted to pound into her, to flip her onto her hands and knees and mount her in the most primitive of ways, but that could wait.

"Next time," joe murmured in my ear as he collapsed, his heart a beating drum against his ribs, "I'm not going to behave."

We layed side by side gasping for air. I think we will get along just fine...

Joe left early this morning to meet his chief.


Already fed Bosco, love you, see you later at the stable.


I smiled and put on my old riding breeches, with a purple and white striped v-neck. I grabbed my helmet coffee and car keys and hopped in the car. I drove down the almost deserted road and then down another dirt road an up to the entrance sign that read: Oak Tree Stables in red lettering. Horses in the front pasture munched on the lush green grass and some students where jumping in the small arena off to the side. I parked near the door and walked up the ramp, the smell of horse hair, hay, and manure filled the air. I turned the corner and walked into the rather large isle with two horses tied up, one Friesian and another a brown draft.

"Hi can I help you?" Asked a cheery voice.

"Yeah, I'm here to meet the stable owner, Tom." I said turning to her away from the horses.

"Oh you must be Sam, he got tied up in some work at the other stable but he told me to help you out today, I am Melanie." She said extending her hand for me to shake.

"Hi nice to meet you." I said shaking it.

"Ok well you can go ahead and groom these two horses the Friesian is fidelis or fido for short and the brown draft is penny." She said," I will get the bridles." She said and walks back to the tack room.

I groomed them both until there coats shined and there hooves free of dirt and sand.

"Wow that looks great!" She said running a hand over penny. Now we can bridle and go down to the arena, the tack is down there." She said as we slipped the bits in there mouths and moved towards the back of the stable and followed the path to the large outdoor arena.

The pastures stretched up to the horizon away from the barn and from over here the horses dotted the fields, what a wonderful view.

We were about to put the saddles on when the horses in the middle pasture were raising a ruckus. Then my eyes followed along the path on the side of the pasture to the white horse rearing and a girl falling to the ground. The horse took off towards the woods on the left. The girl got up and stated to tell for the horse.

"Someone fell off, I need to get the horse!" I said jumping front he ground to fidos back and galloping towards the woods after the spooked white horse.

I galloped along the white electic fencing and reached for the reins of the horse. Herds of horses galloped around me as my hair whipped back from my face, it was more like a dream then a rescue.

"Hi, I'm joe, Sam's fiancé." Joe said shaking Melanie's hand as they both watched me trot back to the girl.

" you can tell her she has the job, she has an amazing bond with horses and guts." She said gesturing towards me as I cantered back to them after the girl got back on.

"That was amazing!" Melanie said to me as I jumped from Fido's back and he snorted and leaned int me as I patted his shoulder.

"Thanks, it was amazing." I said looking I joe with the biggest smile.

"We'll, you have the job, you have 3 weeks off for the wedding and then I will see you. Thanks again ill take fido from you now and you are free to go." She said smiling and leading the horses back in.

"That was amazing Sam." Joe said hugging me and kissing me.

We got home, I did the laundry and made us both a late lunch.

"How did the meeting with the chief go?" I asked as I finished the last bite of my sandwich.

"It was good, they ran me through some drills and I will be driving the ambulance." He said picking some chips up from his plate.

"That's good, I'm proud of you." I said leaning over and planting one on him.

The next couple of days went by really quick. The rehearsal dinner was very simple. We went through the run through of the wedding and had dinner afterwards. What joe didn't know was that when my bridesmaids walk down the isle were going to play Mary the night by lady gaga and when I get halfway down the music will be traditional. I thought he would get a kick out of that.

It was the day of the wedding and me and joe we're getting ready to go and get ready when we stopped at the cemetery where my sister and parents had requested to be buried. I got out and walked over to my dads grave. I pulled out the journal and used my hands to dig a small hole next to his grave. I wrote my own passage in the journal, dating it and I places it in the hole. I then covered it over with the moist dirt of the earth.

I stood up and choked back some tears an went back to the car and hugged joe.

"Your so brave, I love you." Joe said as he embraced me tightly.

"I love you too." I said getting his shirt a little wet with my salty tears.

"You ready to go?" Joe asked.

"Yeah, let's do this." I said and we got back into the car.

We drove to the gazebo and went to our own tents to change. The sun was a high fireball in the sky making the dew kissed grass look like millions of diamonds. I put on my dress and my bridesmaids did as well. We did our final makeup touches and waited by the door to go out. Joe was out there already, and then the song started. One by one my bridesmaids went out of the tent, met up with the guys and did some dance moves down the isle. It made people dance and get crazy.

By time it was my turn the song was almost through and my heart was beating two forty. I walked out and began to dance down the isle and mid way the music cut and I walked the rest of the way down the isle on the white cloth to joes awaiting hand.

I took his hand and the music stopped and the service had started. The whole time I listened to my heart beating and the sounds of the occasional squeak of a chair. Finally it was the most important part of the wedding.

"Joe, do you take Samantha Ann Desalvo as your lovely wedded wife?" The priest asked him.

"I do." Joe said smiling at me and looking me in the eye the whole time.

"Repeat after me, I Joseph lee Daer take you Samantha to be my wife, to have, to hold, from this day forward, for better and for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish from this day forward until death do us part." The priest said as joe repeated.

"I do." He said and slipped my ring on my left hand 4th finger.

I repeated my vows to him and put the ring on his finger.

"You may kiss the bride." He said.

Joe leaned in and we both locked our lips together. Everyone cheered and clapped as we turned to them waved and danced back down the isle. I couldn't stop smiling. The isle was flowing with petals and people wanting pictures. Joe kept a close eye on me the whole time and when we got in his car we drove home with just married on the window and streamers. We had about an hour and a half until people stated to show up to the house. The people that participated in the wedding were at the house helping us withy he finishing touches.

We turned the backyard into a gorgeous reception area. We had about 16 large circle tables, a stage and dance floor, and a bar on the deck. The party finally started and we ate, drank, and drank some more. We had a toast towards the end of the party before we left and people got to say a few words to us. Joes dad was hammered but he had a few mentionable things, the rest we couldn't understand or just didn't want To repeat.

"I want... To well- come to the Daer fam-lee."

That's all that was worth repeating, but at least we know he is having a good time. Everyone laughed as e aid that, the fact that he was drunk and someone let him up there as well. I've never seen joe drink do much before exempt when he punched the wall. I ever brutally noticed he could barely sit up so I too the bar tenders to only give him coke. He was already way drunk so he probably wouldn't even notice no jack was in it.

Sean an Sydney were actually dating now and were getting drunk together, how sweet. Garrett and joes dad got down on the dance floor and needed up stripping...

Me ad joes mom helped joe change and pack the rest of our things. We loaded the car and I drove away honking and waving. I have joe some aspirin and lots of water and crackers to help his stomach. I also have him a bucket to hurl in because there was no way he was dirtying my car. The car ride was silent until we got off the highway when joe picked once. Nasty.

A man came to help us with our bags and we got checked in. By then joe was feeling a little better and looked somewhat less drunk. We boarded our plane to Hawaii. We arrived on Thursday afternoon in Kona international airport. We had a driver come to pick us up and drive us to the house we rented in keyhole. It had an amazing view. It was only a quarter a mile from our own private spot on the beach. The house was very open, a huge bedroom and the shower was open so there was no curtain. The kitchen was modern and there was a flat screen in the living room, nothing is better. I helped joe lay down and then I took out rent a car to the super market for food. I put al the food away and through the open windows you could hear the waves crashing at the shore and the smell of salt. I got on my bikini and went to go wake joe up.

I wore white shorts with a grey V-neck and black flip flops ad my blue and white striped bikini under. I put a bag together with towels and lotion and grabbed joes red swim trunks and a black shirt for him.

I knelt down beside the bed and said "joe." Into his ear.

No answer...

"Joe." I said a little louder and shook him a little.

He flipped out and sat up running his eyes and saying whats wrong.

"Nothing, change, I wanna go to the beach!" I said pulling him up and giving him his clothes to go change.

It took him forever. A snail could have beat him puttin his shell on. Finally we walked down to the beach. It was amazing the Sand was white and perfect, untouched. I threw my stuff down on a chair and ran down to the water, kicking my shoes off along the way. I got almost half way in when it got cold and I did a little sissy scream and joe came up behind me and carried me the rest of the way into the cool water. The sun glistened on the blue and green water around us. Joe held me up as he stood on the bottom about chest deep, this was amazing.