The end will probably still be out of sync. It's hard for me to get back in the mode of a poem after I've left it for a day.

And lest they be forgotten
among the particles of the world
on a beach in the universe.
so bound in grief we find
there you are my friend!
among the ashes of the fire
it was there and gone again
a blue moon that night
I know, you see. I know!
and lest they be forgotten
you must learn to be lonely
Unless you wish to pull me in.
with the strings of your heart pulled taut
you cannot fight!
You will not win
I know, you see, I know
and lest they be forgotten
within the all-consuming maelstrom
they are fighting back
they can't come back
you are longing
and you push me away
I fall, my hands landing
in the dirt.
the impression of what was
once there,
now gone.
I know, you see, I know
They are gone, lost in the ever-shifting winds
their memories, just memories
I know, you see. I know...
the moon is black and the tide is high
lest they be forgotten