Cha'Nara's Gift Book Two Chapter 1

Deak Picks Up the Story

We were like sardines in Cha'Nara's "unit" Cha'Nara and Emily were in the front two seats Annie and Abby were in the rear seats, Ben lay between the seats and I was scrunched up in the rear against the bulkhead. The life support system in this craft must have been working to its limit with two more beings packed inside. Cha'Nara and Emily went through the time travel process, landing us "home" in about ten minutes, "Pip" popped the hatch as soon as we were sure things were right. According to the computer, we landed at home on August 20th 2013, 9:00am in the morning. We were defiantly inside the "crate" it was quite warm inside, until I got the door opened and some cool air rushed in. we walked to the open barn door and looked out towards the distant mountains in the west, I spread my arms and said, "Welcome Abby to the 21st century, Annie's already been here so this is "old hat" to her." Abby looked around, "Doesn't seem any different?" I looked to the sky and saw what I'd hoped to see, "look up there Abby, there's something you never saw in 1880." Abby looked up to see a jet making it's approach to Denver International. She gasped and pointed, "what is that?" Annie laughed, I told you I flew in a smaller one they're called aero planes."

Ben and I unloaded the baggage from inside the craft, most of what I was bring back I had "condensed" with the "Dahampa" I found an open area in the barn and pushed the button. The generator, my job box, the wind and solar generators, along with the generator/converter appeared in a big pile. There were also some bags, which we grabbed, and headed to the house. Emily Cha'Nara Annie and Abby had already gone in, by the time Ben and I got in the house, the women were sitting around the kitchen table yakking with Emily's mom. Abby jumped up to help us deposit the baggage in various rooms. As we were dropping the last bag off in the guest room I asked Abby what she thought of Emily's mom," "I like her, she seems very nice, Emily told me not to tell her though what I did at he saloon." I smiled and patted her shoulder, "Good Idea." Ben and I joined the happy group at the table, instead of coffee this time ice tea was being served, to Annie and Abby, this was a rather novel thing, ice cubes on demand, Cha'Nara preferred her tea sweet, the others were content with unsweetened.

I announced to everybody, "What's the first order of business here?" Naturally Emily spoke first, "first order of business is to go get that box from the lawyers office, and as soon as possible." Ben of all people spoke up, "Before Cha'Nara and I leave for her world, is there any possibility that we can make a trip to Deakstown, or what's left of it anyway, I would like to visit my mothers grave one last time before I leave, and, if at all possible, visit my father's as well?" We all looked at Ben, then at Cha'Nara, "I guess that's all up to Cha'Nara here," I said, looking at her. Ben also stared at her, "It is not a problem, seven days, will that be enough?" Ben got up went over to Cha'Nara and hugged her, and kissed her on the cheek, "Thank you Cha'Nara!" "Pip" smiled and made one of her little laughs, and returned Bens kiss. After much discussion, and Cha'Nara's refusal to wear the body make-up any more than she had to, we agreed that tomorrow, just Emily and I would run into Denver, everyone else would have to amuse themselves around here. Ben wanted to go with Emily's dad tomorrow and look at the ranches and farms in the area, since the last time he was here, it was wintertime. Emily's father wasn't home yet so his approval would have to wait, but Emily suggested Annie and Abby watch the history video's again to catch up on what had been going on these past one hundred and thirty-four years.

Emily Picks up the Story

Mom didn't have much in the way of fixings for supper, so I offered to run into town, with Annie's help I got Abby to ride along for her first look at the "future." Abby became very cautious when I opened the truck door for her. "This is amazing, Annie and Rachel told me about these automobiles as you call them, Rachel told me she actually steered one of these."