Cha'Nara's Gift Epilogue Abby's Story Pt 3

I not only fell in love with Cody, but Breckenridge as well, it's one of the reasons I stayed with the hospital, after I left the fire department and started full time with the hospital, you could always find "Abby" working a benefit or involved in a local charity event. After Cody returned from the Marines, he was able to hire in at a local construction company who also employed his brother Jeff. I the winter, when things were slow, they both worked for a couple of lodges Cody worked as a ski and snow board instructor, but the two of us always found time for our passion of skiing. Before long, we started working on a family two boys and a girl I named my daughter Nora after my mother, Trig and Eric were our sons. Cody and I made a good life for ourselves in Breckenridge; every year however the children were left with their "aunt" Megan while "mommy" and sometimes dad accompanied "Aunt" Emily and "Uncle" Deak on a pilgrimage to Leadville, Boulder and the site of Deakstown. Cody and I never told our children about my "past" all they knew was that "mom" had a special relationship with "Aunt" Emily, who always spoiled them whenever she visited. As the years went by my "other", life faded, however once I was browsing in a local gift shop and picked up a little book about "Soiled Doves" of the old west. Paging through it I was struck by the pictures of the women, I wondered to myself "If I had refused Emily's offer to return with her to the future would my picture have ended up in a book such as this?" Looking at the women again I wondered if any of them would have accepted Emily's offer. My thoughts returned to my own life, "Girls, I did this for you, if only you had had the opportunities, if life hadn't been so defined, I dedicate my life to you."

That's about it, Cody and I are retired now, "empty nester's" I still devote plenty of time to hospital volunteer work, it's cross country skiing now instead of downhill, but I still find time to sit and reflect on life in a town called Deakstown.

This is the end of Cha'Nara's Gift, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I loved writing it. Although I don't live in Colorado, I've visited everywhere this story takes place, soon however I hope to return, to walk familiar ground and imagine.

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