The Artist's Pencil

As I shrink, your ideas grow.

You create an original work of art.

A story of silent lyrics

Picture, of great meaning.

A beautiful world of white and black,

Eerie and gorgeous,

A colorless world,

With stunning intensity.

I am a modest object,

Small and sharp,

Yet without me,

Artwork falls apart.

I serve a small purpose in this world.

To assist in creating stories without words,

When led and mind collide we create novels

That only you and I know.

When putting final Light into the piece,

I form such exquisite detail,

Ones that are perceived unnoticed.

Hidden from sight, merely looked at, but not seen.

As I shrink, your ideas grow.

I grow small, as Time takes over,

For I will not be with you

For all eternity.

Not to worry dear friend.

For I will never be forgotten.

I brought your stories to life,

From whispers, to shouts.

All that remains of me is my tip,

Meaningless, and time to be tossed.

For that is a good thing,

I have served my purpose

To bring your work

To Life.