Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life After Death

The world is never the same

It's always changing

Right in front of us

We just don't see it

One minute we are fine

And the next we are dead

We never seem to think about this

But it happens all the same

Doesn't this bother us?

Don't we wonder what's next?

What comes after death?

I know I do...

What is there after we're gone?

Is there just nothing?

Or is there another world

Another life?

And if there is another life

After death

What is it like?

Can we feel pain and lose

Or kindness and love?

What is this other world like?

If there is one

And if there isn't

Then what happens to us?

Do we just disappear?

Just fade away?

I can't believe that

Or else what would

Be the point in life?

To live through everything

If we are just going

To disappear

And that is why

I believe in an

Afterlife, maybe

Even a second chance

At the life we

Couldn't have